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Print Your Brand In Customers' Mind With Customized Canvas Bags July 17, 2019 16:21

Bags are an all-time hit for promotions or corporate gifting. When the world is turning to eco-bags for their daily usage, presenting such a high utility item as a gift or token of appreciation can go a long way in creating awareness about your business. In fact, presenting canvas bags printed with logo wholesale can help you print the name of your brand in your user’s mind more effectively and more affordably. The reason being, a general marketing campaign or a branding campaign costs a lot if you do it digitally or through print media, however, branding using products will cost you less while directly reaching to the users. It will create space for your brand name in every house.  There are a variety of such bags available and you can go with canvas tote bags bulk, Australia at really amazing prices.  

What are canvas tote bags, Australia?

Canvas tote bags are made out of a cloth-like structure. They are generally used in making of tents, sails, and it is widely being used to make bags. The fabric is very versatile and hence is used in a wide range of products from mobile covers to sling bags even to tote Canvas bag. Tote canvas bag comes with two handles and is widely used for shopping. This concept of tote canvas bags has come out recently. With the environmental issues going on, not only Canvas bags can be a suitable replacement for the plastic bags, but they are also long-lasting and trendy. Since the bags can be used daily, customized canvas tote bags have come forward as a perfect solution for the brands to gain greater visibility and reach.


Canvas Bags Printed With Logo

Advantages of using customized canvas tote bags for promotions

There are many subtle advantages of using the canvas bags printed with logo in wholesale for branding purpose. However, a few of the major reasons are listed below.

#1. Brand presence

More and more shops, supermarket and people, in general, are shifting to cloth and paper bags. This is the perfect opportunity for the brands to make their presence be seen. A lot of people go out and shop for their daily needs. What if people went out with customized tote canvas bags of a particular brand? It is not surprising that we seek to buy or get familiarized with a specific brand if we see it daily. If a brand customizes the canvas tote bags and uses them, there are a lot of possibilities that would favor the brand. This is a free advertisement, twenty-four-seven for the business. One time investment on the bags can give you visibility forever without any re-investment. You can reduce your cost by comparing the cost or by buying canvas bags printed with logo in wholesale for a reduced overall rate.

#2. Stylish flare & variety

Canvas is a very flexible material, not only literally in terms of its materials but also in terms of its usage. It is moldable into a lot of shapes and sizes and can be colored according to one's choice and need. Not only it can be made in different sizes according to the users need but can also be customized according to the user’s personal preferences. There is no harm in saying that if done rightly and designed properly, it can serve as a fashion statement. This encourages a lot of people to buy canvas Tote bags, Australia for its casual yet trendy designs and varieties. 

#3. Durable product

Canvas Tote bags, Australia have absolute durability that brings an extra edge to the product.  They are not only easy to carry around but are also highly durable, unlike the paper bags that are already in the market or the plastic bags which are durable but harmful to the environment. The bags made out of play woven fabric adds an extra sturdiness to the bag. They are definitely maintenance free and cheap and can be waterproof too if waxed.  They are also very affordable, which can come handy for a lot of people, plus one can have all the variety one wants. Presenting such a durable product to your customers, users, visitors, or employees ensures that you are creating a lasting presence of your brand in the user’s mind.

How to get canvas tote bags for your business?

Customized Canvas Tote bags, Australia can help your business a lot. But how to get your own customized Canvas Tote bags? The best way to get it done is by ordering according to your need in bulk. Not only this, once the product is finished, it gives out a lovely furnishing to the bag.  You can get your canvas printed tote bag in wholesale for your business. You must check where are you placing the order and how established a firm is in the industry of providing wholesale promotional items. Going with some trusted company will ensure that you get a quality product at the best prices. Also, the delivery will be on time.

Are you planning a business event?

If you are planning to expand your business, the logo of your brand will help the customers to get attracted to your business. Photo of the logo will not only help you in developing and improving your brand but will also make you grown at a much more exponential rate. Digital Printing and ordering in bulk is the best solution to get your businesses canvas tote bag, Australia. You can order in bulk which will also make it budget-friendly for you. Before placing an order, get information about the quality of the product, the pricing, and the shipment methods.

Customized Canvas Tote bags are the hour of the need if you are a budding business or already an established business. Try to rope in your brand presence through a product that is daily accessible to the people and the one which can get noticed by the person using it as well as others coming across the product. Make wise decisions and let your business flourish in the most effective and efficient manner.

