Wine Bags Of Endless Varieties- Pick The Best One May 13, 2022 08:00

Almost no party can be successful without a glass of wine. But, how do you carry wines to your party venue? You need to use an insulated, sturdy bag to hold your wine bottles safely. Ordinary bags do not maintain the temperature of your favourite wine. That is why you can invest in specially designed wine bags. Wine retailers also buy a bulk pack of custom wine bags with logo. These promotional bags have been highly useful for carrying wine to different places. However, which type of wine bags should you choose?

Wine Bags Australia

Modern wine bags are made from different materials.

  • Disposable and single-use bags- Designed with heavy paper stock, these bags are an eco-friendly choice. Although they are durable and hold your wine bottles, you cannot use them several times. These bags will wear out eventually. But, you can buy these paper bags for gift-giving purposes.
  • Woven bags- Some wine bags are made from woven fabrics, produced by weaving together some threads. You can print your brand name on the woven fabric bags bulk. Use them as the most affordable promotional gifts for marketing campaigns. Your customers can wash and reuse them several times.
  • Non-woven bags- The bag fabrics undergo some mechanical, thermal, and chemical processes to gain strength. Fibres are pressed together to create a sheet. The best fact is that non-woven bags are available at a very low cost. Businesses with a tighter budget can invest in non-woven reusable wine bags wholesale. These wine bags will last for a number of years.
  • Thermal, insulated bags- Bottles stored inside the insulated bags can keep your wine cool. So, although you have taken your wine bottles out of the refrigerator, you will enjoy tasty wine. Some manufacturers use neoprene fabrics to design the bags. Usually, wetsuits are made from neoprene, as this fabric has the ability to maintain the inherent temperature for a longer period. There are multiple layers added to the fabric. While the inner layer comprises plastic, the outer one is made from nylon. The insulating foam material is present between these 2 layers. Wine connoisseurs who like to have their drinks at a perfect temperature can choose these bags. 

These are different fabrics used for wine bags in Australia. However, these bags are available in a range of styles.

Freezable wine bag- The wine bag with a stylish printed pattern can be stored inside the refrigerator. The compact bag is integrated with an adjustable strap. You may also store other beverage bottles in the bag to keep your wine cool for long hours. The freezable bag is lead-free and PVC-free. So, there is no risk of contaminating the content of your bottles. Based on your chosen size, the bag can hold 750ml to 1L of wine.

Wine bags with a shoulder strap-

You may need to carry multiple bottles of wine to a picnic spot. That is why a bag with a sturdy shoulder strap has an ergonomic design. It will preserve your wine quality for a long period. You may also put your wine cups into the bag. Moreover, the best wine bags Australia have small pockets to hold your bottle openers and keys. The padded insulation on the interior side also keeps your bottles safe. However, the major big compartment has spacious to hold your bottles.

Lightweight, high-capacity wine bags-

Made from 600D polyester, these bags can hold almost 5 to 6 bottles at a time. As they have a lightweight design, you can easily carry them anywhere. The zippered bag has a detachable strap to let you carry it in your own way. The innovatively designed wine bag ensures both durability and safety.

Single-bottle wine bag-

You may like to offer wines as the party favour for your guests. So, you can invest in the slim bags that hold one bottle. Some bags have a printed design, while others have a solid colour. There is no compromise over quality. The interior padding prevents sudden breakage of your bottles. The vibrant, colourful bags can create a style statement.

Wine bags are the best giveaways for your customers and employees. However, you can also buy them for your own purposes as well.

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