Is The Bag Industry Moving Towards Gender-Neutral Designs? March 8, 2022 08:00

Do you love the floral fragrance that reflects your femininity? Are you searching for footwear designed only for men? So, you focus on your gender while creating your fashion statement. However, nowadays, there is a trend of choosing gender-neutral fashion. You can also notice this trend in the world of bags. Backpack-style wholesale drawstring bags Australia have become popular among men and women.

Available in a range of prints and colors, these drawstring bags are incomparable. Most importantly, these bags match the style of any outfit. Thus, binary gender identity has started losing its value. You may also invest in bags and other accessories that do not distinguish your gender.

Small Cotton Drawstring Bags

Evolution of the bag fashion-

Several years ago, women and men used identical purses to carry coins. Thus, bags were genderless at that time. In due course, these small purses evolved into pockets stitched into clothing. During the 1790s, there was a slight change in fashion. Outfits for women became figure-hugging. Moreover, women used to carry decorative and fashionable handbags. It led to the rapid growth of the handbag industry. Women no longer prefer the pockets or pouches sewn into their clothing.

Of course, the issue about pockets is debatable. You can never find a pair of jeans without fake pocket details. However, nowadays, several brands have shown their gender-neutral viewpoints while designing pockets and bags. Thus, wholesale reusable bags like boulder bags and totes are for both men and women. In fact, there is no reason why a fashion accessory should be for a particular gender.

Is there a lack of options in the genderless bag market?

A few years ago, there was surely lack of choices in the world of gender-neutral fashion accessories. However, reputable brands have started filling the gap. An understated design with cross-body style indicates that the bag is genderless.

There is no dearth of styles in handbags. However, you can claim that the term- handbag has feminine implications. But, today, men have started carrying handbags for their regular needs. 

 Utility bags like totes are truly genderless. They are not intended for carrying lipsticks and purses. You generally use them for carrying bottles, books, and other things that do not differentiate gender. Similarly, small cotton drawstring bags are also a practical choice for both men and women. You can choose these bags while going to the library, office, and college.

Not everything is genderless-

Although there is a shift to the gender-neutral world, some minor things differentiate bags for men and women. Lots of men like to carry a large bag with them. When their personal things are small (like sunglasses and keys), men can put them into their pockets. However, every woman’s outfit does not include pockets. Moreover, strength is needed for carrying larger bags.

Due to the increasing concerns about plastic carriers, canvas grocery bags have been introduced. Still, there have been some issues with them. Some men like to avoid using reusable shopping bags. They think that they will look feminine with these bags.

Wholesale Drawstring Bags Australia

Several brands have started playing with different bag styles. They introduce clutches, saddlebags, briefcases, and masculine rucksacks. Some saddlebags in the 2000s had a bigger cross-body strap to give a masculine look. However, these brands have also innovated a range of bag styles for women.

Summing up the issue about bags and gender-neutral styles-

In recent years, there has been an infinite choice of genderless bags. Retailers also have started buying totes and small drawstring bags bulk. They know that these customised bags will serve both men and women. They do not like to show priority to a particular gender.

As time goes on, the relationship with gender and style will get transformed. However, the genderless fashion industry will not take over the binary gender market. You can rely on your own preference and interest to make your choice. The major intention of brands is to attract customers with the trendy bag styles. They always focus on consumer behaviours to learn about their needs.

So, buy bags for your personal and business purposes. You may also personalise them in different ways. Fabric bags with colorful designs have started gaining popularity among both men and women.

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