5 Promotional Bags That Can Be Given At Any Corporate Event May 8, 2019 19:30

Bags are hands down, one of the best choices as promotional gifts and has been in the top gifts’ list for years. But to choose a particular style can be overwhelming sometimes which greatly depends on when and who are you presenting these bags. Especially, when you are into a specific business, the choice of the right promotional bag matters a lot for you. However, there are some bags that are just the right fit for any occasion. You just need to explore the various options available to you to make the best choice that suits your requirement. So here, we have curated 5 promotional bags that are good to be given at any event in your organization:

  1. Jute Bags

Jute is so much in fashion these days. Also, with the world going green and preferences for eco-friendly bags, jute promotional bags are hugely becoming the trend these days. Organizations are also considering to add an environmental concern in their events which is giving a boom to the demand of jute bags. They come in all sizes and different shapes. Whether you are looking for a jute briefcase or a jute tote bag, you have a number of options in your hand. You can once check your budget and order for these amazing bags. Whether it’s a small get together or a corporate meeting, Jute bags never disappoint anyone. Also, getting them customized is quite easy and effective.


  1. Cotton Bags

Cotton is the very first choice when it comes to any product made of fabric. The lightweight and smooth texture make it perfect for highly usable items like bags. Cotton bags, therefore, fall in the category of the promotional bags to be given anytime. There can be plain fabric or printed ones. You need to choose the right color of the fabric so that your logo or quote becomes prominent on it.

  1. Non-woven tote Bags

Tote bags are a new fashion statement. They are so easy to carry and therefore people like to carry them everywhere whether it’s a park or their workplace. As much they are useful, they look really trendy. And the best thing is that you do not have to wait for any particular day to give them away. The non-woven, especially, are easy to manufacture while giving a great texture and look. You can order any big quantity of these promotional bags for your entire team or employees. No matter you are presenting them to youth or the middle-aged, these bags can be put to use by all of them. So, whenever you are up to organizing your next corporate event, do consider the non-woven tote bags. Your customers would love them any day!

  1. Canvas Bag packs

Bag packs have become an inseparable part of human life. From a toddler to an aged person, everyone uses bag packs. Since the backpacks can easily be hung on the shoulder, the weight gets uniformly distributed at the back and so feels very comfortable. Backpacks are used in every household so no matter whenever you are giving, such a thoughtful gift will be always appreciated. Get them customized with your brand name and see your visible presence across a vast majority of people. The best part is that, presenting these promotional bags not only creates an impression in the mind of users but also in the minds of all coming across the bags. People often ask as to where to get those bags.

  1. Insulated Bags

The need to maintain the temperature of the food and drinks in opposing temperatures gave birth to the concept of developing insulated bags. Now insulated bags have become a need of the time. Whether you need to keep your lunch hot or your drinks cold for long hours, these insulated bags are life savers. Due to their characteristic feature of maintaining temperatures, these bags can be found in almost every house. There is no specific timing to give them and whatever occasion you choose to give them, these are going to melt the hearts of your customers. Especially, in corporate offices, presenting an insulated bag can be a great promotional activity. It would surely be loved all. Also, if you are running a grocery store or a supermarket, you can present your customers these promotional bags during festivities or foundation day.


So, the list of the above promotional bags is for those who do not want to spare much time in selecting. Rather you can use your precious time in choosing a customer friendly design and business details that you will like to include. To make the best out of your marketing budget, speak to various bag suppliers to negotiate prices and get these bags at affordable rates. Also, check all the features in details to make sure that you are bending towards the right decision. Customer satisfaction and value for money is what you should look for.

Canvas Shopping Bags – The Highly Appreciated And Effective Promotional Gifts April 15, 2019 18:00

Bags are needed in countless quantities in every house. Whether a household has hundreds of them, still someone in the family would always crave for more bags. Ever since the pollution has started to take a toll, there have been constant efforts to encourage the use of environment-friendly alternatives. Shopping is another inseparable part of human life. Hence all of the elements together gave birth to the concept of Canvas Shopping Bags.

Large Canvas Bags are just the perfect combination and get the benefit of their space to accommodate too many items. Here are a few other reasons why customers would appreciate them as a promotional gift:

  1. Very handy and transportable

Women love shopping and Canvas shopping bags because these bags are too spacious and look trendy. Canvas bags are used to carry things easily everywhere taking from a grocery store to a park, to a shopping center or even to the workplace. Customers will always appreciate something that they are able to use more.

