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Eco-Friendly Bags With Unique Handles- Find The Trending Designs November 13, 2020 08:00

Nowadays, most of the shopping malls and retail stores do not provide their customers with plastic bags. So, how would you carry your essentials from the stores? Shoppers have started looking for alternatives, and that’s why we have found a growing popularity of eco-friendly bags. Cotton, canvas, and hessian shopping bags have turned out to be the best options for regular shoppers. Even for marketing, gifting, grocery shopping, fruits and vegetable shopping, you would find an appropriate design and size of such bags being widely used across Australia. While saving the environment from pollution, these reusable bags never let you compromise your style. Although the bag design is the major focus of users, the integrated handles can transform the look and ease of use as well.

We have now introduced you with a range of unique handles found with eco-friendly bags.

Durable wooden bag handles-

Hessian bags Australia with high resilience look beautiful when it comes with wooden handles. You may find round and square-shaped wooden handles that endure the weight of your personal stuff. Moreover, as wood is an eco-friendly material, it goes best with reusable hessian bags. Sturdy wooden designs have no risk of breakage. So, they become a very good option for carrying heavy objects. With clean and broad wooden handles, they remain soft on the hands also do not hurt if you carry the bags for longer time.

Hessian Bags Australia

Bags with cotton webbing-

Colorful cotton webbing straps are very common with the reusable and eco-friendly bags. The cotton webbing design also adds a style to the bag. Moreover, these cotton-webbing handles are very common with plain tote bags. You may customise those bags with your brand name and use them as promotional tote bags. These custom designed bags can be the most useful gifts for your customers. 

Jute bags with leather handles-

Leather can make a simple bag look elegant. However, highly embellished leather bags may not be affordable for us. The smartest option for you is to look for jute bags with high quality leather handles. A simple touch of leather makes your jute bag look attractive. Thus, you may buy hessian bags with stylish leather straps. Such bags with descent look are chosen by businesses as promotional gifts also for the esteemed customers.

Bags with a cotton rope-

Simple cotton ropes reveal a beautiful pattern and make your bags more fashionable. You can find cotton ropes in most of the handcrafted, eco-friendly bags. The properly stitched cotton ropes never get detached from your bag due to the load. Moreover, the colorful ropes, attached to the bags, can catch the attention of fashion-conscious women. They look trendy and the long size of the ropes allow you to fold them or tie them to make a style of your own.

Bags with drawstrings-

Instead of regular handles, some bags are available with drawstrings. You need to pull the string to secure your stuff and carry the bag like a backpack. Manufacturers mostly use nylon to design their drawstrings. Drawstring bags are available in both small and big versions to fit the needs of different customers. The strings made of silk are mostly found in drawstring pouches chosen for gifting people. They make the bag look expensive and one of the best choices to be used for packing the return gifts. However, the drawstrings are also made of jute strings and cotton strings.

Bags with slings

This has been in trend for quite sometime. The canvas bags, jute bags, denim bags, and printed cotton bags are readily found with sling handles made of the same material or any other contrast material. They allow the bag to be hanged sidewise easily and offers convenience of use. Sling bags are preferred by people of all ages and gender. 

Hessian Shopping Bags

Bags with beaded handles

Beaded handles mostly impart the mostly stylish look with a traditional touch. Mostly attached to small-sized bags, these bags are common among ladies and girls. You can buy them online in bulk for gifting during parties, new year celebrations, Christmas and other festivals. They can also be presented to girls during farewells. 

Now, you can invest in these eco-friendly totes and shopping bags with a variation of handle options and customise them for promotional purpose. You may use one or both side of your bag to imprint the brand name. Shopping bags are available in both solid colors and contrasting patterns. However, you will get a pace to display your brand message, logo, and company name. In fact, these reusable promotional bags of cotton, canvas, hemp, and other fabrics will reveal your environmental consciousness. Thus, buy the best custom bags with innovatively designed straps.

Checkout some of the best collection of hessian bags Australia and customize them with your choice of handles and get doorstep delivery.

Explore The Best Designs Of Hessian Gift Bags Online October 16, 2020 08:00

Do you think of buying some gift bags for your customers? Then, it is better to invest in eco-friendly bags to show your environmental consciousness. Indeed, there are many eco-friendly fabrics available for you, and one of the highly durable fabrics is hessian. This natural fibre has long, thick, and strong threads that help in designing highly resilient bags. You do not need to compromise styles with these hessian bags. You can find these bags in a range of designs. Most importantly, you don’t need to hunt them around as they are available in online stores in a plenty of designs at the best prices.

Have a look at some trendy bags made of eco-friendly materials, like hessian.

Hessian Bags Wholesale

Hessian sling bags with long handles-

Sling bags are popular with the young generation, and you can choose the most stylish one for your recipients. These eye-catching bags with high strength and durability come with well-stitched straps. The hessian sling bag is also available with beautiful embroideries, beads, and prints. You may buy it as the best corporate gift and customise it with your brand name. Even for your personal gifting reasons, you can buy them in bulk for a friends’ group. Women can choose to have such gifts during their parties for their friend circles.

Hessian backpacks with spacious designs-

Backpacks are favourites to travellers, office goers, campers, and hikers. When you are buying hessian bags wholesale, you can find these backpacks at an affordable rate. As hessian is a hardwearing fabric, these bags can hold lots of things. The easy-to-carry hessian backpacks have both functional and aesthetic values. Carry some heavy stuff without concerns of wear and tear. Moreover, you can find some hessian backpacks with beautiful cotton-trimmed handles. Besides, a good grip and low-maintenance needs are other notable features of these hessian backpacks.

Printed hessian shopping bags-

When you like to choose fancy shopping bags as the best gift items, you can choose these printed models. Although floral prints are common to these bags, you may apply custom printing solutions to display your brand name. These adorable and colorful printed bags with a stunning look may be useful for multiple purposes. Shoppers can now create a unique style statement while carrying these eco-friendly shopping bags. Available in different sizes, these Australia shopping bags have a sturdy design to hold lots of items. Buy these shopping bags from the best online store to get quality products.

These are also preferred as a promotional gift by business owners like supermarket, farmer market, small shops or general stores. After being customized with logo, these bags as used as a gift during festive season or during lay season to attract more customers and buyers.  

Hessian gift sacks-

Sacks remind us of something that we use to pack rice, potatoes, and coffee beans. However, these gift sacks are small, attractive, and colourful with a drawstring to secure your items. When you have bought some gifts for your recipients, you can put them into these cute sacks. Moreover, you may personalise these sacks with your brand message. These hessian gift bags Australia have woven fabrics that add breathability to the design. They are picking huge demand these days as they are available in attractive looks and designs. When you need to pack some moisture-sensitive products, you can buy these small hessian sacks from online stores. 

Hessian Bags

Why to go with hessian bags for gifting?

Gifting has been a tradition for ages. Any occasion, irrespective of place, age, location, or custom, requires a certain type of gift to be given. As today’s generation, you might be having numerous ideas of presenting gift, but something that sets you apart in your choice can make your gift memorable. Gift bags made of hessian can be a trend setting gift in today’s time, which can encourage others as well to go with such kinds of bags which are safe for the environment. For any of your school or college gatherings, family get together, fun parties, or corporate events you can consider small or medium size hessian bags. Other reasons to go for these unique gift bags are listed below:

  • Plethora of designs and colors like pink, blue, red, black, plain, natural color etc
  • Traditional touch with trending fusion designs
  • Easy and quick customization or personalization
  • Durable material that can make your gift last for too long
  • Bring a good reputation with nature-friendly approach
  • Good for bulk buying
  • Available at wholesale rates, discounts, and online sale 
Now, are you ready to purchase hessian gift bags of the latest designs? The eco-friendly and biodegradable fabric, hessian, is the best alternative to plastics. These tough and heavy-duty bags will last long. You can customise your gift bags and your brand name will be memorable to recipients every time they use those bags.

