Hessian Bags With High Durability - Learn More About Them June 24, 2022 08:00

Have you come across eco-friendly bags in the market? Then, you may be familiar with the term ‘hessian’. In some countries, it is referred to as burlap. Hessian shopping bags Australia have become a popular choice for modern consumers.

Sisal fibres are the source of hessian fabrics. The jute plant skin is also used as hessian. Most importantly, it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It thrives better in humid and warm climatic conditions. These bags are widely chosen these days with the ban on plastic bags and rule the market for basic, personal, business or commercial usages. You know more as why they are better than any plastic bags and know more about their history. 

Hessian Jute Bags Wholesale

Read the article on hessian where you would get to know about their advantages over a plastic bag as well. 

Hessian bags: Know More About It! 

The fabric hessian is used across a number of utility items. Though we know them popularly to be used in shopping bags and in packaging, there are other usage also. Let’s know where they are all used. 

Hessian for bags and other objects

Originally, hessian was a very densely woven, coarse fabric. But, nowadays, it is available in different weights. Manufacturers use them for designing bags, rugs, sacks, and several other products. Made of hessian, printed bags Australia can create a fashion statement.

Hessian is a breathable fabric, and so, you can use hessian drawstring bags for storing foodstuff. Some foods get spoiled in the plastic bags due to condensation. However, you will not find this issue with your jute bags. Your foods will be safe from spoilage. 

There are several other uses of hessian. Old hessian or jute sacks filled with some items are the best choice for creating scarecrows. So, you can buy hessian jute bags wholesale and use them in a range of purposes. But, upholstery manufacturers also use hessian to ensure a proper shape before adding foam to the furniture.

The eco-friendly, hessian bags are reusable in several ways. You can use them for storing different industrial materials. Most commonly, hessian bags have a compact shape, and thus, they will not consume much space in your room. 

Hessian fabrics of different types-

You can notice a difference in hessian fabrics used for bags and other items. The same base fabric is modified in different ways or get blended with different materials to get different features and make them suitable for other usage. Let’s have a look at these different types, how they are prepared and for which use they are suitable. 

Laminated hessian-

Hessian fabrics in a woven form have a rough texture. The back sides of the material have a laminated surface. The lamination prohibits the access of any liquid into the fabric. That is why the laminated hessian is useful for wrapping things, which should not get wet. For instance, hessian fabrics have an application in the world of art and crafts.

On the contrary, the loosely woven normal jute fibres have a rough surface and create the mesh weave. Water can pass through them easily.

You can use hessian to cover different items like stalls and tables. Laminated backing adds a level of sturdiness to the fabric. 

Jute hessian treated with dyes-

It is another classic version of the hessian fabric. It looks like natural hessian but is treated with special dyes. Thus, you will find a jute hessian in a range of colours. Some hessian fabrics have larger holes, although they have a dyed surface. They appear to be semi-opaque fabric.

There are several uses of the dyed hessian fabrics. They are mainly useful for schools, construction industries, theatre backdrops, and offices. Hessian is truly a versatile fabric, as you can use them for creating tents, tablecloths, banners, and notice boards.  

Soft hessian fabric-

Soft hessian is not much different from other types of hessian fabrics. The process of weaving the fibres is the same. However, the finishing of the fabric can make a difference to the soft hessian. Jute fibres are the source of soft hessian. 

Bituminized hessian-

The rough fabric with an open weave refers to the bituminous hessian. The application of bitumen ensures watertight protection to the hessian fabric. In fact, the bitumen coating is present between the hessian fabric and brown paper. That is why the fabric can endure harsh use. 

The durable hessian with properties of bitumen is useful for boat protection, roof sealing, and several other purposes. As bituminized hessian is waterproof, you can use it for the flooring of your greenhouses, gardens, and other building sites. 

Hessian Shopping Bags Australia

Hessian with fire-retardant qualities

This fabric is useful for covering big tables and other large surfaces. Due to the presence of fire-retardant properties, it has several industrial uses. Upholstery manufacturers also use this hessian fabric for structuring sofas. Moreover, the best furniture pieces should be retardant to fire, and thus, hessian is used for maintaining the safety standards. But, one demerit of the fabric is that it is not water-resistant. Thus, before using the fabric on outdoor sites, you have to consider weather conditions. 

All these different types and variation in features make hessian rule the market these days. Buyer from different industries opt for hessian bags for their products and wish to get the bags customized with their business logo for promotional purposes.

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