Customize Your Drawstring Bags With Different Cords March 30, 2021 08:00

Do you like to use small drawstring bags for different purposes? Nowadays, these bags have become a versatile choice, as they can hold a good number of items. While going to the gym class, library, and different other places, drawstring bags are the perfect companions. Even for personal use in parties or outings with friends, you can consider carrying an appropriate size drawstring bag as they are available in different designs. Earlier only simple bags in plain colors were available, but now with growing demand, they are manufactured in a number of ways using variety of fabrics to impart different look. The art work on the bags also differ from logo printing to beautiful embroidery, glass work, thread work, patch work and more.

However, have you looked closely at the cords used for these bags? Cords are one of the most important parts, as they have to be sturdy to hold the weight of your items. The low-quality cords can tear away easily and make the bag unusable. For small-size pouches thin silken thread are ok, but for large heavy duty bags, the cords should be strong and thick. While the use of beautiful cords adds the aesthetic value of the bag, its strength decides the utility of the bag. So, the cords make the most important part of a drawstring bag and you can do a lot with the style of these codes.

Drawstring Bags Bulk

You can buy drawstring bags wholesale Australia and customise them with attractive cords. Let us talk about the most common drawstring materials used for bags.

PP cords- The cheapest one of all drawstrings-

You can find these cords in most of the fabric pouches, as they are available in a range of colours. Based on the colour of your bag, you may purchase the cord to create a consistent look. Although these PP cords are thin, they are highly durable. Thus, match the bag’s colour with that of the drawstring. Though, the bags come with their own corn, you can change the existing cord with suitable color PP cord to change the look of your bag.

Buy drawstring bags bulk and transform their look by replacing old cords with the new ones.

Twisted drawstring rope to create a stunning look-

You can find the combination of more than two strands yarn in these drawstring ropes. Based on the bag’s design, there is a difference in the diameters of the rope. For instance, the diameter can range from 0.5 to 10mm. With a minimalistic design, drawstring ropes are available in elegant colors. You can find these cords in superior quality cloth bags. Some bags have drawstring ropes beautified with tassels. You can personally add some beads at the end of the cord which will make them easier to tie.

Silk ribbons- Used for drawstring bags-

Like PP cords, these silk ribbons are available in vibrant colors. You can find these colorful, vibrant ribbons in fabric drawstring bags. The major difference between PP cords and silk ribbons is the width. While PP cords are thin, silk ribbons are wide. You may create a bowk not while enclosing your drawstring bags with silk ribbons. However, silk ribbons are mostly found in velvet jewelry bags. People also buy them to pack some small goodies inside and offer to people as a return gift. In personal birthday parties or school functions, people order drawstring bags in bulk to present to the small kids. These bags are small and light-weight in color and mostly with silken ribbon.

Metallic cords- To add a glamorous look-

Drawstring closures are available in a metallic look. You can mostly find them in a golden and silver tone. The glossy drawstrings make the bag more striking in look. You may use them for your small drawstring pouches used as party favour gifts.

Small Drawstring Bags

Cords made out of beads-

There are some designer drawstring bags whose cords are made of colorful beads embedded along a strong fabric thread or a plastic thread which are not visible. The bag appears to have a lot of beautiful beads which give an exclusive look to the bag and make them a perfect party accessory.

Have you now decided on buying cords to customise the look of drawstring bags? When you create DIY drawstring bags, you need to buy grommets and eyelets. Place these hardware pieces near the holes through which you have to pass your drawstrings.

However, there are other ways of personalising these bags. For instance, you can buy blank drawstring bags and print your brand logo on them. Use these bags as your promotional gifts to customers. You may also print your brand message and any other image to customise the drawstring bag.

If you wish to buy ready made bags, explore the wide range of drawstring bags available online and order them to get a doorstep delivery. In online stores also, you would find a variety of options to choose from at highly attractive rates.