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Tips To Remember While Choosing Custom Non Woven Bags As Promotional Gift April 23, 2019 13:36

Considering Custom Non-woven bags as promotional gifts in your upcoming corporate event? You have already made a great selection then! But before you order for these bags here are a few points that you need to consider so that they are able to impart the desired impact as a promotional tool:

  1. Plan out your marketing budget first

Before you select any promotional item you must consider your marketing budget. When you choose to give away the printed non woven bags, then include the cost of ordering, shipping, customization, and printing and keep some margin for any unknown expense too. Before doing the costing you can contact some suppliers that provide these bags to know and negotiate prices. But one thing to understand here at this point is that investing in bags is really worth as these bags are highly transportable which means they give a lot of exposure to your business.

  1. Cautiously select the size

The non-woven bags come in all sizes but when you are considering as a corporate gift, then you must choose a size that allows you to print the required details about your business. Ideal sizes are medium and large as they offer a good surface area for printing. If you select small size pouches then you may be able to print only the name of your company and contact details. However, medium or large sized Non-woven tote bags can give you a larger surface area to include your company’s name, company’s logo, product details, contact details, etc.

  1. Maintain high-quality standards

Just like other things, there is a variation in the quality of non-woven bags as well. But considering that you will be giving these Printed Non-Woven Bags as corporate gifts, you must never compromise with the quality. So much so your customers will be happy to receive such a useful gift, more will they appreciate if they are able to use it for a longer time. Also, it will help to develop a faith in your customers about you and your products and they will also share happily about your business with their acquaintances. Hence, ensure sourcing your bags from renowned suppliers and manufacturers only.

  1. Design the bags as per the latest trend

Though these bags are very useful at the same time a thoughtful design will add to the aesthetics. What catches eyes stays in mind and so design that is eye-catching and latest in fashion will do wonders to your promotion.

So, these are a few important tips that will help you in selecting the best. Go for Printed Non-Woven Bags bearing the above points in mind to make them do the best of what they are intended to do.


Top Reasons That Make Non-woven Bags a Better Choice April 20, 2019 15:00

Choosing a bag for personal or professional reason has become more of an environmental affair as the choice has an impact on nature. People have understood this and are moving towards eco-friendly choices, especially when it comes to carry bags or shopping bags. Why you should not go for plastic bags is known to the world, but why you should choose a non-woven bag is yet to be elaborated to let you take an informed decision.

Non-woven bags, Australia is ecologically friendly as they are not labor intensive while having all the good qualities of a woven bag like being reusable and recyclable. These bags are made of spun bond non-woven polypropylene cloth. Though the material looks and feels like cloth, they don’t need to be woven making them economically a more viable option. The cost of procuring them and distributing for promotional purposes also becomes a budget option with these low-cost and cheap non-woven bags.

Other benefits of using these non-woven bags are below:

  • The material is 100% recyclable
  • They are bio-degradable which can burn without leaving any toxic residue
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing without any use of water or PVC coating
  • Larger shelf life as they are durable
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Easily packable, foldable, and transportable
  • Washable and air permeable
  • Easily customizable with printing

There are endless benefits to these bags. This is the reason the non-woven bags are greatly used by a variety of businesses like grocers, department stores, gifts shops, libraries, stationery shops, and promotional companies. These businesses or organizations order non-woven bags direct for the best price and get them customized for their branding needs. It is quite easy to personalize the bag with prints of some logo, design, quote, or brand name to use it as an effective tool to reach to the prospects.

Why businesses are preferring non-woven bags, Australia?

Australia has gone nature-friendly in every possible aspect. The citizens use the products cautiously which is safe for the environment. In such a scenario, big or small businesses find a nature-friendly way as the most suitable option to reach to their customers and clients. Presenting customized non-woven bags are sure to be used by the people as compared to many other things that are rather kept inside the wardrobe for future use. A few more reasons are listed below:

These promotional bags are used repeatedly giving repeat exposure to your brand

  • They can be re-gifted by the recipients letting your brand reach to new prospects
  • They are reusable and hence remain among the people for too long who recall your name every time they use it.
  • Available in different colors and sizes for varying needs.
  • Fits in every budget.

No matter what type of business someone is professing, keeping non-woven bags in bulk can help them the bags as giveaways whenever needed. Offering your customers, a bag with their purchased goods that reveals your name can stick in the mind of the customer for too long. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of promotions.

If you are also looking for non-woven bags direct, make no mistakes and choose a supplier which is well-established in the industry. This will make sure you get your order fulfilled on time while having the best returns on your investment.


6 Reasons To Choose Non-Woven Bags As Corporate Gifts April 18, 2019 13:29

Promotional gifting is a marketing strategy which is a very powerful tool to promote a business. A thoughtfully selected item can have an everlasting impression on your customers and can help you to reach a larger bandwidth of audience. When it comes to selecting a corporate gift, many items come in mind but on comparing the usability, certainly, bags are one of the highly practical and useful among all. Eco-friendly bags come in different material like cotton, canvas, hessian, non-woven, so this blog specifically talks about the benefits of Non-woven Bags.

  1. Light weighted and highly usable

Non-woven Polypropylene fabric bags are really smooth and soft to touch with a cotton-like finishing. These bags are quite spacious and very light weighted. These properties make Non-woven shopping bags to be loved by everyone for their daily shopping needs. Similar, non-woven tote bags are also great to be carried everywhere including picnic, grocery store, traveling or even to the workplace.

  1. Effective advertising tool

Since these bags are carried frequently everywhere, it provides great exposure to your business. These bags easily catch everyone’s eyes so whosoever looks at these bags will not miss the things printed on the bag. You can choose to print the details that you want to showcase about your business like your company’s logo, what products are you dealing in, your contact details including your phone number/whatsapp number, email id, etc.

  1. Go green in your branding

Your branding activity, is associated with an unspoken message, can create a lasting impression in the mind of users. While you choose to gift these green bags, you automatically stand for the environment and nature. These non-woven green bags even if rotated from one hand to another, would propagate your message and your brand would be recalled and resonated above your product or service.

  1. Durable

Although there is no such thing that would stay there forever, if anything can last a span of years, we can call it durable. So is the case with these non-woven bags; the fabric does not wear out easily and if it is used with a little care, it can last for years. Durability is another feature that makes the Non-woven shopping bags suitable for the environment cautious heavy shoppers.

  1. Easily customizable

You can choose to customize these bags as per your preference. If you are considering them for corporate gifting, then you can choose a theme that aligns with the theme of your corporate event. Plus, you can print the details of the event to create a memory. To enhance the personalization effect, you can print the name of recipients individually on each bag.

