Limitations And Advantages Of Cloth Bags December 15, 2020 08:00

Cloth bags have always been in use for ages. Actually, it was one of the first few fabrics in human civilization to be used as bags, since there were no modern age fabrics. However, with the advent of plastic bags their use was reduced to some extent. But looking at the adverse environment effects of the plastic bags, the cloth bags are high in demand these days for various purposes. Cloth bags available in a range of styles and colors have turned out to be the best alternatives to paper and plastic shopping bags now. While plastics cause environmental pollution, cloth shopping bags are eco-friendly solutions. That is why lots of environmentally conscious consumers have started using cloth totes for their regular purposes. 

Cloth Drawstring Bags

People and business promoters are buying cloth bags in bulk. But before making any wholesale purchase of the product, you must know about its benefits and limitations to make the best possible use of the product and get return on your investment. So, here are some cumulative and major features about the bag, you must know.

What are the advantages of using a cloth bag?

Environment friendliness- Reusable fabric-

We have already talked about this factor regarding the fabric bags. Cloth, jute, and hemp shopping bags are designed with renewable natural fibres. On the contrary, plastic carriers are manufactured from some non-renewable fossil fuel.

Moreover, the method of creating plastic bags turns out some harmful by-products. The end-product of the process is non-biodegradable for several years. However, the cloth bag manufacturers use threads derived from plants. Besides, as clothes are biodegradable fabrics, most of the customers can reuse their fabric bags.

A cloth bag is highly durable-

High resiliency is one of the major reasons for using cloth shopping bags. These fabric bags are thicker while compared to that of the plastic bags. You may use these bags for a number of years. In some cloth bags Australia, there is a hard cardboard insert to add stability to the base. That is why these bags are capable of accommodating heavy items.

You may also reuse plastic bags more than once. However, there is a high risk of overloading and punctures. Thus, most of the shoppers do not like to carry these thin plastic bags. Moreover, paper bags also lose their integrity while you store some wet items. They are not the right choice to carry all types of groceries and other things.

Easy to imprint-

Do you know that lots of companies choose reusable bags as the best custom gift for shoppers? They have found that it is easy to customise cloth, canvas, and other fabric bags. They imprint the logo and business name on these bags. With ink transfer, embroidery, and other advanced printing techniques, you can personalise your cotton totes. The best printing method for a cloth bag is the ink transfer. The quality ink resists fading and flaking issues. In spite of washing the bag several times, the ink will remain intact. As customers will use those bags for a number of years, the custom fabric bags will be the best marketing tools. 

Cloth Bags Australia

Does a cotton bag have some limitations?

Although cloth drawstring bags and shopping bags have become popular, they have some restriction in usage.

  1. Shrinking of the fabric: You may find shrinkage problems after washing the cotton bag a number of times. This may cause the bag to look old.

Suggestion: Today’s modern world offers you solution for everything. These days the manufacturers are offering cotton bags with blended materials like juco bags which does not shrink.

  1. Gets wet and spilled: Yes, the cloth bags get wet and stained if you put watery vegetables or other such products inside it. You should be careful about choosing the stuff you carry in your cloth bag. All the dry items and groceries are safe to carry. 

Suggestion: These days, cotton bags or cloth bags come with internal water-proof lining which makes your bag safe for shopping and carrying any type of fruits, vegetables, oil packets, milk packets etc. Buy large size market bags or shopping bags with internal lining for better user experience. 

  1. Bacterial growth: Most of us do not cleanse the cloth grocery bag after every use. You may find bacterial growth in those bags.

Suggestion: Try to often keep your cloth bag in sun every one or two use. This will automatically keep your bag dry and disinfected. This is one of the very important tip while using any kind of eco-bags.

Cloth totes and other shopping bags are the best choice for your needs. You can buy these fabric bags in bulk and find them at the most reasonable price. Businesses can customise those eco bags with their business logo to use them as a promotional gift.