Can You Turn A Drawstring Bag To A Normal Bag? Know How December 1, 2020 08:00

In the past few years, drawstring bags have turned out to be a trendy choice for us. From using it as a college bag to a shopping bag or gym bag, it has been put through a variety of usage. With various types, designs, sizes and fabrics being used, they really offer plenty of options to the buyers who wish to add a variety to their bag collection.

Nowadays, even businesses choose the personalised drawstring bags to promote their brands. By printing the brand name and other details, they use these bags as their marketing tools. Surely, a drawstring bag can hold several items. However, users always like to get the best value from those bags. You might also be receiving bags as gifts or giveaways. You might also be having some old bags that you no longer wish to use. Thankfully, if you are done with the old drawstring bags, there are options to give them a new look to add to your collection. So, let’s get to know whether these custom drawstring bags Australia are convertible to some other types of bags?

Drawstring Bags

We have found that it is easy to turn plain drawstring bags into backpacks.

Drawstring bag conversion to backpack

Drawstring bags have mostly similar designs used for marketing purposes. These easily foldable and lightweight bags are customizable for your needs. In most cases, although materials look perfect, cords turn out to be fray and dirty. In due course, you will find those cords torn away easily. That is when you stop using the bag and it is kept aside for days. However, you must agree that the fabric of such bags don’t wear out easily. You can be a little creative to use the bag body with a slight change in the design. You can replace those cords to convert the drawstring bag into a backpack model. The hands-free design of backpack is easy to carry for users.

One of the major steps for conversions is to loop cords over shoulders. You can achieve it easily with simple stitches of the end of drawstrings. You can choose the sides and bottom of the bag to stitch them and make a loop. The opening of the bag can be closed using a Velcro strap or by simply using a zipper lock. So, here is you bag ready with an all new look and functionality. 

Take care of the loop length for a convenient backpack

You may find some issues related to the size of loops. While pulling drawstrings tightly to close your bag, these loops can become longer. With these long loops, you may feel inconvenience in carrying the bag on your back. Conversely, when you stitch the cord to your bag, the strap can become too much short. The solution to this problem is to add an adjustable strap. This way you can adjust the length of the strap as per your convenience. Others with varying body height can also use the same bags by increasing or decreasing the length of the strap.

Thus, with these few steps, you can convert a drawstring bag into a versatile backpack. 

From a drawstring bag to a tote- Find an easy conversion

A drawstring bag provides you with a hands-free solution. Still, some of us like to carry totes for our everyday needs. When you have a drawstring bag, you can convert it easily into a stylish tote. Remove the string from your bag, and now, it is no more a drawstring bag. Then, you have to take a piece of cloth to design the handles and stitch them to two edges of your bag. To keep your things secure, you can attach a zipper to the bag. These simple tricks will turn a drawstring bag into a new tote bag. To give it a stylish look, make sure to use a cloth of contrast color that goes well with the bag color. Other innovative ideas are to use twisted cotton strings as the handles or padded clothes. They would be easy to carry and great in looks. 

Custom Drawstring Bags Australia

Add pockets and pouches

Make the look of plain drawstring bag more innovative by adding pouches or pockets on the front or sides of the bag. You can choose contrast color clothes and stitch them on the front side of the bag to give an altogether new look. 

When you have reusable or recycled bags with drawstrings, you can think of many ways of personalising them. Your drawstring bag may look boring with your regular use. That is why you can convert it to another style of bag and have a new look.

These reusable bags are also customisable in several other ways. For promotional purposes, you can imprint your brand name and other details on it. Drawstring bags, totes, and backpacks are the best promotional gifts that you can offer your customers to gain their attention.

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