  1. Affordable

When you look at the cost of investment it seems nothing if you compare the returns it gets you. Once you invest, your chances of getting noticed, retaining existing customers and gaining new customers, increases. So, if you wish to procure these non-woven bags, then you must contact suppliers in Australia as they provide high quality and negotiable rates. Also, placing a bulk order for these bags will help you to save considerably.

So, whether you choose Non-woven shopping bags or non-woven tote bags, these bags will never disappoint you as a corporate gift, rather you will have a higher probability to develop relations with your customers for a lifetime.


Canvas Shopping Bags – The Highly Appreciated And Effective Promotional Gifts April 15, 2019 18:00

Bags are needed in countless quantities in every house. Whether a household has hundreds of them, still someone in the family would always crave for more bags. Ever since the pollution has started to take a toll, there have been constant efforts to encourage the use of environment-friendly alternatives. Shopping is another inseparable part of human life. Hence all of the elements together gave birth to the concept of Canvas Shopping Bags.

Large Canvas Bags are just the perfect combination and get the benefit of their space to accommodate too many items. Here are a few other reasons why customers would appreciate them as a promotional gift:

  1. Very handy and transportable

Women love shopping and Canvas shopping bags because these bags are too spacious and look trendy. Canvas bags are used to carry things easily everywhere taking from a grocery store to a park, to a shopping center or even to the workplace. Customers will always appreciate something that they are able to use more.

With the marketing perspective, these bags are carried to different places, giving your brand a chance to be exposed to a large number of audience. To target customers, you should choose an appealing color theme, with all the required business information to be printed on the bags. Do not overload information as it will only look ambiguous and messy.

  1. Long lasting

Canvas of good quality can last for a span of years. Canvas in itself is a durable material and does not wear out easily and if you do not compromise on the quality standards it can last forever. Long lasting means customer can use it repeatedly and for you, once it carries your business information, these bags have the potential to convey them over generations.

  1. Value for money

Large canvas bags may cost you a bit more when compared to their small sized counterparts. However, when you think about the long term returns it can get you in terms of fame and potential customers, every penny seems worth. You can get these bags at reasonable prices if you order them in bulk. Hence, it is advisable to get these bags from a renowned supplier at wholesale rates and you can customize these bags as and when required as per your event theme.

  1. Contribution to safeguard mother earth

Canvas is plain woven fabric that is extremely eco-friendly meaning it does not have any negative impact on the environment. If you choose this material you are putting your hands forward to save the mother earth from the harmful plastic and other hazardous material.

With the shopping bags made of canvas, you are definitely giving the best to the environment. Looking at the uses, your customers would appreciate such a thoughtful giveaway. Apart from that, these bags have the potential to serve as a highly communicative marketing tool, so everyone is a Win-Win with the Canvas shopping bags.

Things To Remember Before Giving Canvas Tote Bags As Corporate Gifts April 11, 2019 14:20

Tote bags are very handy and useful so these bags have become the latest trend today. Whether it’s a grocery store or a family picnic, tote bags are carried almost everywhere. Canvas being an eco-friendly alternative, adds to the merit. However, when you are planning to give Canvas tote bags as a promotional gift, then you must remember certain points:

  1. Think about the size

Tote bags come in different sizes ranging from small, medium to large. Before finalizing the size you must consider the event in which you are going to give these and try to go for medium or large sized ones. Though there is no harm in giving small size bags since your goal here is marketing your business, it will be better if you go for medium or large bags so that you can include as much possible details on it and also large sized bags get noticed easily. But due to any reason if you decide upon smaller size, invest in its design to make it more eye-catching.

  1. Stick on high quality

You may come across many wholesalers or suppliers during your search that may be offering bulk tote bags at different prices. Do not just go for a lower price like that; investigate the quality they are providing. Never compromise quality for the price as these bags in the face of the promotional gift will help in developing faith in your brand and you would want it to convey good about you, right? To get these Canvas Tote bags Australia should be your preferred location to source them from as you can get competitive prices there.

  1. Make bulk ordering

You may have a small or big marketing budget, but what could be better if you are able to save more? So, you can get much lower rates if you go for bulk ordering. You can check with Canvas Tote Bags Australia manufacturers and wholesale suppliers and negotiate with them for prices. Like this, you will surely be able to seal a good deal.

  1. Make use of the printable area

With Canvas tote bags, you can get a good surface area for including your business information. Use the surface area wisely so that all the relevant and necessary details like the logo, product information, contact details, etc, can be included. Go for eye soothing designs and do not just fill it up with too much information as then it will only look messy.

It is not about just gifting. It is about giving away something useful which the receivers can appreciate. So, these few points will help you to select and design the best Canvas tote bag for your upcoming promotional event that can leave an everlasting impression of your business on the customer’s mind.


4 Small Sized Promotional Canvas Bags For Small Marketing Budget April 08, 2019 18:30

There may be times when you would crave to give away canvas bags as promotional gifts but your budget might be too thin. What do you do then? Simple answer – Go for small sized canvas bags that are too cute and will always be in trend. Canvas Bags Wholesale purchase will offer you great savings on your bulk order. Here we have curated a list of 4 small sized canvas bags for you to be given away in your upcoming corporate event:

  1. The Voguish Sling Bags

The sling bag is one of the most used bags that are required both by men and women equally. These bags are suitable to be carried anywhere to keep things like some cash, keys, Id cards, a pen, a diary handy. Whether someone is traveling to a nearby grocery store or to a different country, a sling bag is a very comfortable option. You can customize these bags to exhibit a neutral tone including only the relevant details about your business.

  1. Artistic Embroidered Bag

These embroidered bags are quite attractive, beautiful and complete treat to the eyes. These bags are, however, quite girly and so get restricted to be used by only ladies. Therefore, you can keep these bags to be given away to the female staff in your company.

  1. All-Rounder Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Few good things about tote bags are that it can be easily carried anywhere, can be used by anyone and gives a relatively larger area for printing promotional details of your business. Custom Canvas Tote Bags, as the name suggests, can be customized as per your need and since they come in all sizes, a smaller size will be suitable when you have to give them away in large numbers and you are tight on your budget. You can order these bags in bulk and before you order, enquire for the Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale prices from two or three reputed suppliers.

  1. The Bold Messenger Bag

The canvas shoulder bag comes up as a saviour for those who do not want to lift up weight. These bags can easily hang back on the shoulder without hurting it. Few important items like a small water bottle, ID proofs, mobile phone, charger, etc. can be easily accommodated in these bags. These bags are very useful for those who travel by bikes. You have enough surface area to get your business details and logo printed on it and since these bags impart a bold look, it not easy to ‘not’ notice them.