Gift Bags: Types And Features September 4, 2020 13:00

Have you thought of pleasing your customers with some promotional gifts? For the better presentation, you may put those promotional items into a gift bag. You will find a smile in the face of recipients, as you offer some valuable gifts in specially designed gift bags. However, it is also better to offer only some quality bags as the best gifts. You may buy affordable hessian shopping bags wholesale to distribute these bags among customers and employees. As these bags are the most useful items, you will get compliments from recipients.

The gift bags not only help in storing your gift items but also gives prominence to your brand name that gets easily visible with a customized bag with your logo. There are many types of gift bags available in the market. The choice also depends on what your gift is. Accordingly, you can choose a suitable bag for yourself. However, you must be aware of the different options available to you, so that you can make the best choice when the time comes.

Now, let us talk about different types of gift bags and their features.

Based on the style and designs, we can categorize gift bags in a number of ways-

Hessian Shopping Bags Wholesale

Drawstring bags-

These are the best lightweight gift bags with high functional value. You may find drawstring bags made of cloth. However, the more durable options are drawstring-style small hessian gift bags Australia. The notable features of these bags are-

  • Easy to carry
  • Travel-friendly, compact design
  • Spacious models
  • Convenient to use while shopping anything

The drawstring pouches are also available and trending a lot these days. They come in varying fabrics and looks attractive. For your personal gifting needs, you can buy small size hessian drawstring bags in bulk and pack the gifts for your guests. For business promotional purpose also, you can buy a suitable size of this bag, get it custom printed, and present to your clients and customers on occasions.

Messenger bags-

Made of eco-friendly materials, these messenger bags are best for office goers. They are preferred as corporate gifts by organizations during corporate events, festivals, new year or other festivities. The functional values of messenger bags lie in-

  • Shoulder straps
  • Adjustable hinged buckles
  • Quick release buckles
  • Help you to attach phone holsters, lights, and other kits

These bags really are highly usable and gets good attention of the people. One must get the logo printed on the bag if it has to be used as a promotional gift.

Tote bags- 

Totes are the best gift bags that serve different purposes. These small bags are available in a variety of colors and sizes. You may purchase high quality hessian tote bags, which are the best eco-friendly gifts for any recipient. Tote bags are useful for storing small items and tools. It is also better to use totes to carry wine bottles.

A premium quality tote bag -

  • Has a spacious design with a handle
  • Designed with water-resistant materials
  • Has a stylish look and lightweight design 

Invest in some quality tote bags as the best gifts for your employees and customers. You may also personalise them with your brand name. Hessian shopping bag wholesale are also specially preferred by small business owners, shopkeepers, farmers, super market owners etc to present to their customers during special offers.

Hessian Tote Bags

Cooler bags-

Custom cooler bags are the best gifts, as your recipients can use them during an outdoor trip. The insulated bags help in keeping up the best temperature of your food and beverage. Many times, the outer material of these bags can be hessian, nylon, clothe, or any other material.

What makes these cooler bags different?

  • Available as both hard-sided and soft-sided models
  • Easy-to-carry adjustable straps
  • Long-lasting polyester lining both outside and inside the bag
  • Radiant heat barrier
  • Leakage-resistant design

These bags are suitable to be gifted to corporate employees as well as other customers and users. Make sure to personalize the bags or customize with your logo for effective results. 

You may categories these gift bags based on the materials used for them. Some of us think of choosing plastic gift bags. However, as plastic is not a biodegradable material, it is better to look for an eco-friendly solution. Cotton bags are one of the environmentally friendly options. To have a sturdy and long lasting product, you can pick hessian bags. Hessian bags of small and compact models are personalised reusable shopping bags for business. Hessian (jute) is the best alternative to plastic and paper bags. Moreover, you can find these jute bags at a reasonable rate. Your recipients may use them as grocery bags for several years.

Thus, buy the best gift bags and customise them with the brand name and logo. As your customers will use those bags for several years, you can spread your brand name easily.

Be A Part Of Green Change With Hessian Bags June 26, 2020 08:00

Change that comes in favor of our environment is actually the change that favors human existence. The drive for eco-friendly bags are one of those sensible changes which aim at benefitting the nature, the human, sea-life and the whole of environment. A simple act I this regard could be the use of Hessian bags which are finding widespread scope of usage on personal, business, commercial, or promotional basis. 

Solid earthy appeal finds a dignified representation in varied versions of modern Hessian bags. These products are finding increasing takers in every nation as modern sensibilities approve – and indeed drive – the widespread use of environment-friendly materials. The dull natural color of such bags attracts the attention of users that have become de-sensitized to the loud colorful shades printed on plastic shopping bags.

In addition, Hessian bags represent an informed choice, one that preserves ecology, offers high levels of pure functionality, and offers long years of productive usage. Let’s get to know how different sizes of such bags and their varying features and application can help you go green irrespective of what you do.

Hessian Shopping Bags

Businesses can buy commercial large-size bags and sacks

The most popular use of Hessian emerges in the category of Hessian Shopping Bags. This product appears in a variety of sizes, is equipped with handles, and portrays interesting messages and graphics on its broad surfaces. It excels as an item of consumer preference through attributes such as durability, strength of construction, ease of carriage, and wash-ability. Sacks made of Hessian offer comfortable long-term storage options that are useful in retail stores, inside modern homes and attics, in bulk trade businesses, etc. Expertly crafted Hessian bags represent a source of wonderment at the intricate patterns made possible by modern design and manufacturing processes.

Individual users can buy designer hessian bags with interesting craftwork

Arts and crafts have gained major benefits through the intelligent use of different editions of Hessian bags. For instance, Hessian Bags Australia – when marketed as sets of six small bags adorned with drawstrings – make for an interesting artsy gift in a world populated by plastic. These bags allow users to re-arrange their belongings inside personal spaces, thus elaborating the concept of using eco-friendly materials in our daily lives. School-going children could carry these products inside school bags, thus gaining an early exposure to the importance of preserving the natural environment.

Personalized hessian bags for everyone

The rising graph of usage encourages modern manufacturers to design and market custom hessian bags. Such products can gain form as presentation sets marked in contrast colors, square-shaped products for everyday use, bags designed with interesting visual patterns, crafted with logos and messages, as birthday gifts for kids adorned with over-sized cartoon characters, as carry bags for books and journals, etc. Such actions expand the range of consumer choice and encourage younger generations to gain a healthy appreciation of Hessian bags.

A bag for each family member

Modern families can invest in sets of bulk reusable shopping bags as part of their contribution to accelerating the green movement. Each member can gain ownership of one or more bags, thereby helping rid the planet of filthy plastic bags. Such actions set off a veritable chain of responsible practices, one that could drive interesting effects on consumer habits and modern markets. The native color of Hessian could impart a subdued tone to public spaces, while messages printed on these bags sharpen the movement toward carbon-neutral environments.

Hessian Bags Australia

Bags for farm products

Members of motivated citizenry could deploy Hessian bags in modern urban farming projects. Such bags can help them cart small amounts of agricultural produce to farmers' markets, thus enhancing the scope of organic farming. Additionally, small editions of such product could help package raw foods that consumers buy in these markets. This stance ultimately moves the needle toward a pesticide-free world, promotes healthy eating practices, presents an alternative to frozen foods sold in modern supermarkets, and awards wide exposure to the benefits of using Hessian bags.

Custom hessian bags for promotions

The latest use of these bags is for brand promotion which finds its place in every type of industry or business. From large size heavy duty bags to small-size crafted bag, they can be beautifully customized with company’s logo or brand name and circulated among customers, users, or visitors as a giveaway to promote a brand and delight the people. With well-planned approach and timely campaign, these custom-printed hessian bags can go a long way in promoting your brand across geographies. Moreover, they are suitable to be presented to any groups or segment of people ranging from small kids to adults, men, women, school goers, college people, shoppers or anyone else. Based on the type of your target audience, you can get them customized with apt design, text, or quote in the right size. 

Order Hessian Bags, Australia at the best prices and get doorstep delivery.

