Know The Pros And Cons Of A Drawstring Bag June 1, 2021 08:00

The world of today is inspired by fashion trends. Everyone looks forward to getting a perfect look that matches the latest style. The perfect look can be complemented best with a designer drawstring bag. For the past many years, bags used as accessory have gained a lot of popularity. That is why there is a lot of innovation in this category using variety of fabrics, materials, designs and makes. One of these popular bags trending these days are the drawstring bags. They are versatile, trendy, and stylish bags available in a plethora of materials, colors, sizes, and designs. 

The popularity of drawstring bags owe to the fact that these can be easily customized and used as per the occasion. Though they look small in size and may look unimportant. But they help in many important day-to-day tasks. They availability in a variety of themes like college drawstring bags, sports bag, library bags or even party drawstring pouches can be given a personal touch. The hotspot of wholesale drawstring bags includes schools and colleges. People are quite comfortable with drawstring backpacks and prefer to use as a college bags.

Drawstring Bags Melbourne

The widespread use of such bags has led to their demand and use as a promotional item. So, before you order drawstring bags bulk at wholesale prices, let’s get to know more about them. 

Advantages of drawstring bags 

Drawstring bags are widely used bags by people these days. Owing to the ban on polythene bags these bags have gained a lot more popularity. Apart from this, the drawstring bags Melbourne have their advantages which make them popular. The various advantages of drawstring bags are listed below

  1. Waterproof fabrics

Drawstring bags are mostly available in waterproof material. From nylon to canvas, they resist water a lot. This helps the things placed inside the bag to be safe from any damage from water.

  1. Accommodate many things

Drawstring bags can easily be expanded in size to fit more items inside. The single drawstring closure allows a lot of space for things inside. This facility is not available in compartment bags which have limited space.   

  1. Available at cheap price

They are available at affordable prices in the market. You can buy small, medium or large size drawstring bag based on your need and budget. The cost also varies as per the fabric of the bag. 

  1. Long-lasting

They are reusable bags which make them long-lasting. They can hold a considerable amount of weight. The closure with a cord also makes them sturdy and does not cause any complication. They can also be replaced easily when old giving more life to your bag. 

  1. Eco-friendly bags

Drawstring bags are made of eco-friendly materials like cotton, jute or canvas which are biodegradable. They are also recycled material. This makes the bags eco-friendly and high in demand these days. 

  1. Best promotional item

Wholesale blank drawstring bags are the best promotional bag that a company can use to advertise the brand. They can easily be custom-printed with your business logo to be used as a tool for advertisement. Being eco-friendly, people prefer this bag and love them to get as a freebie or gift. 

Wholesale Drawstring Bags

Disadvantages of drawstring bags 

Where drawstring bags have many advantages, there is also another side of the coin. It comes along with many disadvantages as well. The disadvantages include

  1. There are chances that the string may break after a certain time. So, you must check for the cord quality before buying one.
  2. The zipper for the inside pocket can become faulty after repeated usage. Check the zip before placing an order. For online orders, cross check the users’ reviews.
  3. Mostly due to single compartment, it becomes difficult to search for things. However, if you have to keep similar items, then it can be the best choice.
  4. Not suitable if you have to keep different types of things which must be separated from each other. 

Drawstring bags as a promotional item 

The popularity of drawstring bags has drawn the attention of various companies them. People use them as travel bags, beach bags, gym bags, school/college bags, and even shopping bags. So the companies use these bags as cheap logo bags to keep their business in the spotlight. As their value is appreciated by the people businesses use the bag for marketing. As the generation of today is enthusiastic about these bags the businesses get ample exposure by using them as promotion bags. They are enough to leave an ever-lasting impression on your target market and customers. So it will not be wrong to say that drawstring bags have become the best promotional tool. 

Find wide variety of online drawstring bags in different fabrics and designs and place an order now for free doorstep delivery. Get customized as per your need and preference.