With the marketing perspective, these bags are carried to different places, giving your brand a chance to be exposed to a large number of audience. To target customers, you should choose an appealing color theme, with all the required business information to be printed on the bags. Do not overload information as it will only look ambiguous and messy.


  1. Long lasting

Canvas of good quality can last for a span of years. Canvas in itself is a durable material and does not wear out easily and if you do not compromise on the quality standards it can last forever. Long lasting means customer can use it repeatedly and for you, once it carries your business information, these bags have the potential to convey them over generations.

  1. Value for money

Large canvas bags may cost you a bit more when compared to their small sized counterparts. However, when you think about the long term returns it can get you in terms of fame and potential customers, every penny seems worth. You can get these bags at reasonable prices if you order them in bulk. Hence, it is advisable to get these bags from a renowned supplier at wholesale rates and you can customize these bags as and when required as per your event theme.

  1. Contribution to safeguard mother earth

Canvas is plain woven fabric that is extremely eco-friendly meaning it does not have any negative impact on the environment. If you choose this material you are putting your hands forward to save the mother earth from the harmful plastic and other hazardous material.

With the shopping bags made of canvas, you are definitely giving the best to the environment. Looking at the uses, your customers would appreciate such a thoughtful giveaway. Apart from that, these bags have the potential to serve as a highly communicative marketing tool, so everyone is a Win-Win with the Canvas shopping bags.

Things To Remember Before Giving Canvas Tote Bags As Corporate Gifts April 11, 2019 14:20

Tote bags are very handy and useful so these bags have become the latest trend today. Whether it’s a grocery store or a family picnic, tote bags are carried almost everywhere. Canvas being an eco-friendly alternative, adds to the merit. However, when you are planning to give Canvas tote bags as a promotional gift, then you must remember certain points:

  1. Think about the size

Tote bags come in different sizes ranging from small, medium to large. Before finalizing the size you must consider the event in which you are going to give these and try to go for medium or large sized ones. Though there is no harm in giving small size bags since your goal here is marketing your business, it will be better if you go for medium or large bags so that you can include as much possible details on it and also large sized bags get noticed easily. But due to any reason if you decide upon smaller size, invest in its design to make it more eye-catching.


  1. Stick on high quality

You may come across many wholesalers or suppliers during your search that may be offering bulk tote bags at different prices. Do not just go for a lower price like that; investigate the quality they are providing. Never compromise quality for the price as these bags in the face of the promotional gift will help in developing faith in your brand and you would want it to convey good about you, right? To get these Canvas Tote bags Australia should be your preferred location to source them from as you can get competitive prices there.

  1. Make bulk ordering

You may have a small or big marketing budget, but what could be better if you are able to save more? So, you can get much lower rates if you go for bulk ordering. You can check with Canvas Tote Bags Australia manufacturers and wholesale suppliers and negotiate with them for prices. Like this, you will surely be able to seal a good deal.

  1. Make use of the printable area

With Canvas tote bags, you can get a good surface area for including your business information. Use the surface area wisely so that all the relevant and necessary details like the logo, product information, contact details, etc, can be included. Go for eye soothing designs and do not just fill it up with too much information as then it will only look messy.

It is not about just gifting. It is about giving away something useful which the receivers can appreciate. So, these few points will help you to select and design the best Canvas tote bag for your upcoming promotional event that can leave an everlasting impression of your business on the customer’s mind.


4 Small Sized Promotional Canvas Bags For Small Marketing Budget April 8, 2019 18:30

There may be times when you would crave to give away canvas bags as promotional gifts but your budget might be too thin. What do you do then? Simple answer – Go for small sized canvas bags that are too cute and will always be in trend. Canvas Bags Wholesale purchase will offer you great savings on your bulk order. Here we have curated a list of 4 small sized canvas bags for you to be given away in your upcoming corporate event:

  1. The Voguish Sling Bags

The sling bag is one of the most used bags that are required both by men and women equally. These bags are suitable to be carried anywhere to keep things like some cash, keys, Id cards, a pen, a diary handy. Whether someone is traveling to a nearby grocery store or to a different country, a sling bag is a very comfortable option. You can customize these bags to exhibit a neutral tone including only the relevant details about your business.


