Can Jute Be Used As Fabric For Fancy Bags? August 6, 2021 08:00

Eco-friendly jute bags have become the best substitute for plastic bags, which cause harm to the surrounding environment. Still, some consumers do not like to use jute bags on any informal occasion. They claim that these eco promo bags are much boring and dull. But they are no longer unattractive. Like any other fabrics, jute is now a trendy choice for manufacturing bags. Bag manufacturers present you with a range of jute bag designs that match your personality and style. In fact, modern jute bags have become fancy bags best for women. This is also turning out to be one product that is gender neutral and is equally preferred by men, women, and kids for any formal or causal use. Their huge demand has made the suppliers make them suitable for different purposes. Thus, to avoid non-bio degradable plastic and costly leather bags, you can try out jute bags. Rest assured that you would find a design just made for you matching your taste, need, budget, and style.

 Promotional Jute Shopping Bags

The entry of fancy designs in jute fabric is getting widespread popularity and acceptance among the users. They are now chosen to be offered as a free giveaway to customers, return gifts to guests and many other promotional events where we need to present some goodies. Let’s have a look at how different types of fancy jute bags can be used.

Jute bags with elegance and durability-

The tightly woven fibres and firmly sewn jute pieces create a highly reinforced structure for the bag. The standard jute bags have a stable rectangular base with a freestanding design. Although they are minimalistic models, they have earthy aesthetics and artisan style. Several consumers prefer this style in their bags. Promotional jute shopping bags mostly have these rectangular designs.

It is true that the neutral shades of jute bags are not attractive to every user. That is why bag manufacturers have created highly embellished designs for the jute bags. While adding some fancy bags to your wardrobe collection, you can prefer jute models. The colorful bags with innovative designs will never make you guess that they are made of jute. You can couple them up with any formal and informal dress. Moreover, these fancy jute bags are available with different styles of straps. You can use them as your stylish handbags. So far neutral color bags are concerned, they are an all time hit among the advertisers who chose them to get custom-printed with logo and use as an advertisement tool.

Drawstring bags- The fanciest one-

Especially, drawstring jute bags are the most decorative models. These small bags are also known as potli bags. You can find them beautified with colorful embroidery threads and laces. You may have noticed these ravishing designs in silk bags. However, today, jute has become an acceptable fabric to design similar bags. The lustrous finish of the bag accessories has added the level of beauty. Some jute bags are equipped with metal accessories. These are the perfect fancy models for your needs. You may also choose these bags as gifts on any occasion.

You can buy plain colorful jute bags and use embroidery threads to create a pattern on your own. 

Jute clutches and pouches

Small handbags or clutches made of jute and decorated with beads, laces, thread work, glass work, with a magnetic button closure are a preferred gifting items. The is traditional looking bag with awesome designs are liked by women of all ages. The multi-color thread work makes them suitable for any outfit. However, the single-color thread work goes well as a contrasting accessory among the women who like to flaunt their style with a difference. Small pouches with thin jute fabric are rough and tough and highly durable to store coins, keys, and other items which are heavy. The jute fabric withstands any load and keep your stuffs safe.

Jute Grocery Bags Australia

Fancy jute bags are customizable not only with embroidery works but also with prints. As jute is a thick and course material, you can apply the screen-printing technique for your jute grocery bags Australia. The ordinary grocery bags will look beautiful due to the colorful prints and patterns. You can print your brand name and any other designs on the fabric. The printed bags will have a different look. Think of some innovative ways to decorate your bags. You can use them at any event.

Jute bags are available in both compact and bulky designs. Jute as a fabric has gained the attention to bag users. Without compromising your style, you can find the right choice. 

You can find a wide variety of jute grocery bags, fancy bags, tote bags and other designs to be used as a free giveaway for promotional purpose. Just check all the available designs and pick one to get discount on bulk order. Explore now and place an order!