Everything About Calico Bags- Reusability And Customisability May 3, 2022 08:00

Which fabric comes first to your mind when you think of eco-friendly bags? It’s cotton. Right? You like to buy cotton totes or drawstring cotton bags for your everyday use. But, calico is another alternative for those looking for environment-friendly bags. However, calico refers to the unbleached cotton fibres. Made from woven fabrics, calico bags are useful for shoppers.

Why choose calico bags?

  • Reusable anytime and anywhere-

Product packaging is one of the common uses of calico bags. Due to their reusable nature, several consumers like to use these bags for their daily needs. Moreover, business owners also choose these enviro bags for promotional campaign.

  • Easily customisable-

It is easy to personalise calico bags with different printing methods. Thus, you can customise the bags with your brand logo and relevant details to spread brand awareness.

  • Highly affordable option-

It does not cost much to buy calico bags and drawstring cotton bags wholesale. Small businesses that are looking for affordable gifting options can choose these bags. By offering durable calico bags, they can strengthen their relationships with customers.

  • No compromise over style-

Standard calico bags are found in neutral cotton colours. However, in some cases, manufacturers use pre-dyed fabrics for designing colourful bags. Thus, you will find calico bags in black, white, yellow, red, green, and blue shades. But, natural-looking bags are not less attractive. The fabrics of these bags have brown to grey tones. Still, you can personalise them in your own way.

  • Highly resilient fabrics-

Calico is one of the durable fabrics, though the bags are lightweight. You can choose drawstring calico bags to carry your library books. These bags can bear the weight of your books and other things. However, jute drawstring bags are also sturdy and last long. But, they are slightly costlier than calico and cotton bags.

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How to print your calico bags for personalisation- 

Pigment printing is one of the commonly chosen methods for calico bags. You can print almost any design to personalise your calico fabric bags. By using colour dyes, you may print a particular part of your bag. However, screen printing is also effective for customising your fabric bags with your logo and relevant graphics. So, choose an artwork to have a unique look of your bags. High-quality prints do not fade away easily, and your brand logo will be visible to your potential customers. 

Upcycling the calico bags-

You can reuse calico bags in a range of ways

Design a pillow case-

Unleash your creativity to make stylish pillowcases from calico bags. As the calico bag fabric is soft and smooth, your pillowcase will make you feel better. Colourful and printed pillows will add aesthetics to your room. You may also use the fabric to design your pets’ cushions and car cushions.

Create a rug from bags-

Convert your bags into a rug. You need to stitch a number of calico bags to design a beautiful rug. It is better to choose embroidered bags to craft your DIY rugs. There is no need to discard your calico bags.

Make some decors from your old bags-

Create distinctive wall hangings for your room and show your sense of creativity to your guests. Some wall hangings have multiple pockets to hold keys, mobile charges, and purses. By tearing away the stitches of your calico bags, you can make these wall decors.

Grow plants-

 Both jute and calico bags are highly useful for gardening enthusiasts. These bags can endure adverse weather elements. Fill your bags with some soil for growing plants. Thus, the small calico sacks can be the best alternative to pots. Place these bags at outdoor sites and make your house more aesthetics.

Especially, bags with waterproof lining are the best option for planting purposes. But, for other bags, you have to place a plastic at the bottom.

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Make a pet bed-

You have designed pillows for your own purpose. Then, why shouldn’t you take care of your adorable, furry pets? Design a comfortable pet bed by using calico bags. Put cotton balls into the bags and stitch the opening. Your pets will be thankful to you when they find a cosy bed to sleep in.

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