  1. Artistic Embroidered Bag

These embroidered bags are quite attractive, beautiful and complete treat to the eyes. These bags are, however, quite girly and so get restricted to be used by only ladies. Therefore, you can keep these bags to be given away to the female staff in your company.

  1. All-Rounder Custom Canvas Tote Bags

Few good things about tote bags are that it can be easily carried anywhere, can be used by anyone and gives a relatively larger area for printing promotional details of your business. Custom Canvas Tote Bags, as the name suggests, can be customized as per your need and since they come in all sizes, a smaller size will be suitable when you have to give them away in large numbers and you are tight on your budget. You can order these bags in bulk and before you order, enquire for the Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale prices from two or three reputed suppliers.

  1. The Bold Messenger Bag

The canvas shoulder bag comes up as a saviour for those who do not want to lift up weight. These bags can easily hang back on the shoulder without hurting it. Few important items like a small water bottle, ID proofs, mobile phone, charger, etc. can be easily accommodated in these bags. These bags are very useful for those who travel by bikes. You have enough surface area to get your business details and logo printed on it and since these bags impart a bold look, it not easy to ‘not’ notice them.

  1. The Cute Canvas Pouches

These cute pouches are good to be given on small events which do not need any fancy arrangement and a big promotion, but something to make a memory. These canvas pouches are good to keep a few stationery items or a watch. You can get the point to point details like your logo and your contact numbers, printed on these bags.

All these bags are quite budget friendly and Canvas Bags Wholesale purchase will further help you to make it more affordable!


Canvas Bags – The All-Rounder Corporate Gift April 6, 2019 14:00

While it could be a little confusing to decide a promotional item, bags are one of those evergreen options that never go out of the question. No matter how many bags a person would have, he would always be happy in getting an additional to his stock. Out of so many options available, Canvas Bags printed with all the details about your business is a highly practical promotional gift. Here are a few features of canvas bags that make them all-rounder.

  1. Available in all size and styles

Whether you are looking for a canvas sling bag or a canvas tote bag, a backpack or a duffle bag in canvas – you can have them all. Apart from style, you can get them in all sizes and designs and you can even choose to customize a canvas bag on your own. So much variety makes it easy for you to choose the one suiting your requirements.


  1. Sufficient Printable area

You can choose a bag as per the printing requirements. If you want to add only a few details then go for smaller bags like Canvas sling bags or canvas pouches. However, if you have to put more details then you have options like canvas backpack or canvas duffle bag. You can choose to get your details printed or embroidered as well.

  1. Effective marketing tool

Canvas bags printed with business details like company’s logo, contact details, description of product line and an eye-catching design could work wonders to marketing. Since these bags are very travel-friendly, they have very high chances to get the notice of new customers. If you have diligently included your business information then it is quite possible that new customer might get interested in using your services.

  1. Stays longer with the customer

Canvas bags are there to stay. Its robustness and strength make these bags highly durable and hence a reliable option which is worth the investment.

  1. Easy on pocket

These bags are quite affordable and can be purchased without burning hole in your pocket. Whether you have a low budget or a generous one you can easily get everything within your budget. For smaller occasions like if you wish to welcome new joinee or want to reward your staff for some small achievement then you can go for small pouches or sling bags while if it is a very important corporate event then you have tote bags, duffle bags, backpacks as your options. To shop for Canvas Bags Australia is one of the best destinations and you can get these bags in bulk from here.

Placing orders in bulk will make it further affordable, however, you will have to check it with few suppliers and negotiate prices. So if you wish to get, say, Canvas Tote Bags Bulk order will help you to save them on the total cost.

By now, you might have gained an understanding of why do we call these bags as ‘all-rounder’.

So, go ahead and place a Canvas Tote Bags Bulk order or whatever type you want and let them do the magic while you just sit back and see your business grow!


Canvas Tote Bags April 19, 2017 18:41

Using Canvas Tote bags in Promotion

Reusable bags are being sold everywhere, and they should be adopted by every person who cares about nature. As we know, reusable bags are alternative to plastic shopping bags or materials containing toxic chemicals. Plastic has been contaminating the soil, air, and water of the Earth for quite some time and has led to overcrowded landfills and deaths of millions of animals. It is time to get educated on the subject and take up something to create less waste and more productivity. Bags like canvas bags can make a change in our nature because of its sustainability.

