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What Are Drawstring Bags? Usage, Benefits, And Promotional Aspects August 23, 2019 11:00

In recent years, drawstring bags have become a trendy item owing to their versatility and their ability to be customized. These bags have a long and interesting history and are available in several different materials, sizes, tints, and colors. Users of drawstring bags can carry these on a variety of occasions. Since these bags are so popular, buyers can purchase them at a variety of box stores, shops, and directly from manufacturers of non-woven drawstring bags wholesale. Industry observers note that drawstring bags are so popular because these products allow buyers to customize the bag to fit their lifestyle. Buyers of these products can also choose college themes, sports themes, or monogrammed products for a personal touch. Many modern stores carry a variety of drawstring bags around the year, but schools and college campuses are hotspots for these amazing products.

What are drawstring bags made of?

Drawstring bags can be made of any number of materials. Most manufacturers of such bags use the following materials:

  • Burlap: this is a strong, easy-to-care-for material that helps construct a lot of canvas bags. Such bags are easy to customize and they are friendly to the natural environment. Burlap is also biodegradable, durable, but not water-resistant.
  • Cotton: This is another popular material used to manufacture drawstring bags. Products made of this material are easy to care for, and the inherent nature of the material helps the bag withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Canvas: such material is gaining popularity in the construction of drawstring bags. It is an inexpensive option and lends itself admirably to paint and logos. Canvas is also known for maintaining its flexibility under all usage conditions.
  • Mesh: ideal material for bags that are meant for indoor use; mesh is a breathable material that is also inexpensive. It comes in a variety of colors, and it is lightweight, so ideal for non-woven tote bags wholesale.
  • Nylon: This is another very popular material for drawstring backpacks. This slippery material comes in a variety of colors, and it is more stain-resistant. Nylon is also very easy to care for.
  • Polyester: This is a durable fabric that is fade-resistant. It is a lightweight fabric that resists puckering and stains. Users can wash and dry this fabric on low heat. However, polyester tends to retain odors from spillage and this may be a problem for users.

Non Woven Tote Bags Wholesale

Promotional Products

Drawstring bags make for great summer promotions. These bags are ideal for a season of fun-filled with travel, beach excursions, picnics, sports event, and outings on public holidays, etc. A drawstring bag with a custom logo imprint is a great promotional product and a tool for marketing a brand or business. Promotional drawstring bags are available in many different sizes, colors, and styles to fit any need. Manufacturers of non-woven drawstring bags wholesale offer these products in several different price points, including one for tight budgets! Drawstring bags typically offer a large imprint area for corporate or business logos, thus guaranteeing plenty of branding exposure. 

Differs from a Traditional Bag

  • There are several key differences between traditional bags and drawstring backpacks or drawstring bags. The makers and designers of non-woven drawstring bags wholesale spotlight the overall functionality and versatility of such bags. In terms of accessibility, a drawstring bag is easily accessible; the user simply pulls the top of the bag to open and pulls the string to secure the bag. Normal bags have a multitude of clasps and zippers that can complicate their use. 
  • In terms of compartments, a drawstring backpack has one main compartment. This makes it easier to find whatever the user is searching for; drawstring bags do not offer the complexity of looking through multiple compartments like a traditional bag. In addition, these bags are easily customized; a bulk buyer can specify their manufactured product to bear special logos, colors, or monograms. 
  • These bags also offer high levels of mobility to users and their smaller size makes them more portable. A traditional bag is typically bulkier, and harder to carry for extended periods. As for security, users know their drawstring bag is secure because it bunches tightly at the top of the bag. A traditional bag has multiple zippers, and the possibility for something falling out is higher. 

How to care for Drawstring Bags?

Most of the material (such as cotton, nylon, and canvas) that a drawstring bag is made out of, is machine-washable; this makes them easy to care for. Bags made of nylon or other synthetic fabrics must be washed with warm water. Bags made of the canvas should be washed in cold water. Additionally, detergents and stain removers can refresh a drawstring bag. Once loaded into a washing machine with other clothes, a drawstring bag undergoes the washing process and emerges as new. Certain manufacturers advise caution when washing non-woven tote bags wholesale; they suggest a simple hand wash for bags made from cotton and canvas. This technique helps to preserve any graphics and logos printed on these bags. 

Non Woven Drawstring Bags Wholesale

Planning your next promotional activity?

These interesting facts about drawstring bags keep them in the spotlight to be used as a promotional bag. Their value is quite appreciated and businesses can buy non-woven tote bags wholesale for creative marketing activity. Very large categories of users from all walks of life are enthusiastic about drawstring bags making your item to be used by all giving maximum exposure to your brand. These features of the product will preserve its popularity for years to come keeping your product present in the market for always.

You can purchase non-woven drawstring bags wholesale if you are going to do any of the below activity.

