What Are the Top Trending Fabric Bags Ruling the Market? May 25, 2021 08:00

Fabric bags never go out of style and are timeless and practical as well.Though, the market witnesses huge demand for other types of bags also made of nylon, leather, or other non-degradable fabrics, the demand to go green has further pushed the market of fabric bags. Increased environmental awareness which is growing day by day is making people aware of hazardous plastic bagsand is resulting in a massive switch to eco-friendly grocery and reusable bags. Not only these are beneficial for the environment but also offer high usability. For personal use to commercial, business or promotional needs, these fabric bags can do wonders with their high usability and low cost fitting in every budget.

Reusable Bags Custom

If you are looking for fabric bags wholesale for your business need or for your individual need, this is the article for you. Here we will be listing in detail the trending fabrics for bags with their pros and cons.

Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are among the most biodegradable options of bags for everyday use. Whether you want grocery bags, beach bags, or fabric drawstring bags wholesale, everything is possible with cotton. There are a million ways to make it stylish and chic for everyday use. These are perfect for summer weather and are pleasant to touch as well. For instance, DIY dying it using food colours for a boho feel or using stylish patches on it can be done to amplify the aesthetics of a simple cotton bag. These are easily washable and would never go out of style.

These bags which are washable and reusable are also used to as a promotional product gifted to the customers on various occasions. Yes, a little customization with business logo is needed to make it serve the purpose. 

Hemp Bags

Another trending fabric is Hemp. These are also eco-friendly and also grow with pesticides and fertilizers. Bag packs and tote bags made using hemp material are in fashion these days and provide an earthy feel to them. These come in light colours and are extremely convenient to customize according to one’s needs and budget. If you are a business owner, an advertiser, or a marketer looking for bags in bulk, you can approach various vendors providing custom printed fabric bags with a business logo or brand name as per specific requirements.

Jute and Rattan Bags

Jute is a traditional fabric that is still in fashion. Various fashion models have been seen sporting chic jute or rattan bags on runways as well. Not only are they classic, but they also offer extreme functionality. Crescent-shaped rattan bags are top of the trend these days and every fashionista is seen carrying them with pride in one event or the other. Other than the moon-shaped, oversized bags are also trending this year.

Fabric Drawstring Bags Wholesale

The application of jute bags is well-known for commercial purposes in storage and transportation of manufactured goods, farm products and others. They are mostly simple in plain colors with business logo printed on the side. However, individuals are also opting for jute bags these days for their daily shopping and they are available in different colours like black, white, blue, green and others. With a little thread work or designer printing, the look is enhanced and used by women and girls for different purposes.  Library jute bags, college bags, sling bags etc in attractive styles are also available.

Nylon and Polyester

These fabrics are sturdy and are in trend for their versatility. Many bag vendors who provide reusable bags custom have said that there is high customer demand for these bags when it comes to everyday use. Both these fabrics are water-resistant, lightweight, and compact, which means that they can be easily folded and carried along wherever you go. They are suitable for carrying things which have moisturizer or need a water-proof surface. Though, the government is trying to reduce its use due to environmental hazard, a few commercial usage are still not addressed. They are also ordered in bulk with logo printing for brand visibility.

Embellished Bags

We have mentioned this as a different category because studded bags are a lot in trend these days to add that extra bling. Studs can be added to any fabric to enhance its style quotient. These embellishments can be added all over or to make a certain pattern, whichever suits the preference and style of the user.

We hope our curated list of trending fabrics will help in your next shopping spree and also keep up your fashion game.

For promotional needs, you can order large-size fabric bags in any of your preferred colour and get your logo printed or embroidered. Such products are the best giveaway to your clients or loyal customers on festivities, long weekend or to promote your product during a sale season.

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