  1. The Cute Canvas Pouches

These cute pouches are good to be given on small events which do not need any fancy arrangement and a big promotion, but something to make a memory. These canvas pouches are good to keep a few stationery items or a watch. You can get the point to point details like your logo and your contact numbers, printed on these bags.

All these bags are quite budget friendly and Canvas Bags Wholesale purchase will further help you to make it more affordable!


Canvas Bags – The All-Rounder Corporate Gift April 06, 2019 14:00

While it could be a little confusing to decide a promotional item, bags are one of those evergreen options that never go out of the question. No matter how many bags a person would have, he would always be happy in getting an additional to his stock. Out of so many options available, Canvas Bags printed with all the details about your business is a highly practical promotional gift. Here are a few features of canvas bags that make them all-rounder.

  1. Available in all size and styles

Whether you are looking for a canvas sling bag or a canvas tote bag, a backpack or a duffle bag in canvas – you can have them all. Apart from style, you can get them in all sizes and designs and you can even choose to customize a canvas bag on your own. So much variety makes it easy for you to choose the one suiting your requirements.

  1. Sufficient Printable area

You can choose a bag as per the printing requirements. If you want to add only a few details then go for smaller bags like Canvas sling bags or canvas pouches. However, if you have to put more details then you have options like canvas backpack or canvas duffle bag. You can choose to get your details printed or embroidered as well.

  1. Effective marketing tool

Canvas bags printed with business details like company’s logo, contact details, description of product line and an eye-catching design could work wonders to marketing. Since these bags are very travel-friendly, they have very high chances to get the notice of new customers. If you have diligently included your business information then it is quite possible that new customer might get interested in using your services.

  1. Stays longer with the customer

Canvas bags are there to stay. Its robustness and strength make these bags highly durable and hence a reliable option which is worth the investment.

  1. Easy on pocket

These bags are quite affordable and can be purchased without burning hole in your pocket. Whether you have a low budget or a generous one you can easily get everything within your budget. For smaller occasions like if you wish to welcome new joinee or want to reward your staff for some small achievement then you can go for small pouches or sling bags while if it is a very important corporate event then you have tote bags, duffle bags, backpacks as your options. To shop for Canvas Bags Australia is one of the best destinations and you can get these bags in bulk from here.

Placing orders in bulk will make it further affordable, however, you will have to check it with few suppliers and negotiate prices. So if you wish to get, say, Canvas Tote Bags Bulk order will help you to save them on the total cost.

By now, you might have gained an understanding of why do we call these bags as ‘all-rounder’.

So, go ahead and place a Canvas Tote Bags Bulk order or whatever type you want and let them do the magic while you just sit back and see your business grow!


Reasons To Include Hessian Shopping Bags In Your Corporate Gifting List? April 04, 2019 17:21

World is at a stake due to pollution. Stress is totally to look for eco-friendly solutions to everything. Corporate organizations also understand the value of an environmental friendly promotional gift and therefore, bags made out of materials like Jute, Hessian burlap, canvas, non-woven fabric and more are becoming their first choice for this purpose. Not known to many, Hessian bags have their own beauty and practicality. Here are some facts about Hessian bags that validate the point of choosing them as a corporate gift:


Hessian Jute Bags

  • Durable and Eco-friendly

Hessian is a woven fabric that is usually made from the sisal fibers or from the skin of the jute plant. Hessian may be combined with other vegetable fibers to develop products like ropes, bags, nets and similar products.  It is completely biodegradable and highly environmentally sustainable. In comparison to its other counterparts like cotton, Hessian is more durable and robust. Hessian shopping bags are pretty much common these days due to the ease of carrying and the space they provide to keep stuff. If you give these bags to your customers, it would definitely become one of the most used items on a daily basis due to the characteristic strength it has.

  • Reusable, long lasting and worth investing

Since Hessian fabric is very strong and robust, they can be put to use the countless number of times before they wear out. Bags made out of this fabric, therefore, do not get stretched or tear easily and retain their strength even after getting wet or dry many times.  Since these bags can be used for multiple and longer times, it ensures that whatever you exhibit on these bags gets noticed by a larger number of potential customers and stays there for a good period of time as well. This clearly means that if you invest in these bags, then the return it will offer you in terms of repetitive use will make it worth every single penny.

  • Affordable promotional tool

These bags are very affordable and can fit well in any marketing budget. However, by spending a little extra you can get these bags customized in any manner you want.  You can choose your designs, get your business details & your logo printed on them, and place a bulk order to get a further discount. Hessian bags for sale are available around the year; you need to check them with suppliers to get them at very reasonable prices. However, just to get them at cheap prices, do not compromise with the quality and contact genuine suppliers only.

Customers always appreciate things that are usable and practical to them, so hessian bags make a good choice as a promotional gift.  To get them at good prices, keep eye on Hessian bags for sale and order them in bulk. Customize as per your wish and use it to the fullest to market your business and brand.

Why Would Your Customers Love Your Promotional Hessian Bags? April 01, 2019 17:30

Bags are definitely great to give as corporate gifts as they are highly usable items, but out of so many which one to choose may be a question. If you are thinking of something unique in this category, then you may want to give a shot to Hessian bags. Hessian bags were traditionally used in all types of industries to carry goods from one place to another due to their density and durability. However, over a period of time, people have also started to use them in their gardens, décor, home furnishing, and various other places. Here are some reasons why your customers would love them and how these bags can be a standout in the promotional gifting category:

  1. Hessian bag - A new décor statement!

With the classy and rustic look, there could be so much that can be achieved with these hardy bags. You can choose a customized design in a way to offer them an embellished look so that they can adorn the walls of your customers’ home. However, particularly for this kind, you need to focus on making it more eye-catching and including your business details smartly. For getting Hessian Bags Australia is your one-stop destination from where you can get them in all sizes and you can even place a bulk order for customized design.

  1. A replacement for pots for gardening-loving customers

It is not uncommon for you to come across customers who would have gardening as their hobby. Particularly for such types of customers, these Hessian bags serve as excellent replacements to the pots as Hessian fabric, by its very nature, is bio-degradable and has a good capacity to hold the moisture which is a basic requirement in growing plant. Every time a visitor visits your customer’s garden, he would appreciate the use of these bags and the imprints on it will convey the message from where it came drawing attention to your brand.

  1. Soft Toy Stuffing

It is nearly impossible not to take notice of a cute soft toy! And yes, these Hessian bags can creatively be converted into a soft toy by using waste cotton or clothes that are not in use anymore. Anyone who would look at the soft toy will automatically take a notice of your business details printed on it, hence marketing made easier. You could hold a soft toy making workshop and call out for the participants. Using these eco-friendly Hessian bags, participants can make soft toys and can take them home as well. If you wish to get Hessian Bags Australia should be your preferred location to source them from as there are numerous suppliers there who can offer good quality at cheaper rates.

