Learn More About Eco-Friendly Drawstring Bags April 5, 2022 08:00

Have you bought drawstring bags in bulk for your marketing campaign? The solid coloured bags give you a space to show your brand logo for promotion. You can find a good amount of surface for printing any details. Available at a reasonable rate, drawstring bags are highly useful for a range of purposes.

But, before buying a bulk pack of drawstring bags, it is important to know about them.

Sometimes, a bulky backpack is not a desirable choice. On the contrary, a purse cannot accommodate your stuff. That is why lightweight drawstring bags can be the right alternative.

Also known as the cinch-up backpacks, drawstring bags have adjustable strings. By pulling the strings, you can open and close the bag. Thus, it is easy to store the items inside the bags.

As the standard drawstring bags Australia may not be much big, you can carry them for your local trips. The best bags have zippered front pockets and mesh side pockets to hold bottles. 

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Regardless of age and sex, everyone can use a drawstring bag. You may also carry the bag while going to

  • Sports venue- Some players need to carry kneepads and other kits with them. That is why a drawstring bag can be the perfect companion of every athlete.
  • Colleges- Several college students like to use the printed and colourful drawstring bags available in a casual design. Some educational institutes invest in these custom reusable bags for their promotional campaign.
  • Parks- You like to visit a local park for amusements. But, you never want to bear a heavy load and weight bag. For this reason, you may choose a drawstring bag to hold your keys, mobile, balm, and other small items.
  • Gyms- Regular gym-goers need to carry towels, bottles, clothes, shoes, and a pedometer. To store these useful items, they can use a highly resilient drawstring bag.
  • Hiking- A short hiking adventure is truly enjoyable. But, you cannot avoid carrying your essentials with you. Keys, mobile, and other small things can be put into the side pockets of your bag.
  • Beach trips- The warmth of the sunrays near the beach makes you feel good. However, your beach trip will not be successful without the basic items like sunscreen, a towel, and sunglasses. Put these things into a drawstring bag and get ready for the trip.
  • Libraries- Library goers can use a waterproof drawstring backpack to carry books. The durable bags can carry 3 to 4 books.

Materials used for drawstring bags-

The best drawstring bags have a durable design made from leather, nylon, canvas, and polyester. They are lightweight fabric though highly resilient. Other eco-friendly options include jute, cotton, fleece, burlap, denim, neoprene, microfiber, polypropylene, and vinyl. 

Which drawstring bags are waterproof?

Most drawstring bags do not have waterproof design. But, to have a waterproof quality, you can choose neoprene, microfiber, and vinyl bags. These materials can withstand a bit of rainwater and prevent damage to your bag’s content. However, you must dry your bag without any delay.

Take care of your drawstring bags-

It does not cost much to buy drawstring bags online. But, without proper care, your bags may lose their beauty. Especially bags with custom printed designs need maintenance. It is safe to clean them manually. On the contrary, undecorated bags made of nylon and other similar fabrics need to be cleaned in cold water. Make sure that you have chosen a quality detergent for cleaning purposes. Let your bags air dry naturally every time you wash them.

The cleaning instructions will be different for every due to variations in the fabric. You can check the manufacturer’s guide before dealing with your drawstring bags.

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Can you restore a damaged drawstring bag?

In most cases, the strings of a bag have a risk of getting torn. Some manufacturers use thin metal grommets to hold the strings in place. Still, your strings may fall out of the bag. Ultimately, you cannot carry it comfortably.

However, you may solve the problem by replacing the damaged string with a new one. Make sure that you have secured the strings on both sides of the bag.

Thus, reuse the drawstring bag for several years and get the best value from it.

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