Drawstring Bags- A Comprehensive Guide To Buyers November 11, 2022 08:00

Drawstring bags are stylish and functional bags used by people of all ages. These beautifully designed bags are made from different eco-friendly materials like canvas. Available in a range of sizes, drawstring bags are useful for various purposes. You can also find backpacks with drawstrings. Let us talk more about these drawstring bags.

Table of content-

  • History And Evolution Of Drawstring Bag Designs
  • Introduction Of Drawstring Bags With A Genderless Design
  • Different Types Of Drawstring Bags
  • Different Uses Of Drawstring Bags
  • Features Of Drawstring Bags
  • Promotional Significance Of Drawstring Bags
  • Where To Buy Drawstring Bags
  • Conclusion

 History And Evolution Of Drawstring Bag Designs


There is a rich history behind the evolution of these bags. From the Egyptian hieroglyphs, we have found ancient men depicted with some small pouches. Those men used a long cord to tie the bag around their waists. In the modern age, these pouches have gained high popularity, and we like to use custom-printed pouches on different occasions. Leather and cloth-mredade pouches were much prevalent in the ancient age. Men during that age used those bags for carrying valuables and coins. People travelling to far off places preferred these pouches which kept their hands free to do other stuff while keeping the things inside safe and secure. 

Let us now illustrate the story behind the origin of drawstring bags.

The introduction of girdle pouches in the 14th century- 

The concept of pocket was unknown to men and women in the 14th century. As they wore girdles, they used to attach their small cinched bags to the girdle to accommodate precious jewelleries and valuables. However, the fashion trends, lifestyle, and social status of the wearer determined the cord’s size. Women started using decorated and beaded cinch bags for their needs. 

They used their drawstring bags for different purposes.These bags were one of the fashionable items to those women. Moreover, women also liked to use their bags on the day of engagement. They knew the way of sewing and embroidering their bags. In the modern day also, you can find promotional drawstring bags Australia with embroidered designs. 

However, there is one interesting thing about the ancient drawstring bags. We had found the trend of stitching love stories into the bag fabrics. On the contrary, the promotional drawstring-style bags in the present age are custom designed with brand logo. 

Girdle bags and other similar bags- Earlier version of the drawstring bag


As the women of the ancient age used to wear skirts, they carried smaller girdle bags. By modifying the girdle bags, manufacturers tried to design some similar small bags. Women used those bags for carrying dried flowers, herbs, powders, and perfumed cotton balls. Moreover, these small bags became a symbol of social status. Women preferred the beaded and bejewelled drawstrings with their bags. They also chose those bags to carry coins and small gifts. Most of the women used to attach their bags to their waist part by using the long drawstring. In other form though, these bags were primitive model of the modern age drawstring bags. 

The evolution of modern stylish drawstring bags


Drawstring bags have gained attention in the past few years, as they are versatile models. You can find the use of these bags for different purposes. From small drawstring pouches to large size drawstring backpacks, you can find its application in various models to fit the need and style of all the varying people. The youth these days preferably opt for bags which can be hanged on the back for keeping small personal stuffs. Bags like cotton drawstring bags, canvas bags, or even leather bags are designed with drawstring and shoulder straps that be hanged easily on the back. For school and college going students, such bags offer extreme convenience of use.

Some of us like to carry books in spacious drawstring bags. The colorful drawstring bags are available in eco-friendly models. Smaller drawstring bags with glossy fabrics are mostly for women, as they reflect femininity. However, there are some bigger versions designed for men. Thus, based on your needs, you can buy your drawstring bags. Personalized small-size bags are chosen these for gifting needs and for packing the return gifts.

Introduction Of Drawstring Bags With A Genderless Design


A few years ago, there was surely lack of choices in the world of gender-neutral fashion accessories. However, reputable brands have started filling the gap. An understated design with cross-body style indicates that the bag is genderless.

There is no dearth of styles in handbags. However, you can claim that the term- handbag has feminine implications. But, today, men have started carrying handbags for their regular needs. 

 Utility bags like totes are truly genderless. They are not intended for carrying lipsticks and purses. You generally use them for carrying bottles, books, and other things that do not differentiate gender. Similarly, small cotton drawstring bags are also a practical choice for both men and women. You can choose these bags while going to the library, office, and college.

Although there is a shift to the gender-neutral world, some minor things differentiate bags for men and women. Lots of men like to carry a large bag with them. When their personal things are small (like sunglasses and keys), men can put them into their pockets. However, every woman’s outfit does not include pockets. Moreover, strength is needed for carrying larger bags.

Due to the increasing concerns about plastic carriers, canvas grocery bags have been introduced. Still, there have been some issues with them. Some men like to avoid using reusable shopping bags. They think that they will look feminine with these bags.