Although Hessian bags may not be in your priority list given the variety of uses they have, you should consider these as your promotional gifts.


Best Printed Jute Bags For Brand Promotion March 29, 2019 20:02

Thinking of a corporate gift is a huge task. From so many options available in a variety of sizes, styles serving different purposes, anyone can get confused on what to choose. A corporate gift should be such that finds its use in the customer’s daily life. This is why eco-friendly promotional bags are the most appropriate option as they are highly usable and can be carried almost everywhere. There are too many varieties of eco-friendly bags also – fabric bags, custom jute bags, non-woven bags, canvas bags and more but printed jute bags are trending these days. However, the confusion does not end here as from the plethora of jute bags, which one to choose is another mind-boggling task. Therefore, we have curated this content to help you to choose the most suitable jute bags for your brand promotion.


Printed Jute Bags

  1. Jute Bottle holder bags

Jute bottle holders are very much used these to carry drinking bottle at various places like gym, workplace, play area, school, etc. Keep in mind to select an appropriate size as too small size may not accommodate big bottles. You can customize these bottle holders as per your wish and give them away at events like athlete meet or sports day at your company.

  1. Custom Jute bags and jute tote bags

These bags may come in all sizes but relatively offer a larger surface area for printing. Choose your size and eye-catching design and get your logo, contact details, product line and other necessary details printed on these bags. The custom jute bags and tote bags are very useful and your customers will love to carry them for shopping, to a family picnic, to vacation and even to their workplaces. These bags are best to be given at any corporate event and if you have a good marketing budget.

  1. Jute Sling bags and jute pouches

If you are running tight on your marketing budget then these bags are a great choice. Don’t go by their small size as these pretty little bags are very useful to carry small items. A sling bag or a pouch is an important accessory for keeping those items that you want to keep handy. The woman can keep cash and their cosmetics, while the man can use them to keep their car keys, license and other such items that may be required anytime. From a marketing perspective, these bags have sufficient area to allow you to include all the important details about your brand. You can give these bags at any small corporate occasions like a tea party with staff or include it in the welcome kit of the new joinee.

  1. Jute briefcases

Jute briefcases look very trendy and have quite sufficient space to carry important work-related documents and files. These are pretty formal and so best to given to your employees and business partners during corporate meetings or while sealing a business deal.

Before making a decision, you must make sure of the quality, appropriate size, kind and perfect timing to choose the right printed jute bags for corporate gifting.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing Jute Promotional Bags For Corporate Gifting March 27, 2019 17:30

Jute promotional bags are indeed one of the best corporate gifting choices. Its practicality and eco-friendly nature make it worth for the money you invest in purchasing them. It can shout aloud about your business and is hence an effective marketing tool. However, there are certain points to consider before you finalize them to give away in your corporate event. These are:

  1. Purpose

Off course, you are giving away these as a promotional gift, so your purpose is to spread awareness about your brand and business. Since branding is your aim, you need to include all the relevant information about your business like your company’s logo or mascot, what you are offering and your contact details.

  1. Choosing the right kind and size

Jute bags come in a variety of sizes and styles starting from jute pouches to Jute tote bags, jute briefcases to jute bottle holders and so on. However, the size must be chosen wisely as too small big may not be able to offer sufficient surface area to include all the details while too big could be just a waste of space and money. Hence, you must go for a size that is event appropriate and can display the required details without looking messy. For instance, jute bottle holders could be a great give away if you are conducting any sport event, likewise, a jute briefcase can be given when you recruit new employees.

  1. Ensuring good quality

When you are giving a promotional gift, people tend to frame an impression about you in their mind. Giving away something of the finest quality will be helpful in developing trust in your products as well. So, you should never compromise on your quality of gifts. Go for only the renowned suppliers to get jute bags of high quality. For procuring Jute bags Melbourne is known to have a large number of reputed suppliers that are providing these bags at good prices.

  1. Frame your marketing budget

Definitely, this part has to be worked upon because you cannot just invest any amount on promotional gifting. But the good thing about jute bags is that these are quite affordable and can fit in any marketing budget. If you have a tight budget, you can go for simple Jute shopping bags and if there is a little more room, then you can also choose from limitless styles of Jute tote bags. These jute bags can be made eye-catching in any budget so you have endless option to choose your designs as well. Apart from this, if you place a bulk order, you can get these bags at very competitive prices. For Jute bags Melbourne is the best place to get them from as there are so many suppliers that means you have good chances for negotiations.

Keeping the above points in mind while selecting the jute bags as a promotional gift will help you to deliver the intended impact and your customers and other stakeholders will definitely appreciate your efforts for choosing such a thoughtful gift.

Jute Bags – Elegant and Classy Promotional Gifts March 25, 2019 18:30

When it comes to choosing promotional gifts, bags might come in the mind as the first thing, but so many options out there create confusion as to which one to go for. However, at this time, jute bags come up as a savior because of their large varieties to fit every budget and its elegance that keeps them forever in style. So here is some insight on these classy products to be used as corporate gifts:

Unlimited Use

Jute Bags find their uses almost everywhere when there is a need to carry something. So, if you wish to take them to the shopping center, to a family fun trip, to your workplace or even in the distant journey, just grab your bag and get going. Because of the usability feature, your customers would appreciate your thoughtfulness for choosing such an item as a giveaway.

Environment safe

Today our environment has degraded a lot. What could be better if you can offer your support to preserve the environment? Jute is a very eco-friendly material and so, if you choose reusable jute shopping bags, you are saving your mother earth from the hazardous plastic.

Endless variety

Apart from its contribution to the environment, the countless options available make it the best choice for every occasion and any budget. You can choose from small, medium and large sizes and variety ranging from jute sling bags, jute shopping bags, plain jute bags, jute tote bags, jute backpack, jute briefcase, personalized bags and what not. Think about the occasion and choose one accordingly. For example, if you are encouraging empowerment, you can give away jute shopping bags as you know how much women love shopping. Again, if you are organizing a sports event, you can give away jute bottle holders or jute backpack. Just like that, a jute briefcase could be a unique choice for a corporate meeting. See, how jute fabrics are able to make their place everywhere.

Affordable gifting

The most wonderful thing about the jute bags is that you only need to decide your marketing budget and there will be surely something within your budget. For further cost saving, you can place a bulk order for these bags with a reputed manufacturer or supplier. Quality aspect must be taken well into the consideration so always go for renowned suppliers only.

Great marketing tool

Due to the usefulness and mobility, these jute bags are very much used and carried to various places. It offers you a great exposure to showcase your brand and target potential customers. To make the best out of it, you can choose an attractive design and get the important details about your business like your logo, service offering and contact details, printed on the bag. When the bag catches anyone’s eye, the person would get introduced with you. This is the best way to come into the notice of your audience more quickly and in an affordable manner.

