Know About The Traditional And Innovative Uses Of Hessian Bags October 12, 2021 08:00

Hessian bags have become a popular choice due to their biodegradability, strength, and reusability. The rot-proof bags are available in different sizes and can hold almost 5 to 50 Kg of materials. Manufacturers use hessian fabrics for several types of bags, ranging from the conventional-style sacks to highly elegant shoulder bags. Businesses, shops, supermarkets, and even other kinds of businesses are using these bags as an advertisement tool. Some retailers also customise them and use them as promo bags wholesale and offer it to their customers as a free giveaway. There are various occasions when distributing free gifts can help build good relations to your new and loyal customers. Apart from these modern days ways of using bags as a promotional item, they had been used in many other conventional ways. Let’s get to know more about these ways.

Printed Hessian Bags

Find the list of the most traditional uses of hessian bags.

  • Hessian sacks- Hessian sacks are food-grade bags designed for holding potatoes, rice, onions, grains, tobacco, and coffee beans. Moreover, as the woven fabric is highly breathable, these bags can keep your foods in the best conditions. These hessian bags are especially perfect for moisture-sensitive products. While storing foodstuff, it is essential to prevent condensation, which may cause spoilage of the content. That is why hessian bags are the best options to avoid condensations. These days, even small hessian bags are used by households to store or carry food items to nearby places.
  • Hessian sandbags- You may be familiar with sandbags made of polypropylene materials. However, another alternative to these polypropylene bags is the hessian sandbags. They are capable of holding a good amount of sand particles to prevent serious water damages to a property. Sandbags are highly important for flood protection. Filled with sand and cement, these hessian bags are eco-friendly. In most cases, biodegradable sandbags last for 4 to 6 weeks, and then, they slowly break down. You can buy hessian bags Melbourne and use them as your sandbags.
  • Handbags and shoulder bags- There are shoulder bags, handbags, and totes made of hessian. The plain hessian bags can look attractive, as you can personalise them with different prints. Make your hessian totes attractive in your own way. Hessian carrier bags are the most fashionable options for lots of women. Some hessian bags are available with wooden handles and a colorful look.
  • Gift pouches- Small hessian bags with a drawstring can be the best gift pouches on any occasion. For instance, you can buy these hessian pouches to offer Christmas gifts to your employees and customers. Print your brand message, logo, and other details on these gift pouches and add a customised look to the bag. These small printed hessian bags can be one of the marketing materials for your business.

Some creative uses of hessian bags-

Bags for cultivation- You can fill your hessian bags with soil and use them for growing some plants. When you have no pots, you may choose these small hessian bags as an alternative. Many households are using such bags to do terrace farming making the best possible use of these bags which are also eco-friendly.

Acoustic fabrics- These eco-friendly bags have a thick fabric that can absorb noise. Musicians like to use this fabric to create a soundproof room. Nonetheless, commercial use of these bags for sound proofing is also quite in trend and had been done earlier also in different forms.

Sack races- You may have heard about sack races, one of the fun events in your school days. Hessian sacks are used for these sports. The corporate companies organize many types of employee engagement programs. Their also such bags with designer printing or plain colors are being used in many events.

Hessian scarecrows- These scarecrows are installed in gardens and fields to scare away birds from the crops and plants. You would have seen many such things while on your long drive.

Hessian Carrier Bags

One single product can be used in different ways. People are creative enough to utilize bags and used bags in many creative ways. Different people have different minds and varying ideas. The best part about using hessian bags is that even if they are new or old, they do not harm the environment and are biodegradable.

You can find other creative ways of using the hessian bags. Although there are other eco-friendly fabrics, hessian is one of the most resilient options.

Find wide variety of hessian bags in different shapes, sizes, and designs and choose the one based on your particular need. For promotional needs, you can get them printed with your business logo and use as a free giveaway during your sale season or festive season.

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