How To Win Clients & Influence Markets With Burlap Bags May 1, 2020 08:00

Winning friends, influencing people is a phrase coined by Dale Carnegie helping people to create brands. Even before the digital media was in existence Carnegie understood markets are nothing but people or their perceptions which PR agencies manipulate or tweak it to sell their products and services. Today, as customers evolved, we know winning friends and influencing people amounts to widening the client base and increasing the market share. Let us see how we can do that with the help of burlap bags.

Custom shopping bags with logo

You want to win clients. To increase the market share anyway you have to do that. The secret of it is in creating friendship with people whom we consider as clients. Burlap bags are considered as sacks to carry groceries. Due to that impression your attempt to win clients may be a difficult task. Then, what is the best option? Let us explore.

Yeah, here is an idea. Do not give mere burlap bags in Australia. On the other hand, fill the burlap sacks with imported rice or pulses which people consider as essentials during a scenario like lockdown. This will make them get a do-godding picture of yourself. But at the same time, we also need to understand the cost of providing both will be high. Therefore, it is important to find a partner who have equal interest to serve your client to bear the cost of grocery product in it.

Burlap Bags Australia

The next important thing is logo emblazoning on the bag. We develop friendship with a customer with an interest to get into his mind. For that, we need to show ourselves as one officiated by a reputed company. There is subtle psychology in It as people are wary of individuals and when they come to know you belong to an enterprise or business having products or services that satiate your interests, then they will develop an interest to deal with the company where you just an interface of the company owning the responsibility for the solutions offered.

Suppose you don’t like to market with sacks. Then do promotions with real custom burlap bags that meets the same purpose of a canvas bag. Maybe the canvas bags have the aristo look which the burlap ones don’t have. But custom designs that are difficult to emulate will give the best impression among your clientele who wants simple looking bags to go to markets. It again depends on understanding the requirements of people and you can get ideas only when you have an informal interaction with them. Ask a few psychological questions and check what is inside them. This will help you come out with the better solutions for them as few are interested in products.

Burlap bags wholesale

Some may think again, how to influence markets. It is a fact that people love gifts, remember them, and pass them to their near and dear. People are looking for assured results. If they have an idea on the result front, then things would have been easy as they can stock the required promotional products in bulk and then market them on and off.

Yes, result is a tricky scenario. There are companies who insist on result among their employees like getting sales but results often do not happen and the employees quit. The quitters have problems like sustaining their lives and they need fixed salaries which the employer don’t want to commit. On the other hand, that particular employer has the investment concerns and he was quick ROI which is difficult to realise.

The point of the matter here is, results are difficult to attain. But if we carefully examine there are ways to get into the minds of customer by taking advantage of a trend. Today, the biggest trend is Covid combat. That is why we need to think out of the box and devise plans to win customers by giving a kit to the target audience.

Let us start. Have burlap bags in bulk numbers that have artistic value. Create a Covid kit of hand sanitisers, wet wipes, face masks and napkins. This kit will have high demand and when you provide them in burlap bags, people will appreciate your good gesture and in this process you can create tremendous amount of goodwill among your target audience influencing them.

Burlap Bags Wholesale

You are a medical supplier. You can give a Covid combat pack by including all essentials in a bag and sell it to the customers with discounts. When people see all the essentials in one basket, they will find happiness in the deal. It is also a good gift for those who are intending to give a gift to anyone they want to please. To understand this more clearly, a husband can give this to his wife who is a nurse, a kit that contains all including the gear also. In that case the med shop should have two different packs like one with essential supplies and the other with gear also. This will mitigate the risk among communities working among Covid patients.

Similarly, those who are going out with a purpose should have a kit to meet all emergencies. It can be for selfcare or to help another person who is affected by Covid. The best way is having all essentials in a kit and that will be helpful to another person. Finally, the crux of the matter is precaution without which we all will succumb to Covid. Therefore, the retail segment should make it a policy to give a kit when they achieve a sales target with their customers.

By now, you might have understood how to win clients and influence the markets with the help of burlap bags. Often, we should see the utility of the bag by including essential things in it and increase its market value. Most of the marketers will think only a bag will do wonders by reading a few statistics on the effect of promotions. It has worked and may work in the future also but when we think about results, what we require is winning more customers and influence the market share. Achieve it.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Hessian Shopping Bags April 3, 2020 08:00

Shopping bags fashioned from natural fibers (such as jute or hessian) have gained significant levels of usage in the present world. High levels of consciousness regarding the natural environment pervade the public domain; this fact is singularly propelling the uptake of such products worldwide. However, buyers and customers must bear certain points in mind when shopping for hessian bags in bulk numbers. No matter you are buying for personal gifting or for commercial usage, selecting a product appropriately is very important. We explore a few of the points below.

A Good Commercial Contract

Buyers must negotiate a competitive commercial contract when buying printed hessian bags in bulk. This ensures a steady supply of product, guarantees quality of product, and drives a smooth supply chain. Intelligent buyers could opt to ink a long-term contract to lock in the supply of hessian shopping bags at a decent price. You might require a regular supply of such bags, so while dealing with any hessian bag wholesale supplier, make sure to get into a contract that gives you long-term peace of mind. It should keep your relation healthy as well as should be beneficial for you from commercial point of view.

Hessian Shopping Bags Wholesale

Must negotiate Quality Baseline

When shopping for reusable eco bags in large quantities, customers must negotiate with a variety of vendors. The prime thrust of such discussions must be high quality of the product; this factor alone can ensure a durable commercial relationship between buyers and sellers. In addition, buyers must inquire about production processes and assess the ability of suppliers to offer high quality bags for the duration of a contract. For this purpose, you need to explore a number of reliable suppliers of the industry and their reputation in the industry. You can also check on the customer’s reviews to get more idea about the supplier and how much you can depend on them. Once you are sure about the supplier, then negotiate about the rate and try to come on the best deal.

Variety of Designs on Bags

Aesthetic variation is important in determining the look and feel of hessian bags. Therefore, buyers must encourage sellers to imprint different forms of imagery, patterns, designs, or iconography on bags through screen printing processes. This aspect will enhance product appeal in the eyes of customers who seek hessian bags for sale in different markets. In addition, different colors and tints can elevate the visual image of hessian bags, thereby uplifting the presentation of the final product If you are buying for any business promotion needs, then the design you select for the bags should be suitable for your recipients. It should either align to your business or to the nature of the customers or the visitors. You can also select the design as per the occasion on which you will distribute the bags among your customers or people. It will help build a better connect with the users.

Seek out Mass Manufacturers

Suppliers who can provide bulk numbers on a regular basis represent the ideal targets for buyers of hessian shopping bags wholesale. Buyers can check the credentials of suppliers through research on the internet or by speaking to sources in markets. Further, buyers can discuss different sizes of hessian carriage products as part of plans to expand the commercial exchange between sellers and buyers. In addition, mass manufacturers can drive competitive rates for shipping bulk consignments to the buyer's address. You can also rest assured that your product will be delivered on time as the manufacturer has enough experience in the field and has handled such consignments in the past as well.

Value Additions

Contrast colors etched on borders of hessian bags, robust handles, double-stitched seams, a range of carriage capacities, and superb construction materials – these are some attributes that must govern the choice of a bulk buyer of hessian bags. Such attributes raise the commercial appeal of a product and expand the utility of such bags from the perspectives of different customer segments. Therefore, buyers must insist on strict quality control mechanisms before inking supply contracts with commercial suppliers. Always remember, the choice of a poor quality bag can spoil your reputation in the industry.

Hessian Bags For Sale

Flexible Production Lines

Mass manufactured products tend to offer little in terms of variety. This fact alone can reduce the pace of commercial adoption in markets. Therefore, buyers of hessian shopping bags must seek manufacturers who operate flexible production lines and robust supply chains. Such attributes ensure producers can implement quick changes in the design of hessian bags. Product features such as external pockets, different types of liners inside the bag, a variety of grips affixed to the bags, variations in bag sizes, upgrades in the overall quality of the product, etc. can find effect inside flexible production lines. Especially if you are buying for promotional hessian bags wholesale, you should reach to a supplier or a manufacturer who keeps abreast with the latest trends in the bags. You can create more impact in the market only when you designs are latest and get connected with the users. Today’s modern consumers always need latest things and such variety addition in the list of promotional products can help you get closer to your target audience. 