So, stop thinking and get doing. Order for jute bags now, if you haven’t done it already!


Why Custom Cotton Bags Should Be Your Choice As Promotional Gift? March 22, 2019 15:30

Looking for something sturdy and long lasting to give away at your promotional event? Go for the printed cotton bags that stand unparallel from generations. Yes, there are many reasons to choose these as your corporate gift:

  • Cotton is the most skin friendly fabric

Cotton is one of the smoothest and most skin friendly fabrics. Some people may be so allergic to other fabrics that they might develop skin problems even with the slightest touch with the body. But cotton is the safest one and it is known to be the hypo-allergic material and so is also one of the preferred ones.

  • Highly usable, durable and long lasting

Cotton bags are highly useful items in every household. Whether one has to go to a local nearby shop or a family picnic, these easy to carry bags find their use almost everywhere.

A good quality cotton bag can last over many years and so whenever anyone sees at the custom cotton bag, he is reminded about your business.

  • Printed cotton bags and their variations

Talking about variations, then you have uncountable options to go for. Whether you are looking for a tote bag, or a sling bag, backpack or a pouch – think about just anything and you will definitely get something stunning.

  • Contribution to the environment safety

Cotton does not pose any threat to the environment. So, choosing cotton bags rather than the cheap plastic bags is a contribution made towards saving the environment.

  • A marketing tool worth every penny

Additionally, you can customize the bags as per your choice. The custom cotton bags are very helpful in conveying your business message loud and clear. You can put the printable area to good use and get your logo, mascot or anything about your business printed on it. Since these bags are highly transportable, they travel from place to place coming across a large number of potential customers. A bag designed thoughtfully with eye-catching details about products can do wonders in regards to your business promotion.

Hence, the investment that you make on custom cotton bags will get you wonderful returns in the faces of loyal customers.

  • Fits everyone’s pocket

The best thing about cotton bags is that it can be designed and customized in every budget. If you have a thin budget, you can simply go for small pouches and print your logo with just one or two lines about your business. On the other hand, if you have a good budget you can choose more designer bags with more details that you want to include. When you order them in bulk, these printed cotton bags could be grabbed at very affordable rates from reputed suppliers.

Therefore, these reasons are good enough to make these cotton bags as an ideal choice for promotional gifting.

So, explore the world of amazing custom cotton bags and choose the one that suits you to be given in your upcoming corporate event!


Cotton Tote Bags – A Thoughtful Corporate Gift March 20, 2019 14:00

Thinking of a suitable corporate gift could be quite mind-boggling. If it is not thoughtfully selected it may either lack its practicality or may fail to create the desired impact of promoting your brand. Hence, the promotional gift must be picked such that is highly usable, durable, transportable and budget friendly. Cotton Bags fulfill all the criteria and so is one of the best options for being a corporate gift.

Why Cotton Tote Bags?

Cotton, as we all know is one of the most skin-friendly and environment-friendly fabrics to be used. Due to it's smooth and refine texture it is used in a variety of products. Cotton Tote bags are another variety of cotton bags that find their use in multiple ways. Due to its spacious size and ease of carrying, it can be used for shopping, or to be taken to the local grocery store or even on a fun trip with family and friends. The goodness of cotton and usefulness of the tote bag when blends together, it turns out to be the most suitable and practical gift to give away.

With a business viewpoint, a tote bag offers you a larger surface area to put to use for your brand promotion. There are plentiful options to choose from the designs, styles, and colors, and you may even customize as per your wish. The front and back may be used to showcase your logo and whatever message that you need to convey about your business and products. You can either choose to print or get stuff embroidered on it to create a more personalized and customized appearance. These bags will be the best promotional tool for your business as they are too much used in daily lives and are highly mobile, which gets your business extra attention and exposure.

Things to keep in mind before choosing cotton tote bags as promotional gift

The promotional gift is not just anything; it is a crucial marketing tool to create your brand awareness and develop trust in your stakeholders. If you miss on a few important aspects, then it may not be able to produce the desired impact and even may put yours in a miserable position. Hence, please make sure to stick on the following pointers before choosing your promotional tote bag:

  • Ensure good quality product as customers will remember you for your gift – it is totally up to you how you want them to remember you.
  • Use the surface area of the bags diligently – do not just stuff it with unnecessary things as it may cause loss of customer’s focus from the necessary details.
  • Go for reputed suppliers and order the cotton bags in bulk to get them at good prices.

Your customers will appreciate the investment that you have done for their convenience. This will help you to develop fostering relationships with the existing customers and will also offer more opportunities to make new customers!

What Makes Custom Printed Calico Bags as One of The Best Corporate Gift? March 15, 2019 17:30

When we talk about bags there are so many different varieties taking from the tote bag to duffle, to backpack to rucksack and what not. Among them there is one more type called Calico bags – may or may not be known to many by its name. Calico bags, though very common in use, are not so popular by the name due to the reason that Calico is actually a fabric and we are more in a habit to call by the name of the bag rather than its fabric. So, this article intends to draw your attention to these eco-friendly calico bags and convince you to use them as your next marketing tool.

What is Calico?

Calico is basically a cloth made out of unbleached and half processed cotton that is cheaper than cotton. This is one of the most versatile fabrics in current times and can be soft, sheer, coarse, and strong. Due to this reason, it is extensively used in the manufacturing of an array of products including bags. This material is a little less fine than muslin but also less coarse than denim or thick canvas and so is very cheap due to its un-dyed and unfinished appearance.

Why Calico bags are a good promotional gift?

A promotional gift should be such that it is durable as well as useful for the recipient. Also, it should be lighter on your marketing budget. These Calico bags serve both purposes. Your Customers will love them because:

  • Calico Shopping Bags are one of the practical items that everyone uses in day to day lives.
  • These are highly durable and sturdy
  • Since it is an unfinished fabric, it is quite fuss-free to maintain and can be easily washed at home manually or in a washing machine

Reasons that make it an ideal choice for your promotion are:

  • Calico bags are very eco-friendly and much better than those plastic bags in all respect.
  • You can customize the prints and ornate designs on these bags according to your wish
  • Add the company’s logo, product details and message that you want to convey to your customers
  • Since these are highly durable, your prints last forever and on the other hand due to its mobility feature, your brand gets identified by a large number of potential customers
  • The Calico Bags Bulk order will cost you peanuts and can easily fit your marketing budget.

To get the Calico Bags Australia is one of the best places to source them from as there are a large number of suppliers that provide the finest quality at the best prices.