Canvas bags are made from a durable fabric of plain weave. Canvas has been used by painters for a long time; it has also been used in shoes, sacks, and bags used by sailors and postmen. Modern day canvas is made from cotton or linen but in the past; it was made from hemp. Old paintings are still surviving so we can guess how strong and durable canvas is compared to plastic. Organic cotton is grown ethically as is devoid of toxic chemicals making it skin and nature-friendly.


Canvas tote bags can be used as a grocery bag or for carrying gym clothes. Health conscious people are carrying their lunch to the workplace so a small lunch bag can be used to carry the lunch container and a small water bottle. They are spacious and are very easy to carry. Celebrities are often seen with tote bags of different colors and patterns, so, anyone can use it for its cost effectiveness.

Using canvas bags as a promotional item

Canvas Tote bags are really into fashion and are eco-friendly, so they are great for a promotional item. A company prints its logo on the canvas bags and distribute it to their customers. Like a bookstore can provide free tote bags to people buying books of a certain amount. The bag will be sturdy and attractive, so customers will prefer to carry it. People who see the bags will immediately form a good impression on the company because of them using good nature-friendly products.

  • Canvas bags are easy to print on, the material has a good tendency of ink transferring, and the colors do not bleed. After setting the color doesn’t faint or chip off during use or wash which makes it user-friendly and attractive to users.
  • Canvas bags are washable quite easily. So, they can be kept germ free and used for food items. Canvas is sturdy, so it doesn’t get damaged during washes.
  • Canvas bags are very affordable to make. When making a promotional item one can search canvas bags wholesale online and they will get numerous options where they can print good quality canvas bags in numerous colors and designs.
  • Canvas bags are safe for the environment. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable. The fibers are natural and don't cause allergy in people.

Promotional items which are nature-friendly are heartily accepted by customers and reused several times rather than plastic items which are thrown away after a single use. A company caring about nature always cares about their customer.

Canvas Shopping Bags April 18, 2017 17:54

Uses of Canvas bags

Canvas bags are yet another type of bags that are environment-friendly in nature. These are biodegradable and can be reused and recycled over and over again. Canvas bags are great alternatives to those poisonous plastic bags.  Therefore, canvas bags are effective choice to bring about a positive change in the environment.

Canvas bags are tough and do not rip easily like plastic bags which are generally used at avariety of stores. These bags consist of handles which make easier for its users to carry them and travel long distances. Sometimes, canvas bags are used as an alternative to shopping carrier baskets at some stores. By using these bags, consumers can conveniently estimate the amount of products that they could carry and many times they are amazed at the capability of these canvas bags to be able to provide ample space. Another strategy that consumers could follow is to keep canvas shopping bags always with them for all those unplanned and impulse buying. The more convenient such habits would be, the more likable are these habits to be continued.

Canvas tote bags are also great for outings. These can be used to carry on- perishable food and other items which are necessary for a day out. These do not easily get worn out and can withhold substantial amount. As the canvas bags do not rip off easily, they can be reused over many times by quick washing methods.

Canvas bags are also agreat replacement for gift bags. As we know canvas bags are reusable, the bag itself serves as a gift which further can be used for shopping, gardening, craft items or for any other household purposes. It also serves as a green alternative to all those attractive gift wrapping papers.

Giving away food to friends are relatives to distant places cam also be another great utilization of canvas bags. People generally use plastic or paper bags to transport food items from one place to another. These paper bags or plastic bags can wear out easily and thus become useless. Moreover, these paper and plastic bags also contribute in polluting the environment.Canvas tote bags are, therefore, effective alternative for transporting products or food items. Users of such bags are more assured having proper handles on these cloth bags. There is less possibility of products falling out of creating a mishap. Once unpacked and cleaned, the bags are ready to use again for other purposes.  Thus, plastic bags or paper bags do not get litter and create pollution.

Therefore, opting for canvas bags over of plastic bags is one of the wisest decisions that one could make. Being cost effective and affordable, these bags are widely popular in many countries. Also being multi-purpose in its function, these bags are must haves for each one of the citizens of the country. Not only they help consumers to serve various purposes, but they are also an effective measure to keep the environment clean and safe. Thus, cloth bags like this are rapidly becoming the green choice for all those environment conscious people.