Looking out for online hessian bags for promotional needs?

As a business owner or a marketer, you might be running a small shop, a vegetable shop, a general store, a toys hop, a stationery shop or just anything. You would need hessian bags of varying sizes not only to promote your brand but also to use them commercially while selling your things to the customers. If you are also looking for hessian bags for sale online or at wholesale rate, you are just at the right place. Select the type and size of the bag, select the quantity and place order in a click.

At Bags247, we have assorted the best quality hessian bags under one roof in various colors and sizes. We receive bulk orders, get them customized the way you want and delivery it at your doorstep on time.

Tips To Make Your Shopping Quick & Fruitful March 13, 2020 08:00

Jute Bags Wholesale

Shopping – the act of examining, choosing, and picking various forms of merchandise at shops and stores – remains a popular activity among all of us. In today’s world, we shop for all manner of products, such as magazines and books, groceries, clothing, food items, cereals, pet supplies, liquor, cosmetics, children's toys, phones, televisions, ovens, washing machines, etc. However, modern shopping can be a stressful experience owing to the sheer number of goods, the impact of crafty advertising and marketing blitzes, and a wide range of merchandise available in commercial outlets. 

Many of us often feel that we are out for shopping and find ourselves trapped in dilemma not sure as what to buy, how to make it fast, and get the best return on our money. However, many of us find our retail jute shopping bag full of things that we didn’t even intend to buy. Shopping should be a satisfying experience for us. When we spend money, we must get what we want and to our best satisfaction. 

So, here we will examine some tips that remove stress from the experience and help us make the most out of our shopping event. 

Be the Smart Shopper: Avoid the crowd 

Try and avoid the cramped and crowded aisles inside shopping stores. This implies that the smart shopper must visit brick-and-mortar stores and outlets in the afternoons during weekdays. For instance, if you are shopping for natural jute bags wholesale, try and locate an outlet that sells such products in bulk. You may choose to defer the purchase decision to a future point, such as mid-day or mid-afternoon of a regular weekday. This strategy allows you to cruise the aisles when few shoppers are present, dodge the dreadful lines of consumers at the check-out point, thus reducing the quanta of time you spend inside the store. However, for such products, you can also choose to shop online and find a reliable retailer or supplier of jute bags to get the products at the best prices. 

Promotional Jute Bags

Stick to your list of items 

Wandering in the market and stopping at every shelf is not wise. You need some specific items and you should stick to your list, no matter what. When you will look for the things you want, you would find them fast. This will not only save your time, but will also save your money, which you would otherwise spend in useless things that you don’t even need. After filling the jute bags wholesale with all your required items, cross check the list and tally it with your things kept in the bag. 

Explore different brands and compare 

You might be sticking to the same brand for years, but now it’s time to explore more as there are a number of competitive brands in the market. You can get the same product for different rates if you wish to switch the brand. This can give you a new experience while saving you some bucks. For instance, if you wish to buy bulk eco shopping bags in Australia, you must checkout different suppliers, compare their features and rates before taking any decision.   

Stay away from Plastic Bags

The very nature of plastic makes it a pollutant and shopping bags fashioned from plastic have now lost their luster. As a smart and aware shopper, you must design a shopping expedition exclusively to pick up eco shopping bags Australia for the entire family. These products are increasingly gaining heft in the minds of consumers. Therefore, they represent a long-term investment in carrier bags and embody responsible shopping practices. You can select an entire range of such bags, or build a collection over time, thereby contributing to the preservation of the natural environment. In addition, shopping bags fashioned from natural fibres such as cotton and burlap remain durable, thereby generating savings for the modern shopper. In addition, for your personal affairs, awareness and concern for Mother Nature is also required.  

Eco Bags Wholesale

Bargain hunting is an Art

Make the time and invest some effort to locate the best bargains available in modern markets. This is especially true in terms of food and clothing. Shopping establishments can offer interesting bargains when you buy commodities (such as nuts, cheese, eggs, butter, and coffee) in bulk. The same could apply to various items of clothing. In addition, scan the newspapers for advertisements that promise bargain deals during the run-up to popular festivals. You can package your choice of merchandise in jute shopping bags retail and haul the catch of the day homeward at the end of an interesting shopping expedition!

Go for Coupons & Sales

Always keep an eye out for the big 'SALE' signal parked outside stores, showrooms, or outlets. You could catch a heavy discount on your favorite items and save a bunch of Dollars on your shopping trip. In addition, manufacturers periodically publish (or handout) coupons that reduce your shopping bills. You can intelligently combine these tactics to target, for instance, jute bags wholesale. As a smart shopper, you should work to practice these tactics as a matter of discipline, thereby incurring substantial savings over a lifetime of shopping experiences.

Control your temptations 

When you are out for shopping, you might get tempted looking at the enticing products showcased. Control yourself! You are not supposed to go beyond your list and get control over your temptations. You would get them again and again whenever you are out. In all the varying shops, supermarkets, and malls, there are such alluring products. For your successful shopping, you need to win over them and save your money. 

Ready for shopping? 

Well, now if you are ready for shopping, keeping these tips in mind can help you make the best use of your time and money both. Along with these tips, always make sure to move out with your cash, card, and an eco-friendly jute shopping bag that can facilitate you hold your things safely. You can look for jute bags wholesale and buy one for yourself at the most cost-effective rates.

What Are Burlap Bags And Their Usage? February 28, 2020 08:00

The world of bags is enormous with plentiful of designs, creatives, patterns, shapes and models. In order to eliminate the plastic bags from every kind of usage, eco-friendly bags have emerged significantly. In this category, various types of cotton bags and jute bags are available for varying commercial and business use. Hessian bags made out of jute skin are one of those favourite bags also known as burlap. It is a very durable woven fabric being used across a wide range of needs. 

Burlap bags can be used in agriculture, landscaping, casual storage, large scale commercial storage and almost everything. These bags are simple, plain or printed. Burlap bags are durable and versatile bags. With recent advancement in their designing and improvisations, they are no more limited to store raw agricultural produce. The best burlap bags Australia are used as shopping bags, gift bags, as party favours and what not. Adding more to its qualities is the environment friendly nature of the bag which causes no harm to the Mother Nature. Also, these are reusable in nature which can be put to multiple uses over a longer period of time. Being biodegradable, it will finish it off without any damage to the surrounding. 

Burlap Bags Wholesale

Business owners buy burlap bags wholesale either for their personal storage needs or to get them printed and use for branding purpose. Whatever be your need, you must know their various types to choose the best one as per your requirement.  

Types of burlap bags:

  • Shopping bags

Gone are the days of plastic bags. With the end of plastic bags a more environmental friendly alternative for plastic shopping bags came to forefront. It was burlap bags wholesale. Its durability makes it a perfect shopping bag. It can hold a large number of goods. Apart from this, it is also more attractive and appealing. People love to carry it as shopping bag. It comes in various sizes so it can be used as shopping bag for grocery, vegetable etc. These days, they are also available in more attractive prints and designs which people love to carry while shopping. Also, sizes varying from small to big, they fit the needs of different types of people.

  • Gym bags

People who love to own stylish bags love to use burlap bags Australia as burlap gyms bags. They are the best to carry all the gym accessories and keep the bottle upright all time. What people look for is convenience of usage that comes with this bag. The added bonus is its durability and sturdiness to withstand rough usage.

  • Tote bags

Today tote bag has become an important part of everyone’s life. For working people who need to carry items from home to work place, tote bags come as the best option. As this bag has a round and flat bottom, it can keep the things in orderly manner.

These are just a few kinds of medium burlap bags. You can find more elaborate forms and sizes of these bags over the internet or in outside market.