Hence, this clears out everything as to why calico bags are one of the best promotional gifts to be given. Make the right decision right away - order these bags in bulk and let the calico bags take care of your business’s promotion!


Bags Wholesale April 18, 2018 20:43

Do Wholesale fashion handbags give you more options to look out for?

Fashion handbags or just a handbag is a very trendy thing in today’s market. This not so big in size handbags are very important for everyday use or to carry some of the most used regular stuff like your mobile phone, cards, keys, a little amount of cash, etc. These wholesale bags or Bags Wholesale always add some sense of fashion to your wardrobe. Nowadays when peoples are often running after designer bags or handbags, there is this one thing you should always keep in mind that designer handbags might sound great because of the tag attached to it but it will not necessarily match the quality always. Not everybody can afford these designer bags and sometimes no matter how much bucks you are paying you will not get satisfied either after buying it.

The main thing with designer bags is if you are paying a big load of money for buying it then it should have matched the quality is supposed to be but it seldom does, and that is where these Bags Wholesale or wholesale bags or handbags are hitting the chart. Here you can get the same look in your bag and quality may redeem a bit but that won’t be noticeable, and if we are talking about its price, then you only have to pay a little fraction of that money which would have been invested in case of buying designer bags. Bags Wholesale or you may call Wholesale bags come with a variety of looks, colors, and features which will give customers the freedom to choose wisely and it will enlarge the idea of choosing wholesale bags. Now while buying Bags Wholesale, there are few things which a buyer should always keep in mind. These things are like;

• In most of the cases, customers have this absurd thought that Wholesale bags are cheap knock-offs. Whereas this whole idea is mistaken, the most every wholesale bag producing industries do is they take the idea from actual designer’s creation else they get influenced, but Wholesale bags are not cheap replicas of designers created handbags.

• Customers can buy wholesale bags in bulk. As we have seen that these wholesale bags come at a very low price so whenever anyone goes to buy them, they can always buy it in multiple numbers. With these wholesale bags, customers always have a choice which is cost-efficient also.

• Just because the range of price is comparatively low, it does not mean that the collection of wholesale bags is not that great. Actually, in the market the variety and collection are so much better than it seems.

Now you may put a question mark against its quality but here is the thing not everyone can afford some heavily priced designer handbags so the amount of money you are going to pay with that you can always get a decent wholesale bag.
So stop thinking too much and stop spending too much instead of that try these trendy Bags Wholesale.

Tote Shopping Bags April 12, 2018 18:39

Save the environment by using Tote Bags

Now a day people have become more civilized and environmentally conscious. Constant efforts are being made to aware people of the different ways to save the environment. One of the prevalent examples of such effort is found in the bag manufacturing industry. To save the environment from the harmful effects of using thin polythene plastic bags, often found while shopping, packing or carrying goods, an alternative to such bags have been introduced in the market. With the introduction of tote bags, people can avoid using plastic bags. A tote shopping bag is a large or medium sized bag which is usually made of environment-friendly materials like jute, fibers and fabrics. A tote shopping bag can also be used for carrying groceries and small items needed for daily use. Since a it is made of reusable materials, therefore, it is also economical and affordable.

History of tote bags

The term ‘tote’ means ‘to carry,’ which has already been inferred from its function in present time. The word ‘tote’ can be traced back to 17th Century though at that time there was no concept of using tote bags for shopping. However, in 1944 when L.L. Bean released ‘The Boat Bag,’ tote bags started to gain popularity. With the passage of time, people came up with new and innovative ideas to use tote bags for various uses.

Where can we buy tote bags?

Tote bags have gained a lot of popularity over a short span of time. Tote shopping bags can be bought from local shops or markets like any other bags within the affordable price range. It is also available on online shopping sites.

Modern-day utility

In the modern time, tote bags are not only used for shopping but also can be used as a traveling bag. The sturdy nature of the bag with its large size makes it more durable and hardy. Though cheap plastic bags are easily disposable and very common among the shoppers because of its convenience yet a tote bag is a more opted option because of its various features and uses. A big tote shopping bag can carry a lot of things which a thin polyethene plastic may not be able to carry. It is designed in such a way that there are several pockets and compartments to keep the different items separately. A tote shopping bag can also be reused as a gym bag, beach bag, laptop bag, overnight bag, etc. it can also be used as a gift. Its practicality makes its different from other shopping bags.

A tote bag’s versatility makes it more of a necessity than just only a fashion. It is not only durable, sturdy and re-useable but also handy, affordable and nature-friendly. Tote bag has become a favorite among youngsters. People are taking efforts to discard plastic bags and opt for tote bags. Therefore, it can be concluded that a tote bag is a perfect choice to fulfill three purposes at the same time- it is environment-friendly, economical and easy to use and carry.


Reusable Bags April 10, 2018 18:23

10 Valid Reasons to Use Reusable Bags

With the growing environmental issues, it is our responsibility that we should stick to the use of reusable bags rather than using any other bags made of paper, plastic or any other material that poses a threat to the environment. Reusable bags are any day better than plastic or paper bags. They have lots of advantages that other bags don’t. In this article, we have compiled some of the main reasons as to why should we, use reusable bags and discard the use of other bags.

Reasons to Use Reusable Bags

There are endless reasons as to why you should shift to using reusable bags but, we have listed only a few main ones for you to understand its importance. Here you go with the reasons:

  • The first and the foremost reason to go for reusable bags is that they decompose real fast. Unlike plastic bags, they don’t take 15 to 1000 years to decompose. So you can always save your environment by going for reusable bags.
  • According to estimates the cost of recycling reusable bags are comparatively lesser than that of plastic bags.
  • If you think that using paper bags is the solution to the environmental problems then, you couldn’t be more wrong than this. That’s because according to estimates around 14 million trees are chopped every year for producing bags in the United States alone. So you can very well guess the figure if, it’s about the entire world.
  • Paper bags and plastic bags produce more waste and degrade the surrounding to a great extent. But with reusable bags, all these problems can be controlled.
  • Unlike reusable bags, plastic bags are made with petroleum products which are obviously non-renewable. Thus, you can say that using plastic bags contributes to depleting non-renewable resources.
  • Using reusable bags are much more cost-effective than using plastic bags. Not only that but they also have many other advantages.
  • Reusable bags are made strong so that they can be used for long. So if you think that reusable bags are not durable then that’s a very wrong notion you have about them.
  • Just like any other type of bags, reusable bags are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and So you can say that they are not boring to use.
  • Reusable bags come with cloth handle which makes it much more comfortable to carry. So, you can carry your things in it easily without getting uncomfortable.
  • Also, you should know that many stores and shopping malls give you extra points or they may even give you discounts if, you use reusable bags.