Several brands have started playing with different bag styles. They introduce clutches, saddlebags, briefcases, and masculine rucksacks. Some saddlebags in the 2000s had a bigger cross-body strap to give a masculine look. However, these brands have also innovated a range of bag styles for women.

In recent years, there has been an infinite choice of genderless bags. Retailers also have started buying totes and small drawstring bags bulk. They know that these customised bags will serve both men and women. They do not like to show priority to a particular gender.

As time goes on, the relationship with gender and style will get transformed. However, the genderless fashion industry will not take over the binary gender market. You can rely on your own preference and interest to make your choice. The major intention of brands is to attract customers with the trendy bag styles. They always focus on consumer behaviours to learn about their needs.

So, buy bags for your personal and business purposes. You may also personalise them in different ways. Fabric bags with colorful designs have started gaining popularity among both men and women.

Different Types Of Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags, though they look all the same, are available in a number of designs that can add variety to your selection.

Non-Woven Drawstring Bag


The non-woven drawstring bag represents an extension of the fashion trend that invests such products with high commercial value. Such a bag may feature an open main compartment secured with a convenient cinching rope closure. The product is constructed from non-woven polypropylene, a durable modern material that can withstand extended usage in the hands of young citizens. Such bags also offer buyers a humongous range in terms of colors, designs, prints, etc. The non-woven bags also represent a lifestyle choice in modern times wherein many consumers value the durability of the product and expect top performance for their spending dollars.

Cotton Drawstring Bags


High grade cotton is a favoured material for manufacturing a range of drawstring bags and similar carriage products. This natural fiber lends itself to diverse uses and can be shaped and tinted into a large number of casual carriage products. Consequently, cotton drawstring bags wholesale Australia represent a big attraction for individual buyers of such products and bulk buyers as well. The sheer value of aesthetics incorporated into cotton drawstring bags elevates the product to the level of a personal fashion statement. Similarly, cotton pouch bags enjoy significant appeal in the sensibilities of the modern consumer. Users of every age group can carry these handy carriage products to work, school, college, picnic, outstation journey, hiking trip, etc. 

Drawstring Bags - Shapes galore!


The matter of choice represents an important distinction in modern consumer goods and products. Drawstring bags are no exception; designers and manufacturers have shaped the product into squares, rectangles, and cylinders per the choice of consumers. This flexibility in design and shape allows buyers of soft carriage products to indulge in personal fancies, thereby expanding the concept of choice in modern markets. When viewed on the streets, a carrier of a colorful modern drawstring bag represents a fashion icon that defies convention. This factor alone will ensure the durability of the carriage traditions embellished by and associated with the drawstring bag! 

The varying sizes and fabric of these bags not only make them suitable for common people, but also make them a suitable item to be used in promotional activities. Business around the world look for products which set a rapport with their audience and, in this regard, drawstring bags are the best suited. Also, their availability in eco-friendly fabrics make them highly demanded. Businesses get them customized with their brand and logo and circulate in the market as a promotional product to increase their brand visibility.

Different Uses Of Drawstring Bags

Promotional buyers have got a lot of occasions to use these bags for advertisement. As an individual also, you can choose appropriate design and use the bag at various occasions. Let’s get to know where can you use these stylish, lightweight bags?

Choose a drawstring bag while heading to a library


As an avid reader, you may like to visit a local library frequently. A drawstring bag can be the perfect choice to carry around your notebooks, books, pens, and other small essentials. You may also put your mobiles and keys into the main compartment. The best fact is that the drawstring bag helps you with an easy access to your personal stuff. Pull the string to take any item out of your bag. 

Go to the gym with your drawstring bags


To stay fit, most of us like to visit a gym club every week. However, while going to the gym, we need to take some clothes. Constant workouts make us sweaty, and thus, we think of changing our outfits to feel fresh.

Thus, to carry those gym clothes easily, you may choose a drawstring bag. Toss your sweaty clothes inside your bag and clean it regularly. Most of the eco-friendly drawstring backpacks are easily washable, and they will not get damaged due to your daily cleaning activities. 

Carry your toiletries while you are on the move


To start a long trip, you may have taken a big trolley bag to put your personal belongings into it. However, you do not like to store your toiletries and travel kits inside this big trolley. That is why drawstring bags are the best alternatives for you. When you are getting ready for outdoor adventures, you may choose the spacious drawstring backpack Australia to hold your small items, like glasses, brush, shampoo, and hair dryer. 

Use a drawstring bag to take your lunch box to the office


The best drawstring bags have insulated designs helping you to keep up your food temperature. As you need to carry lunch box to your workplace, you may use the insulated bag with a drawstring closure. This specially designed bag maintains your food and drink temperature for a number of hours.