Uses of burlap bags

Burlap bags wholesale are the most common items that can be found in home. They can not only be used to store stuff but also have many creative uses. The various uses are as follows.

  • One of the most common uses of burlap bags is to store food items.
  • Burlap bags are the most underused garden items. They can help to regulate erosion on steep slope. They can also be filled with compost and then tied on to top. This way it is the perfect soaker bag for compost tea.
  • Burlap bags can be used as hamper. You can put in your already present hamper. It can easily be put on back. You need not to bend again and again to get the last piece from end.
  • One of the creative uses of burlap bag is in home decor. You can put a jar inside a burlap bag.
  • You can also use burlap bags as party favors for the guests visiting your house.

Taking care of burlap bags

Everyone wants to keep a bag clean and fresh. The first way towards its maintenance is to keep it clean and avoid getting it filthy. However, if it gets dirty, try to clean it with wet cloth with little scrubbing using a mild soap or shampoo. Never put your burlap bag inside the washing machine as it will make the bag disintegrate.

If you are done with using the burlap bag and wants to get a new one, you can surely buy it. What you can do with your old bag is to discard it at a safe place as it is biodegradable. There are many second hand buyers of burlap bag who recycle the bags. You can find one of them to discard your old bags. 

Burlap Bags Australia

How to make the most out of burlap bags in marketing?

Well, with burlap, you have chosen a product that is truly worthy and getting attention. The dense forms of burlap is not only used for storage but also as designer shopping bags preferred by anyone. If you think your burlap bag will remain in the godowns and warehouses, you might be wrong. It has made its place everywhere among various kind of users. So, for marketing, choose the right size bag, get it customized in the most creative way and distribute among your users, customers, employees, or prospects as a giveaway. Rest assured that your product will grab the eyeballs and your brand will get noticed by all. Your one time investment will keep on giving you recurring benefits.

While buying burlap bags Australia, you would come across a number of suppliers. Make sure to reach out to people who are established in the industry. For branding purpose, the quality you give to people will make the impression about you. So, always go with good quality burlap bags bulk. While dealing with the cost, you can negotiate to get customization along with the bags cost.

Find some exclusive collection of burlap bags and buy online at the best rates.

Carrier Bags Or Shopping Bags - Hessian Is The Best Material January 21, 2020 08:00

Hessian, also known as burlap in the US and Canada, represents a useful addition to consumer choice in matters pertaining to carrier bags and shopping bags. Carriage products fashioned from Hessian were the choice of material to ship high-volume trade products such as wool, cotton, tobacco, coffee, flour, etc. In modern times, Hessian has emerged as an interesting choice of material used in the construction of carrier bags or shopping bags. The lightweight nature of the fabric and its versatility helps designers to create a wide range of shopping bag and carriage products.

There are many features that make hessian the best choice to be used as a carrier or shopping bag. Bulk hessian bags are bought for business and commercial usage. Apart from the above quality mentioned, we should also have a look on what all things we need in a carrier bag.

Hessian Bags For Sale

Things you look for in a carrier or shopping bag

Strength and sturdiness: This is the most vital part in any carrier bag. Since the purpose of a carrier bag is to carry things which could be heavy as well, the bags need to be strong enough. The fabric should not tear off while carrying the things which could be cereals, grains, clothing fabrics, or other food items.

Durability: Many times bags need to carry things to far off places. If they are not durable enough then the possibility of the spillage of the things on the transportation route is higher. Even for your day-to-day needs, using a less durable shopping bag can put you in trouble anytime. That is why, with the ban on plastic bags, hessian carrier bags are used widely and preferably all over Australia.    

Anti-scratch properties: Next thing we look for in a carrier bag is its anti-scratch property which not only ensures a good aesthetic appeal to the bag but also makes it safer for long-term use. Light weight cotton bags, non-woven bags, or plastic bags can get scratched easily making the things inside come out. However, using a hessian carrier bag ensures that even if the bag comes in contact with any rough surface, it will not be scratched easily. These bags can withstand even a little bit of rough handling and can be washed and dried at home. 

Flexibility: Shopping bags or carrier bags should be flexible to be folded and kept even in small handbag or space. Even after putting things in them, they should slip and get placed in any corner. This convenience of using a carrier bag comes with hessian materials which are being used for ages to carry things and store them in any congested corner as well. The shopping bags are easy to fold and shorten in size. Even the used hessian bags are sold for reuse or recycling and you can buy hessian bags for sale at discounted price. 

Hessian carrier bags: Ideal Promotional Products

Business operators can order bulk hessian bags as part of a commercial strategy to promote their wares. Such bags, when accessed at low unit prices, allow operators to frame low-cost promotional strategies that hinge on presenting Hessian bags to individual customers. Such acts widen the worldview of the modern consumer, and sensitizes minds to the many uses of the natural fabric. The commercial aspect of such a strategy emerges when such bags display a range of branded signage such as business logos and images of products.

Personalized Hessian sacks & Pouches

Every individual owns a unique personality and offers signature traits of human behavior. In line with this, manufacturers and marketers can design and ship personalized sacks and pouches fashioned from Hessian for the benefit of discerning customers. Such a strategy can attract the attention of individual customers, expand the consumer base for such environment-friendly carriage products, and offer secure alternatives to the use of plastic bags. In addition, customers that are curious about where to buy hessian bags can search the internet for manufacturers of Hessian-based carriage products.

Wonderful Decorations based on Hessian

Indoor decorations represent a challenging aspect of modern living; hence, thoughtful customers can fashion interesting items of decoration from a bunch of hessian carrier bags. These bags can help put together colorful mosaics that transmit a rare vibe within indoor spaces such as the walls of a living room. The flexibility inherent in Hessian bags also allows decorators to fashion an infinite variety of decorations that signal intelligent taste in such matters. In addition, children’s' rooms can benefit from such decorations, while educating young citizens about the importance of caring for the natural environment.

Bulk Hessian Bags

Bright Colors to boost the Mood

The modern consumer can invest in a range of hessian bags for sale as part of efforts to build a personal collection of such bags. Brightly colored Hessian, when fashioned into individual carry bags, presents a unique sight for the human senses. The sheer functional aspects of such bags aside, a collection of these articles helps to lift the mood in human beings, thereby bringing cheer to hearts and minds. In addition, the low cost of Hessian carrier bags empowers buyers to build multiple collections of bags, thereby erasing harmful plastics from the natural environment. 

Accessories Galore

Drawstrings, external pockets, quirky graphics, zippers, and loops represent some of the accessories that raise the profile of Hessian carrier bags. These devices, when explored and diversified, can promote visual variety associated with such products. In time, designers could fashion entirely new collections of Hessian-based carriage products, and contribute to new lines of accessories that add utility and glamour to such products. This versatility of their use and look has made them a perfect choice to be used a gift or simply to lure the customer with their customization. 

Businesses and marketers can buy hessian bags in bulk and get them customized to sale their products in them. They can even present a bag to the customers and visitors as a gift and promote their brand name among all. The reach of such bags is huge and hence the visibility your brand would receive is huge.

Buy promotional hessian bags from reliable supplier online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

How Are Hessian Bags An Answer To Eco-Friendly Branding Solutions? November 12, 2019 08:00

A Bit About Jute

Jute is a natural fibre. Long threads can be made out of jute. Till date is one of the cheapest fibres available. This makes jute one of the most widely used fibres. This is why hessian tote bags and other jute bags have become popular. The jute plant is mostly found in the countries like India, Bangladesh and China.

How are plastic bags harmful?

Millions of plastic bags are produced each year. But no one is aware about the amount of oil that is wasted in the production of these plastic bags. As per the survey the year 2008, from the total plastic produced, approximately 7% waste was recycled. So what about the rest 93%?

As per the water it has almost 80% of plastic. This plastic is a key threat to the marine life. Animals like turtles eat plastics along with jellyfish. The birds and fishes can hit these plastic or even accidentally eat them. The plastic will not be cleaned on its own. These plastic bags are not recycled. Even the government has banned the use of plastic bags. People have realized the seriousness of the threat posed by the use of plastics.