Thus, you can see that how reusable bags are way better than plastic or paper bags. Today if we shift to using reusable bags then we can all contribute towards the betterment of the environment. After all, it’s our responsibility to take care of the environment so, we can all have a better living. Thus, we can always do this little favor of using reusable bags.

Custom Tote Bags April 06, 2018 18:26

Custom Tote Bag – A Trend in Modern World

In the present world, a bag acts more as a necessary item for everyday use than a luxury item. Men and women equally uses the bag in their everyday life. A bag can be classified as a backpack, school bag, handbag, purse, paper bag, satchel, sling bag, plastic bag, shopping bag, travel bag and many other uses. A bag is usually used to carry things from a place to another. It acts as a container holding things in one place. With the passage of time and advancement of technology and fashion people now a day opt for customized bags with designs and prints on them. The tote bag is one such example where customization changed its whole outlook. Customization of bags has made it eye-catching, enticing and alluring. The custom tote bag is one of the recent and newest trends followed in society. Both old and young generation are found to be using custom tote bags in their everyday activities.


The history of the introduction of bags can be traced back to the point of human civilization when people started to socialize more. For more than thousands of years bags have been found to be used equally by both the genders. Men and women both used bags to carry their things. However, in olden days bags were found to be made of animal skins, plant barks, fibers secured with strings, etc. With the passage of time, people started to use bags as a form of gifts. The small bags were being used as pouches with designs on them to make it more attractive and to increase the social status.

What is a custom tote bag?

A customized bag is a bag which has designs and prints on them. Such designs make the bags more attractive and also go with the fashion. A customized bag also gives the bags a new and cool look. Shopping bags have also been found to be customized containing the company’s logo or symbol. Such customized bag helps in promoting and advertising the name of the company. A custom tote bag is found almost in almost every person’s closet.

Where are custom bags found?

The custom tote bags can be found at any local shop or nearby market. They are also available in online sites where various kinds of tote bags are displayed based on their size and material. There also shops and online sites which offer the option of choosing or designing your tote bag. Customers can design their tote bag according to their wish.

Modern-day utility

The customized bags add glamour to everyday use. It can also be used as a fashion statement.  Moreover, the customized tote bags are used for various purposes starting from carrying groceries to overnight backpacks.

Everyone likes to use colorful, classy or elegant and sophisticated bags. The design and view of different bags differ from people to people. Therefore, it can be concluded that customization of bags has paved the way for a new trend and as created a separate place as a fashion accessory.


Tote Bags Australia April 05, 2018 21:50

Tote Bags Australia is a very common trend

With the world becoming more advanced and user-friendly, a lot of things are changing like the use of reusable paper bags or cloth bags which are used more commonly rather than using plastic bags. In many places, plastics are already banned, and in some places, it is yet to be.

In finding an alternative for the plastic bags, the tote bags have found their usage. You will wonder what a Tote Bag is. A Tote bag is big and not fastened with parallel handles which are from the sides of the pouch. It can occupy quite a lot of things in the space provided. Tote bags are made of various fabric materials like jute, nylon, sturdy cloth material and canvas.

In the online website of Australia, there are tote bags with plenty of prints and design to choose from along with different types of handles of the bag. The use of tote bags is environment-friendly and it replaces the plastic bags which have been used for quite a long. This company believes in healthier and greener earth.  Carrying this Tote Bags Australia also shows your concern towards making the world a better place to live.

What do Tote Bags Australia manufacturers do?

  • They have a range of environment-friendly bags, and you can the shape, size of the bag that will suit your purpose.
  • You can choose the color you want and the kind of print or design you would want to be printed.
  • They take bulk orders of around five hundred or more if you want to give the bags as a form of promotional event or in any conference or meeting.
  • They send free samples to the customers in case they do not feel sure to how the end product will be or doubtful about the material.
  • Generally, the design is screen printed with the customized logo or any message on the bag. It provides with the replica in all the bags used in bulk orders.
  • They provide visual mockup to the customers of how the finished product is expected to look like.
  • You might get some offers for the person using the site for the first time.

If you are a citizen of Australia and are searching for a cheap canvas bag, you may look up for Tote Bags Australia manufacturers those who make bulk deliveries to the customers like in school, college, libraries, retailers, and companies. They also deliver simple, undecorated canvas bags in case if you are creative and would want to make your design with simple paint or other material like embroidery or sewing of buttons into a form of artwork design.

The Tote Bags Australia are very sturdy and durable as they are cross stitched from inside and are made into a rectangular format which makes it easy to carry heavy weight things like books or groceries. These bags that are made from the cotton linen are very light and are and handy and lasts long. You can use it as a fashion statement as there are plenty of designs.



Promotional Tote Bags April 04, 2018 22:59

Promotional bags help to gain popularity and to expand business

Promotional bags are very important nowadays for promoting one's company. All the companies are looking forward to personalizing their products to give maximum customer satisfaction and thus have more popularity and profit, the reason being that customization is the future of all the company consumer products. This trend has affected every kind of consumer product from a small cup to vehicle, clothing, accessories and mobile phones.

The tote bags have become common and are used for the promotional service. They are rectangular bags made with two handles, and the bag is open. Tote bags have numerous uses and can be used to carry anything possible, used as a gym bag, beach bag, work bag, school and college bag, travel bag.

Uses of Tote bags:

  • Promotional tote bags are commonly used in supermarkets as a replacement of plastic bags for carrying the items bought. It is either offered free to the customers or they have to pay a meager amount for the bag which is eco-friendly. In this way, the supermarkets will get hold of more customers. People will use this bag on a day to day basis, and others will be aware of the supermarket and will visit the market. 
  • Companies also give promotional tote bags when they need to increase their business. The bag containing the logo will make the people think about the company when they want any service which can be offered by the company. According to the research, it is seen that people use these bag at least nine times a month and take it out for outdoor activities and for vacation, which will further help one to advertise their company products as more and more people will come to know about it. 
  • They are also used in meetings or any conference where the logo of the conference is printed on the promotional tote bags and the important items like writing pads, book and pen are given to the people in the conference. This also attracts the attention of the person, and they will know about the conference. 

If the company makes a bulk order of these promotional tote bags, they will be entitled to get great discounts. Moreover, when the company organizes any business meeting, they can give the free promotional item to people like the bags with the company logo.

There are so many online websites which offer promotional tote bags of good quality and low price. The customers have the option of choosing from wide range of variety of bag like business bags, tote bags, cooler, lunch bags, sports bags, sling bags. Customers can order the color and type of bag according to their choice. One can and should take full advantage of the advertisement and marketing skills because of the promotional bags offered to us. . You can just make a call, and they will be ready to help you on the other side of the phone. They have a personal adviser who will help you choose the kind of bag for customization according to the occasion in case you need any assistance.

