Drawstring Bags- Know About Their Rich History February 16, 2021 08:00

Do you like to use drawstring bags for your everyday purposes? There might be variety of bags in your collection, each one different from other in use, style, and make. As a user of drawstring bag, you might be knowing how it is different from others and how it adds value in your daily life. Though, you are using it now, you must know that these bags have been known to us for several centuries. Most of us have chosen this drawstring design as the stylish bag model. But they had been used in earlier days also even by the traders and travellers. Today, you can find some companies investing in promotional drawstring bags. So, you can relate how its use from ancient days to today has transformed.  It can be very interesting to know more about them and their transformation over the years and ages. 

There is a rich history behind the evolution of these bags.From the Egyptian hieroglyphs, we have found ancient men depicted with some small pouches. Those men used a long cord to tie the bag around their waists. In the modern age, these pouches have gained high popularity, and we like to use custom printed pouches on different occasions. Leather and cloth-made pouches were much prevalent in the ancient age. Men during that age used those bags for carrying valuables and coins. People travelling to far off places preferred these pouches which kept their hands free to do other stuff while keeping the things inside safe and secure. 

Promotional Drawstring Bags

The introduction of girdle pouches in the 14th century- 

The concept of pocket was unknown to men and women in the 14th century. As they wore girdles, they used to attach their small cinched bags to the girdle to accommodate precious jewelleries and valuables. However, the fashion trends, lifestyle, and social status of the wearer determined the cord’s size. Women started using decorated and beaded cinch bags for their needs. 

They used their drawstring bags for different purposes.These bags were one of the fashionable items to those women. Moreover, women also liked to use their bags on the day of engagement. They knew the way of sewing and embroidering their bags. In the modern day also, you can find promotional drawstring bags Australia with embroidered designs. 

However, there is one interesting thing about the ancient drawstring bags. We had found the trend of stitching love stories into the bag fabrics. On the contrary, the promotional drawstring-style bags in the present age are custom designed with brand logo. 

Girdle bags and other similar bags- Earlier version of the drawstring bag- 

As the women of the ancient age used to wear skirts, they carried smaller girdle bags. By modifying the girdle bags, manufacturers tried to design some similar small bags. Women used those bags for carrying dried flowers, herbs, powders, and perfumed cotton balls. Moreover, these small bags became a symbol of social status. Women preferred the beaded and bejewelled drawstrings with their bags. They also chose those bags to carry coins and small gifts. Most of the women used to attach their bags to their waist part by using the long drawstring. In other form though, these bags were primitive model of the modern age drawstring bags. 

The evolution of modern stylish drawstring bags- 

Drawstring bags have gained attention in the past few years, as they are versatile models. You can find the use of these bags for different purposes. From small drawstring pouches to large size drawstring backpacks, you can find its application in various models to fit the need and style of all the varying people. The youth these days preferably opt for bags which can be hanged on the back for keeping small personal stuffs. Bags like cotton drawstring bags, canvas bags, or even leather bags are designed with drawstring and shoulder straps that be hanged easily on the back. For school and college going students, such bags offer extreme convenience of use.


Some of us like to carry books in spacious drawstring bags. The colorful drawstring bags are available in eco-friendly models. Smaller drawstring bags with glossy fabrics are mostly for women, as they reflect femininity. However, there are some bigger versions designed for men. Thus, based on your needs, you can buy your drawstring bags. Personalized small-size bags are chosen these for gifting needs and for packing the return gifts.

Custom printed drawstring bags have even become a promotional tool for companies. Business marketers, promoters, advertisers and HRs are choosing custom-printed bags as a giveaway for their employees on various corporate events.  Even for personal get together and functions, you can order drawstring bags in bulk and get them customized as per the occasion. 

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