Small drawstring pouches for return gifts


Drawstring pouches made of silk or tissue material are being highly used for gifting people and packing goodies as a return gift. During Christmas, Halloweens, New Year, birthday parties and other festive gatherings, such beautifully printed pouches are filled with goodies, candies and other stuffs to be presented as gifts. For corporate gifting, usually the drawstring pouches are printed with brand logo or name when chosen as a gift. 

Features Of Drawstring Bags

People are really buying drawstring bags bulk for many personal and promotional needs. Not only the looks, but there are many other features that make drawstring bag special item to be cherished. If you are the one looking for a bag for personal use or for promotional needs, then you must know about features of a drawstring bag as it can be the best contender in your list of bags. Below are a few strong features.

Sturdy Aerodynamics

The slim shapes of typical drawstring bags promote their use as everyday carriage devices. These products offer the least resistance to gravity (as opposed to bulky carriage products such as trunks and suitcases) and encourage users to visit markets, stores, malls, retail outlets, and shops. Bags fashioned from premium leather add a touch of class to the carrier, thereby reinforcing the choice of using drawstring bags. Meanwhile,mass-produced bags fashioned from nylon (or other materials) ensure a light touch when citizens wish to expand personal carriage capacity.

Best for Casual Trips


The unique shape and construction of the typical drawstring bag attracts modern consumers. These products invite users to load small items of clothing and personal effects into the carriage compartment and embark on small trips with friends. In response, manufacturers have created numerous versions of custom drawstring bags fashioned from durable modern materials and built to endure the rigors of hastily organized excursions. In addition, the light weight of these bags ensures users can carry maximum weight of personal belongings and effects.

Colorful Canvas Carriers

Drawstring bags designed in medium and larger sizes present large surface areas that can be utilized to project colorful paintings, logos, images, etc. In light of these, market-savvy manufacturers can design and sell drawstring bags bulk to display printed images, caricatures, cartoons, characters from mythology or urban lore, etc. In doing so, they are offering an interesting low-cost product to consumers, expanding the space for public messaging, and encouraging users to build collections of interesting bags.

Built for the Long Term

Bags built with reinforced bottoms, toughened strings, and durable materials (such as jute/burlap/nylon) can serve useful lives of at least ten years. Users can wash and maintain these products, imprint custom designs on their wide surfaces, and use them regularly in daily routines. Therefore, the idea of drawstring bags wholesale holds commercial appeal, because marketers can deploy such products as promotional materials at events such as trade fairs, new store openings, shopping festivals, music extravaganzas, college fests, cultural programs, etc.

Promotional Significance Of Drawstring Bags

There is no doubt that bags are one of the most preferred products to reach out to the users, customers, clients, and prospects. A few occasions when any organization or business can use the cotton drawstring bags wholesale Australia for promotion are listed below:

Make your customers feel special on special days: Presenting a customized cotton pouch bag to your customers will help you get closer to them and remain in their memory for long. Also, in special days like festivals or holiday season, a gift has its own significance. Give it to everyone visiting your store and make a difference in your image.

Organize events and present as a giveaway


Corporate houses or offices can use these bags as a giveaway to their employees at the end of any event. They can also be presented as reward, participation prizes, or a token of love. If you wish, you can make it more valuable by adding a few useful items into it as goodies. Rest assured that you will carve your place in the memory of everyone. A useful item gets noticed once and again.

Offer as a reward for some minimum purchase: You can increases the footfalls in your shop or market by advertising the distribution of your branded drawstring bags for a minimum amount of purchase. It is a double fold benefit. Not only you will increase the sale of your product enticing the customers to make a minimum purchase, but will also go along with them to create a brand recall.

Keep handy for sudden branding needs: Mostly people order bulk drawstring bags during any specific branding event. However, if you allocate some budget for it and keep it handy at your place, it can be used many times at just the appropriate moment. Offer to new customers, delight a loyal customer suddenly, present to your employees on their work anniversary and more. 

Where To Buy Drawstring Bags?

You can visit an online store to buy a bulk pack of drawstring bags as the online stores offer you abundance of choices. From small bags to medium or large size bags, you will each one of them in different colors and materials. The small drawstring pouches are quite in trend, available in silk and tissue material for online buying. They are available at the most affordable price and you can also place the order for customising these bags.

At Bags247, you can find a number of drawstring bags which can be customized with your business logo, company name or any text for personalization. We ensure safe and timely delivery at your doorstep.


Drawstring bags have gained a high popularity in recent years. You can buy solid colored and printed bags according to your preferences. Personalised drawstring bags are the best choice as gifts and promotional products. So, invest in the high-quality drawstring bags and use them for different purposes.