Why Are Jute And Hessian Bags Best For Branding And Promotional Campaigns? July 11, 2023 08:00

Eco-friendly fabric bags have gained high popularity in recent years. Although leather bags are stylish, they come with a high price tag. So, many consumers and businesses have started using these fabric bags for their regular needs. In fact, several businesses have chosen these bags to promote their brands. Though there are different types of materials, jute and hessian are commonly used bag fabrics. But, why should you invest in hessian and jute bags for your promotional campaign?

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  • Hessian Versus Jute- What Is the Difference?
  • Why Should You Buy Jute And Hessian Bags As Promotional Gifts? 

Hessian Versus Jute- What Is the Difference?

The term ‘hessian’ denotes the jute fabric. Originally, German soldiers used it to design their uniforms. This fabric is obtained from natural fibers in the jute plant’s skin. The texture of this fabric is rough. Many bag manufacturers use this fabric for its eco-friendliness.

On the other hand, jute is a refined version of hessian. Bags made from jute are of higher quality and have a softer finish.

Why Should You Buy Jute And Hessian Bags As Promotional Gifts?

Both jute and hessian bags are a perfect choice if you are looking for corporate giveaways. Eco-friendliness and biodegradability are, of course, the main reasons for choosing them. But, there are several other factors contributing to their popularity.

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Available in Exciting Colors

The hessian and jute fabrics can be fashioned into drawstring bags that can serve as low-cost promotional items. A wide range of colors can distinguish these products, thereby raising their profile as useful gifts that promote a commercial brand, product or service. Commercial operators that need to buy bulk bags for their next promotional event should consider these hessian shopping bags for sale. Mass-market operators allow buyers to buy bulk drawstring bags and get great discounts on each unit. The durable drawstring backpack comes in multiple sizes and purposes, colors and styles. These can be used for sports activities, school, work, storage, and more.

Easy To Print

Promotional Bags

Large imprint areas on hessian and jute shopping bags wholesale offer plenty of space to customize the look of hessian backpacks designed and manufactured for promotional use or events.

These bags can be imprinted with the name of the client, business logo, address, and other relevant information. When business operators deploy these bags made from high-quality raw material, they create a great impression of the brand, product, and company. Hence, it will be a brilliant idea to use hessian and jute bags as promotional materials.

Multi-purpose bags

Since hessian and jute bags are durable and multi-purpose, customers can use hessian shopping bags for sale on multiple occasions. As a promotional item, these bags keep reminding customers about a brand or a promoted service. They will provide a great value for users.

Hessian tote bags for promotion 

Earn A Name For Your Business With Hessian Tote Bags – Bags247.com.au

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Inn competitive time of today brand promotion is utmost important. No matter how old is the company, but until the brand is promoted, it is not able to take the business to new height. It is a well known fact that plastic is banned in many countries. So custom printed bags with logo wholesale Australia have taken over plastics. Realizing the increasing trend of hessian tote bags many brands have come up with the idea of promoting their business with the help of these bags. As the youth of today is mad about these bags, it is easy for business owners to get their brand notice through these bags. With their innumerable advantages these bags become people favourite and business owners promote their business with hessian jute wholesale.

Why customers like promotional hessian tote bags?

Keeping in mind the environment issue, hessian tote bags are most preferred bags. Hessian is a natural fibre and is biodegradable. Moreover the best part about these tote bags is that they form a fashion statement. These bags have earned a name for itself in the market. They easily attract customers. They can be easily be washed and require very less maintenance.  

Affordable Promotional Gifts

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Both jute and hessian bags are available at a cost-effective rate. The wholesale prices offered by manufacturers of these products make it possible for commercial operators to buy these bags in bulk for cheap prices, making it an ideal promotional item for large and small businesses. The use of these fabric shopping bags for sale as promotional materials raises the value of such products in the eyes of clients and customers.

Where to buy promotional jute bags?

Bags247 is just the right destination if you are looking for promotional eco bags in different materials. We specialize in jute bags of different sizes and colors that can be customized with your brand logo for promotional needs. Our clients have fetched good returns on investment after using these eco-friendly advertisement tools which are high in utility and friendly for the environment. So checkout our huge collection of bags and pick the one that fits your requirement. Our inhouse design team will help you out with the personalization of the bags. Have a preview of the product and order in bulk for free doorstep delivery.

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If you have decided to run a promotional campaign and spread your brand name, you can invest in jute and hessian bags. Your customers will use these bags for their everyday purposes. The mobility of the users acts as a free advertisement for your business. While you present the bag to only your recipients, it does branding to everyone else coming across the product enhancing the impact of your brand.