Reusable Shopping Bags April 04, 2018 00:38

Shipping with Reusable shopping bags has decreased the plastic bags

With the world becoming more advanced and user-friendly, importance is given to biodegradable material rather than non-biodegradable material like plastic. In all the shopping marts the plastic bags are replaced by Reusable shopping bags. You might wonder what a Hessian shopping bag is. It is nothing but a bag made of jute fibers which are very sturdy and one can carry a lot of weight in the bag. A lot of things are changing the use of reusable paper bags or cloth bags which are used more commonly rather than using plastic bags. In many places, plastics are already banned, and in some places, it is yet to be.

Reusable Shopping bags may be in the form of Tote bags. You will wonder what a Tote Bag is? A Tote bag is big and not fastened with parallel handles which are from the sides of the pouch. It can occupy quite a lot of things in the space provided. Tote bags are made of various fabric materials like jute, nylon, sturdy cloth material and canvas. It is easier to carry a side bag or as a hanging bag.

The uses of shopping bags:

  • The bags are commonly used in supermarkets as a replacement of plastic bags for carrying the items bought. It is either offered free to the customers, or they have to pay a meager amount for the bag which is eco-friendly.
  • They are also used in meetings or any conference where the logo of the conference is printed on the hessian shopping bag and the important items like writing pads, book and pen are given to the people in the conference. This is done in any business conference.
  • There are different types of bags which with designs and embroidered work, and everyone owns
  • Hessian shopping bag has numerous uses other than only using it as a shopping bag and can be used to carry anything possible which is pretty heavy.

With a print of the logo, these bags can help in the promotion of the company from where the person got the bag or bought the bag. In case you would like to purchase such a bag, there are plenty of websites available to give you the best possible options. It is better to buy online as the bags come at a very cheaper rate compared to when you go outside to buy the same bag.

The bags are not very attractive but if you are a very creative person might as well make some art on the bag which will make people praise your bag when you are out shopping or for other work.

The best part of reusable shopping bag is that you can reuse it, unlike plastics which you cannot use for a long time. The jute material is pretty strong and lasts quite a few years and is worth the money you pay for. With the use of these bags, the waste created from plastic is reduced to a very great extent.

Shopping Bags Australia March 29, 2018 19:39

Biodegradable fabric is good for Shopping bags Australia

Shopping bags are very essential for carrying the things one buys, and one would want the material of the shopping bag to be sturdy, strong so that it can carry the pretty good load. The shopping bags can be made of plastics or any other fabric like nonwoven, jute or canvas.

Australia has been trying to decrease the usage of plastic bags as a shopping bag and get more environment-friendly bag. Shopping bags Australia are available on various sites online at a very low price. In many of the sites, you can customize the shopping bags you want to buy. Customization is made easy by providing a different kind of styles, designs and engravings, colors to make it look exactly how the customers want it. Well, customization is very important for promotional purposes other than personal customization.

Well, how to order Shopping bags Australia?

The steps are really simple:

  • You need to browse through all the products available on the website and choose among all the kinds of Shopping bags Australia. The material and style will differ.
  • After you have selected the design you want, you may send the artwork you want on the bag by email or any personal chat on the website; it will be mentioned there in the website.
  • They send free samples to the customers in case they do not feel sure to how the end product will be or doubtful about the material.
  • They provide visual mockup to the customers of how the finished product is expected to look like.
  • The product will be delivered after being approved by the customer at the doorstep and is hassle free.
  • Often will be available like discounts on first-time users or any sale period. Do not forget to type in the code when you are checking out and are about to order or making the payment.

Well, types of Shopping bags Australia to suit the purpose:

  • Paper shopping bags are good for a small lightweight item, like clothes or shoes which can bear the weight.
  • Jute shopping bag is very sturdy, hence can be used for grocery, which are pretty heavy. A big sized jute bag will be enough to hold a good amount of load. It can be reused for almost more than a year.
  • The non woven shopping bag is not as durable as the other fabric but is good enough and stronger than paper bags and can be reused till it wears off.
  • Cotton shopping bags can carry the load, but it does not have a fixed texture so it might be difficult to carry any heavy load.
  • Plastic shopping bags used to be all time favorite but its replaced by the above fabric shopping bag.

The shopping bags should be something which can last long and can be used over and over again and does not cause any harm to the natural ecosystem.



Shopping Bags Wholesale March 28, 2018 16:46

Shopping bags for promotion

 According to research, people are spending on eco-friendly shopping bags for their promotional purposes or other kinds of packaging and buy them from Shopping Bags Wholesale. Due to growing pollution, people are opting for eco-friendly products. Eco-friendly bags are also great for sustainability. They are also cost-effective, durable, can serve you for a long time and are sturdy. So there are different types of Shopping Bags Wholesale which are available in the market, and some of them are mentioned below: 

Types of shopping bags 

  • Cotton canvas bags: This type of bags is very versatile. If you use them for promoting your business, then it will help you in increasing the loyalty towards your customer. And will give your brand many potential buyers. It will also lower the impact on the environment. As they are great for every occasion so your customers will carry them on every occasion. As they are sturdy and reusable so if you sell them in totes, then they will not cost you much. These bags are also very soft and sturdy. People who are allergic can also use this material for their bags. 
  • Jute bags: This is a popular fiber which is made from strong threads and made by spinning them into course. They are also known as hessian bags. It is biodegradable, made from natural fibers which are strong. You can easily purchase them at a low They are also going to serve you for many years. They are made into stylish totes bags and are also great for prints 

  • Backpack bags: It is similar to the bags which we used to carry in schools. They are great for packing the products. Unlike ordinary bags, these bags will evenly distribute all the weight. These backpacks will display the logo or the name of the store. If you are going to outdoors, shops, sports warehouse then backpack which is non-woven will be suitable. So buyers will take the bags to schools, rehearsal or practice which will advertise your brand and will help you to gain many potential buyers. 
  • Duet bags: These types of bags are great for top retail and the overstimulated world. So these bags are loved by everyone. They have the twisted handle with a white shade. Jazzing these bags with bows and ribbons will change your entire look. 
  • Kraft bags: People used to believe that anything which is made by using any recycled material won't look presentable or cute. So this bag will remove all your myths. If you are not looking for customized bags for the promotion, then these bags are the best option. 

Shopping Bags Wholesale is going through a lot of innovation. Some shops will sell it for free while others will make you pay for that. But as you can use them for various purposes so paying some bucks won't make you run in the loss. Eco bags or green bags are also made of good material. You can easily use them for many years. Shopping Bags Wholesale can be of any type. But the backpacks and totes are more preferred.