  • Celebrating the annual day of your shop, supermarket, business, or plant.
  • Organizing any trade show or outdoor event where you are expecting new prospects and visitors.
  • Inaugurating any new business and are going to welcome new guests.
  • Preparing some promotional event in the festive season or long holidays.
Make sure to buy the bags from trusted wholesale bags suppliers, Australia only so that you get the products on time with quality assurance. Also, have the best deals by grabbing the bags in wholesale.

Custom Drawstring Bags: Features And Benefits As Promotional Product August 1, 2019 18:30

Drawstring bags have gained immense popularity in recent times owing to its multiple benefits and high usability. If you have to get somewhere in a jiffy and don’t have enough time to pack, choosing drawstring bags can be the best option in hand. Being the first choice of many, these custom drawstring bags wholesale are chosen by businesses also as they know how to reach in the hands of customers for effective brand promotion. From home to outdoors, travel, picnic, and parties, if you are presenting a drawstring bag printed with your business logo, you are sure to get noticed by all coming in contact with the bag. But before we go too deep into the promotional use of these bags, let get to know more about them.

What are drawstring bags?

Drawstring bags, also known as cinch bags, are pouches with a long string at the mouth which can be pilled and tied to close it. The material kept inside would be safe and will not fall. These are available in various materials from cloth, leather, beads, fiber, jute, fabrics, and even woven plastic threads.

They had been in use for centuries, even in ancient times. If you happen to watch old Egyptian movies, you could easily find a pouch handing on the waste of people traveling ties across the waist with a long string. This was nothing but a drawstring bag. These custom-made or printed drawstring bags have kept on evolving overages but found their place always in the society with application across a lot of places.

Women love using these bags with bead designs over them and have been a style statement for many. In today’s society also personalized drawstring bags have surged as a popular choice and has become the synonym of femininity and beauty. But thanks to the modern world, that has given equal opportunity to men and women both to use these user-friendly bags for various purposes. This is the reason why this one product fits well in the category of the promotional item as they can be presented to everyone irrespective of gender or age. Organizations are widely choosing to have printed drawstring bags bulk Australia, for their marketing campaigns and other activities. 

Custom Drawstring Bags Wholesale

Distinguishing features of drawstring bags

There are many features that keep this bag different from others and a popular choice of all. These features add to the overall functionality and versatility of the bags and you should definitely be aware of these before placing an order for printed drawstring bags bulk Australia for the promotion of your brand.

They are listed below:

  • Accessible and easy to use: You can quickly access the stuff in the bag by loosening the string without juggling across the clasps or zippers of other traditional bags. Similarly, to lock it, just keep the things inside and pull the string to get going. Nothing can be easier than having this experience of using the bag.
  • One compartment access: The bag has only one big central compartment where you can find your things without spending much time. There is no need to keep peeping on different compartments as in other bags and getting late for your things.
  • Option to customize: You can choose to get your bag customized the way you want. You can ask the manufacturer or the supplier to put your logo, or company name on the material of the bag and make it look like the way you want. That is why companies are buying custom drawstring bags wholesale for the promotion of their brand.
  • Portability: The drawstring bags provide higher mobility as they are easy to pack and go. They are also easier to carry as compared to the traditional carry bags which are heavier and bulkier to carry for longer period of time.
  • Safety of things: The string on top of the bag clinches go hard that it is not easy for anything to fall out providing complete safety to the things kept inside. No matter how you pull or place the bag, rest assured that nothing will fall down from it.
  • Compact and space-saving: You can place the bag anywhere during your travel or inside your house in the wardrobe or shelf. It occupies less space and fits anywhere due to its fabric which is compressible. That is why when companies order custom drawstring bags wholesale, they find it easy to store and present to their prospects without consuming more space.

These features make these bags the first choice of people and still its trend is picking up significantly. Every day there are new buyers of the product. Individually and in bulk, manufacturers, and drawstring bag suppliers, Australia is facing huge demand of these Custom drawstring bags wholesale.

If you are a business owner or a corporate entity, you can have drawstring bags as a contender for your promotional product. You can plan your next branding activity considering this product and going through a process that makes your task of promotion easier and cost-effective. Below is how you can kick start your promotion through customized drawstring bags.

  1. Find where to buy the drawstring bags online?

There are many portals listed online. Visit them, compare the products, features, and prices. Do not take the decision in a haste and get to know about the fabric as well. You should consider one bag which allows easy customization.

  1. Select the size, color, and fabric

This is an important stage. You need to choose the size depending on either your business or the type of recipients. If you are running a gym the size should be enough to accommodate a bottle, a towel, a pair of dress and some eatables. If you are running a cosmetic business, then the size should be small and the bag should be attractively customized or printed. So, give it a thought.

  1. Get it customized

Get your logo or company name printed on the bag so that they carry your name wherever they go. Choose the background color wisely so that your logo’s color comes out noticeably. Take a preview of the product to remain assured that you will be getting just what you want.

 These are a few ways you can use custom drawstring bags, wholesale to your advantage. When you place a bulk order for the product, you will also save a good amount of money. Get in touch with a reliable and trusted platform to buy printed drawstring bags bulk Australia.