An example of China can be considered in this regards. Approximately 3 billion plastic bags are used there. Due to this the garbage bins looked like White Mountains. So the government there took serious measures to ban this plastic. Apart from China now even Indian government has banned plastic. People using these plastic bags fines. This has reduced the use of plastic bags and as a have shifted towards hessian jute bags wholesale.

hessian tote bags

Hessian bags are an answer to eco-friendliness

It is rightly said that hessian tote bags are an answer to eco-friendliness. These bags have come as an easy replacement for plastic bags. As seen above plastic bags are a hurdle to lead a healthy life. The various benefits of using jute bags are as follows

  • These bags are durable
  • These bags can be used again and again
  • They are environment-friendly
  • They are biodegradable and can be decomposed
  • In no way, they are a threat to nature and marine life
  • They are stylish and trendy bags

Jute bags have become the sure short replacement of plastic bags. Anything that can replace plastic bags is definitely eco-friendly. These bags help us to live in a healthy and progressive life which is the need of the hour. Jute has taken the market by a huge storm. People all over the world have realized the importance of jute bags. This is the reason why these bags have become a trend. Such is the scenario that various brands have also come into action. They use hessian jute bags wholesale for promotion. In a way, they also convey the message to go green and stop using plastics.

Why choose hessian bags for eco-friendly brand promotion?

Brand promotion and advertising are an integral part of any business activity. Despite having a great product, you might not end up with great revenue, if you don’t reach your target audience making them aware of your product offers. This is where an appropriate kind of advertising strategy gives you the desired outcomes. Going on with a promotional hessian bag could be a good idea if you wish to promote your brand while offering some utility product to them. Also, a bag provides ample space to let you showcase your business type right on the surface of the product. Apart from these, there are a number of other reasons that can make you choose a hessian product to speak on behalf of your brand.

Hessian Jute Bags Wholesale

Natural-friendly approach can earn you goodwill:

You buy fruits for your home and the shopkeeper gives you that in a plastic bag. Now, another shopkeeper gives you that in a hessian tote bag. What would be your reaction? Of course, plastic is something we all hate now. If someone encourages you to use plastic, you would definitely have a hateful reputation about him. This is where you can put yourself earning reputation among the people. Along with this, if you customize the bag with your product images, you would be able to tell more about yourself and your business.

Reusable Custom hessian bags for longer promotions:

Once you invest and your product remains in the market for a longer period of time. Though plastic bags are also durable, people don’t care about them and throw in the trash. However, the hessian tote bags are reusable and can be washed easily at home. Once you present them to your people and they remain with them for a longer period of time giving visibility to your brand name. Also, when the person uses the same bag and goes out, he/she also gets identified with the product and the logo or company name printed on it gets recalled quite often. So, indirectly, not only the also among others having a look the bag, your brand gets identification. This could be the easiest and the most economical way of advertising people prefer these days.

One item fits all:

You could be running a market, a book shop, a general store, a gift gallery or the like. No matter what your business is, you can choose to advertise your brand with custom-printed hessian bags as these bags are suitable for a wide array of customers. It can be presented to male, female, or kids with equal ease. It can accommodate any type of product making it suitable to be kept in bulk at the shop to your customers at any suitable occasion. Of course, there are different sizes of the bag and you have to choose them as per your requirement and product size.

Plain bags can be bought anytime, but for brand promotion, you need to customize them. For this, a little pre-planning is needed. Choose a bag of your size and place an order for hessian jute bags wholesale and get them customized beforehand. Reap the fruits of healthy brand marketing.

Say No To Plastics- Opt For An Eco Friendly Jute Bag November 5, 2019 08:00

Over a period of time, the general awareness about the harmful effects of using plastics has increased. This has resulted in many bag recycling programs like the introduction of jute shopping bags Australia in the market. There is hardly anyone who will not have heard about the advantages of using jute bags over plastic bags. Almost everywhere there is a hoarding of say no to plastics. Nations worldwide have implemented various rules on the ban on plastics. But do you really know how plastics are harmful

Why plastics are harmful for Earth?

Plastic bags in a way are made from oil. And oil in a non –renewable resource on Earth. Further, these bags are biodegradable and cannot break down completely. This results in the pollution of land and water. Plastic bags are also very harmful to animals and birds. The natural environment and the eco-balance of Earth are disturbed with these bags. Moreover, chlorinated plastic is a lot more harmful to Earth. It releases various chemicals into the soil which enter underground water and further reaches our home.

Jute bags come as a savior

With the imposition of the ban on plastics, jute bags came as a savior. They became the perfect replacement for plastic bags.  Today the Earth is getting dirty day by day. It is high time that we think about this serious problem and takes proper steps. One of the steps taken in this direction is the introduction of jute shopping bags Australia. These bags being naturally green become the best choice to save nature. These bags in a way help the government in strengthening the ban imposed on plastic bags. They encourage people to move away from plastic bags. Hessian shopping bags for sale are eco-friendly and can decompose at a fast rate, unlike plastic. These bags do not contaminate the environment and keep the surroundings and air clean.

Hessian Shopping Bags For Sale

Various uses of jute bags

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers present on Earth.  It is a smooth and shiny fiber that can be formed into long threads. A jute bag is one of the many items that can be made from these threads. Jute bags have become a trend in the present era. This is because people have become more aware of the environment. These bags become primary bags and can be used to hold books, lunch boxes, emails, beach bags or gym bags, etc. It is the perfect option for shopping bags. They can hold comparatively heavy things and can be used again and again. Jute bags are also the best choice for office bags. Nowadays hessian shopping bags for sale are available in the market.

Jute bags for brand promotion

In order to survive in a hardcore competitive market, brands have started new methods to promote the business. And one of such methods is promoting through jute bags. They get the rand name and logo imprinted on jute bags and use as giveaways, freebies, and corporate gifts. Where it, on one hand, promotes the business on another hand it also keeps people away from using plastic bags.

Play your role: Save the Nature

The earth belongs to everyone and its care and protection are also the responsibility of everyone. We all can play our bit and contribute to the bigger good of nature. Especially, the business owners and the corporate companies and come forward and promote the goodness of eco-friendly products to sensitize people and bring some change in the society on a mass scale. What can go hand-in-hand with a win-win situation for all is the marketing or brand advertising through the use of such products and leave a lasting impact on the people, not only about the benefits of nature-friendly products but also about their brand. So, it can be done? The very first answer is to promote the use of jute shopping bags, Australia and side by side promote your brand. Let’s get to know how you can do it.

Jute Shopping Bags Australia

Planning for your next marketing campaign: Plan for your next event in advance and get custom printed jute bags for your brand promotion. Present these bags to the people visiting your shop, store, or market and let your brand get publicity from every single recipient of the product. This is the easiest way of promotion when you don’t need to travel places, rather your customers would do that.

Organize a giveaway event with conditions applied: Get the hessian bags customized in a stylish way. Now flaunt that and announce free giveaway after doing a purchase of some minimum amount. This way you customers would try to reach that mark pushing your sale further for that day. Not only you will get a better margin that day but will also initiate a campaign for your brand that will be continued by the visitors to your shop.

Give away in a fun event: Organizing some activity with your own employees can be very engaging. You can also invite the family members or your loyal customers as participants in the event. Plan some interesting games, puzzles, competitions, etc and present customized jute bags as the prize. This can go a long way in promoting your brand as it will get noticed by many others coming across the person using the bag.

Pack some goodies and give an as festive gift: Long weekends and festivals bring some expectation. You can use this opportunity to build rapport with your customers and please them with an eco-friendly gift. Choose a small size printed jute bag, fill some small goodies inside it and present to your esteemed customers on occasions and build some rapport with them. This might result in retaining them forever. However, it will definitely be a step towards nature for you as you would are using the products which are good for nature and do not harm them in any way. 

Take your step now. Find hessian shopping bags for sale and get all the products at a highly discounted price. Get them customized as you wish and promote your brand in a nature-friendly way.

How Jute Bags Make Earth A Better Place For Coming Generation? October 18, 2019 08:00

Jute is a natural fibre obtained from the plant. This is converted into strong threads from which many products can be made. Though, this product is available for ages, the invent of water proof plastic bags kept this item ignored for quite so long. But the rising harm to nature and its subsequent effect on human race finally forced humans to reconsider these eco-friendly materials. Not only for personal use, but for commercial use and business promotions as well, it is being used on a massive scale these days.

The plant is mostly found in humid warm regions like Bangladesh and India. But the products made out of them are transported across the world. You can find jute bags, Melbourne and hessian bags in different parts of the world. Especially, in Australia, after the ban on plastic bags, the jute bags find their usage across all the businesses and organizations. Its multi-faceted aspects and multi-functionality has made it just the right fit for different usage and purposes.

Bid bye to plastic bags

Jute bags being costlier were not used by most of the people. Instead people found a substitute in the form of plastic bags which are made from PP fabric. The price of these bags was comparatively low. Till here the story is fine. But the biggest disadvantage of using these plastic bags that surpasses all the advantages is that these bags are a major threat to Earth. These bags are not easily degradable so they remain for long period of time. Being non degradable they are a peril for the environment balance. You can see these plastic bags floating in the seas and oceans. So they become a threat for aquatic animals as they can intake plastic along with water. Seeing these threats to nature and animal life people rose voices against the usage of these bags. The result was obviously in favour of nature and the plastic bags are banned in almost all the countries of the world.

Jute Bags

Why jute bags did became an alternative of plastic bags?

With the rising awareness among masses, people realized the ill effects of using plastic bags. So jute served the best alternative of these bags. This is because the hessian bag Australia is durable. Moreover they are easily degradable so they are completely safe for the environment. They do not cause any sort of pollution. This means they are eco-friendly bags. Other added advantage is that Jute Bags Melbourne can be used again and again whereas plastic bags can only be used once. They can be easily washed to regain the shine and used again. Moreover, one bag once bought can put to multiple usage. These are the trendy bags whose grace and shine remains same for many years. For small tote bags to heavy-duty commercial bags, use them anywhere anytime. In no way these bags are burden to the nature.

Jute bags- The best promotional tool for small scale and large business

In the competitive world of today, to retain its position in the market every business needs to pull up the socks and try the best promotional strategy. Realizing the eco-friendly nature of jute bags Australia various brands have include jute bags a promotional tool in their marketing strategy. They get the name of business and logo imprint on the bag and present it as corporate gift, freebie or takeaway item. Jute bags become the best promotional tool because

  • They are nature best friend and everyone likes to own them
  • They are long lasting which means the advertisement on the bag will also last for longer duration
  • The cost of production of bags in bulk is comparatively low
  • They come in various designs and types so you can imprint your logo in any way
  • They are easily customizable and allow big print size to make the brand name more visible.
  • Mostly available in natural colors, the printing gets easier and more recognizable on them.
  • To serve more people’s interest, now some printing designs are also available
  • Creative jute bags are also available with thread work, patch work, and other designs

It is still not very late. Turn towards jute bags and conserve nature. Your one act of today will save the future of your generations to come. Include jute bags in your daily routine and discard all sorts of plastic. Its better late than never.

Hessian Bag Australia

What individuals and businesses can do with jute bags Australia?

It is people’s choices which make or break a community and a society. On the other hand, it is the big businesses which drive people towards anything. If both understands the need of jute bags and the ways they can be deployed in various roles, the nature’s biggest issue will be solved. They can make the earth a better place to live for sure. Here are a few ways individuals and businesses can use these bags to their advantage and to the nature’s advantage at large.


  • Sell or offer your products always in jute bags.
  • To reduce the cost buy hessian bags, Australia or jute bags, Melbourne in bulk and wholesale rate
  • Choose the appropriate size as per your product type
  • Encourage people to bring eco-friendly bags, if you are not giving the products in any bag from your side
  • Do not entertain anyone coming with a plastic bag
  • On festivities, gift customized jute bags to people. It will make them use it always
  • With customization, you will get brand visibility while contributing to the larger benefit of nature


  • Always carry reusable jute bags to carry your goods, groceries, or vegetables
  • In case your forget, you should always keep a jute bag ready in your vehicle
  • No matter what, do not accept any product in a plastic bag while shopping
  • Encourage the sellers and other buyers to use jute bags by setting an example of yourself
  • To meet your style statement, explore online jute bags and find a suitable design
One sensible step towards nature can bring a difference. Play your role as every step counts.

Why You Should Buy Eco-Friendly Bags In Wholesale October 15, 2019 08:00

Eco-friendly bags and carriage products offer an exciting alternative to plastic bags. Variously fashioned from jute, cotton, and other natural fibers, these bags offer themselves to diverse uses in everyday lives. These products also represent a new style mantra for the modern consumer. Customers and users of eco-friendly bags are attracted to the long service offered by these bags; in addition, such products represent an everyday stance on the issue of environmental consciousness. In line with this, more and more consumers are making the move away from polluting materials such as plastic and embracing the many forms and shapes of the eco-friendly bag. In response, manufacturers and commercial dealers of such products are bringing to market a wider range of such bags in different shapes and sizes, embellished with variety of designs, colors, logos, messages, and graphics.

The New Status Symbol

During the multi-pronged evolution of human society, certain status symbols have gained wide acceptance. In modern times, the promotional eco bags wholesale Australia represents a new status symbol that instantly elevates the image of the user as a person in tune with modern sensibilities. This reason alone should prompt business operators and commercial sponsors to make significant investments in the eco-friendly bag and similar products. Operators could devise a selling strategy wherein every consumer and customer remains entitled to receive a free eco-friendly bag with their purchases. In addition, the use of promotional eco bags wholesale Australia allows the sponsor business to gain an environment-friendly public image, thus resulting in higher sales and revenues.

Promotional Eco Bags Wholesale Australia

Bulk Purchases reduce Costs

Pure economics should guide the purchase decisions undertaken by modern commercial enterprises. The purveyors of modern enterprise can negotiate a low price per unit of the promotional enviro bags wholesale Australia. This strategy allows them to bulk the product in large numbers and accommodate such purchases in the firm's annual marketing budget. Most eco-friendly bags are slim products that can be bundled in batches of 200 or 300, thereby allowing the bulk buyer to store them easily. The ease of storage goes a long way in terms of the extended commercial use of promotional enviro bags wholesale Australia. In addition, manufacturers of the product often offer to customize the various facets of the eco-friendly bag prior to delivery to bulk buyers.

Super Platform to promote Business Signage

Advertising and promotion remains a crucial aspect of modern business. In this scenario, the wide and big surfaces of modern eco-friendly bags offer a perfect platform to emblazon a business logo on the product. This ensures high visibility for the sponsor business and allows every bag-carrying customer to emerge as a mobile advertising platform. Therefore, it makes perfect business sense for the modern business enterprise to invest in wholesale purchases of the eco-friendly bag as a means to drive a low-cost advertising and marketing strategy. 

Win-Win for the Customer / End-User

The long life and sheer durability of eco-friendly carriage products ensures a win-win proposition for customers and end-users. Natural fibers are hard-wearing and lend themselves easily to washing and cleaning efforts. Consequently, the end-user can rely on the product for daily use extending into months and years. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the average consumer to invest in a number of these carry bags. The muted colors and colorful business logos also add a dash of visual variety to the use of such products. 

How to buy promotional enviro bags wholesale, Australia with the best deals

The eco bags are surely in trend and the market is readily welcoming such bags as a supplier, seller, manufacturer as well as buyer. If you are on the buying side, it is quite important for you to make wise decisions and buy a bag that is really high quality in product and best-suited to your budget. Especially, if you are running a business and wish to buy them for promotion purpose or for bulk giveaway, then grabbing some good deal can save you a lot of money. No worries! Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while buying enviro bags in Australia.

Promotional Enviro Bags Wholesale Australia

  • Get a list of top five suppliers: It’s quite important. You might be running short of time, but just going on with one lead is not advisable. Check out the top suppliers along with their portfolio and customer reviews. It will not only give you an idea of the product, but also will let you know how professional they are in delivering the product and offering customer service. 
  • Compare price list and quality features: Next, you should definitely compare the price of the product with same size and fabric. There are many websites selling promotional eco bags wholesale, Australia, and you might find some difference in their cost. Sometimes, to sell the previous stock, sellers often give good discount on the product. You should be vigilant enough to catch such offers and grab the product at highly discounted price. Also, in festive seasons, sellers offer the bags at lesser cost as a giveaway and their own promotions. This way, you can end up having the bags at lower cost. 
  • Look for added benefits like customization or personalization: Since you are buying the product for promotions and advertising needs, customization of eco bags is a must for you. Now spending money separately on that can cost your money as well as a lot of effort. It is always advisable to go with suppliers who offer customization as well. You can get your company name, logo or a message printed on the bag and receive the entire bulk order at once, ready-to-use. 
  • Break a deal by negotiating a deal in wholesale rate: Placing a bulk order already gets some good rate for the product. If you are getting customization along with it, a few sellers can offer that for free. However, in case it is chargeable, then try to crack a deal that is win-win for both of you. 
Do not postpone your marketing drives which can really yield good results for you. Go with promotional enviro bags wholesale, Australia and keep you cost low. Choose your preferred product from a range of designs and place an order to get attractive discounts and rates.

Tips To Buy Hessian Bags Online October 11, 2019 08:00

Hessian or Jute is the golden fibre which is also considered as one of the best natural materials. The material being cheap and safe for the environment is nowadays woven into shopping bags. They are finding place in different use after being manufactured and designed in different patterns and sizes. Jute hessian bags have become very popular over the period of time and people are opting from them readily. Not only in trade shows and exhibitions, you can buy them even online. Also, the creative designs they offer catch the attention of online shoppers and get sold in minutes. Even for bulk needs, people look for hessian jute wholesale on online portals to get the best rates and best designs.

Why should you buy hessian bags?

Today jute hessian bags are ruling the market. With the ban on plastic, the popularity of hessian bags has increased. Further their eco friendly nature also makes them the perfect choice for shopping bags. People love to add these bags to their wardrobes since they are trendy and stylish. Moreover they are durable and can be used again and again. So they form the perfect choice. Contributing your bit for a greener environment, you have plenty of reasons to go with these bags which not only add style to your look but also give you a durable product for reuse. So, isn’t it money saving as well? With plenty of reasons to buy them, a little smartness is definitely needed to make a good buy. Especially, if you are buying hessian bags online, then a few things should be kept in mind to make the most out of your shopping. Below are a few tips that can help you buy hessian jute wholesale or single item in the best possible way.

Jute Hessian Bags

Shopping for jute bags online

With the advent of internet, shopping has become a lot easier. No longer do you have to go from one place to another in search of your favourite item. Many online portals are selling the best hessian jute wholesale bags today. You can simply visit a few of these portals, search the product you want, compare the prices and place order in easy clicks. However, in doing all these, you need to show your online shopping skills to make the best online shopping.

Here are the four tips that can help you in buying these jute bags online.

  1. Do not compromise with style and design

Consider the style of jute bags that you are buying. Check if the style you are opting for actually matches your wardrobe or your usage needs. Jute bags come in various designs and types. Depending upon the need, you should make a decision to buy the jute bags. They come as shopping bags, laptop bags, grocery bags and tote bags as well. Initially, jute bags were available in only a few styles, but now with growing demand for different usage, they are available in beautiful designs, shapes and sizes. Further they are available in various colors. Buy the hessian bag that suits your body and goes well with the dress you are wearing. If you are buying it for carrying purpose, then choose a heavy duty design and appropriate size.

  1. Compare the price

Always compare the prices on various websites before you make a final decision to buy a particular jute bag. Various websites may offer different discounts and offers due to which the prices may vary. So go for one where you can save maximum. Even hessian jute wholesale bags are also available online. Also depending upon the purpose to use the bag, you should buy the bag. Shopping bags or grocery bags can be bought cheaper also. Handbags and hessian tote bags should be trendy. So never mind spending a few more bucks on such bags. Just, in order to save money, you should not compromise with the quality. So check the size, width, design, and quality of the bags and compare the price only for similar product. During festive season or some holiday season, you can really save more. At this time, different portals offer different discounts. So, for the same product, you can find different prices, which can save a lot for you.

  1. Check guarantee and warranty, if any

Sometimes the website also offers guarantee and warranty along with the product they sell. So that comes as a bonus as you can get it repaired or replaced in case of any damage. Mostly, on wholesale orders or bulk orders for corporate gifting or business branding needs, they can offer replacement of damaged delivery. If not guarantee or warranty, check at least for easy refund or replacement options. .

  1. Buy during festival season

If you are planning to buy bulk jute hessian bags then try to buy during festival season as during festivals you can get some gifts and freebies along with it. Apart from this you also get some discounts during the festival season. Also, during New Year or the beginning of new financial year, the whole sellers offers attractive discount to encourage bulk sale of their product. Be watchful during this season to grab some good deals. 

Hessian Jute Wholesale

Special offer for brand advertising

Business owners can buy jute hessian bags to promote their brand. If you wish to promote your brand and are going for online purchase then the best part is that, you can go for custom jute hessian bags from the same site. Many of them not only sell the bags but also offer personalization or customization so that these bags can be used to promote a brand. Choose the right color and size of the bag so that your logo or company name gets reflected well on the bag giving you maximum visibility. Also, there might not be separate cost for the customization if you happen to crack the best deal.

With the increasing use of hessian and jute bags manufacturers have come out with unique and trendy designs. Make the Earth plastic free and switch to these trendy bags. Browse the websites online and choose the perfect one for you.

Hessian And Jute Bags: The Ruling Eco-Friendly Bags In The Market October 4, 2019 08:00

The apparent shift in climate over the years has forced human beings to think deeply over their actions that cause harm to nature. One of the biggest factors contributing to this was the use of plastic bags. Realizing the need of our jute bags came into trend. Jute is a vegetable fibre that can easily be spun into long threads. Jute has the privilege of being the cheapest fibre which makes it the widely used fibre also. Over the period of time world has realized the importance of using jute bags over the plastic or polythene bags. Today almost every country has put a ban on plastic bags. Plastic bags are one of the major causes of pollution and release such compounds that cause cancer. So now people have shifted from plastic bags to jute bags.

Why are jute and hessian bags eco friendly?

Jute is one of the most eco friendly materials available. There is no threat to nature with the bags made out of jute. Jute tote bags are made from the natural fibre that comes from the plant jute. Jute is considered eco friendly in nature because of its property to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at much faster rate as compared to trees. Even its cultivation is good because it increases the fertility of soil for future crops. Apart from this no pesticides are required to grow this plant. Lastly it causes less deforestation as it requires minimal area for its growth.

Jute Tote Bags

Popularity of jute and hessian bags

Today the popularity of jute and hessian bags knows no leaps and bounds. People all over the world are using hessian tote bags. The environmental impact of plastic bags is the major reason in popularity of jute bags. The popularity of jute bags lies in the fact that jute bags have many advantages. Some of them include

  • Jute being a biodegradable material is the most preferred material. Since it has no threat to the environment, jute bags have become immensely popular.
  • Jute tote bags can be used again and again unlike the plastic bags.
  • There is no threat to hygiene when you carry the food material in jute bags.
  • The shine and glaze of jute bags remains the same even after repeated use.
  • Jute tote bags become the perfect promotion tool by various businesses and brands.

Eco friendly jute and hessian bags-Nature’s best friend

The hessian tote bags are considered best friend of nature. This is because

  • Disposal of jute bags actually help the nature. These bags are biodegradable and manure can be created out of them.
  • The production of jute bags requires very less use of water.
  • Jute bags are available in different types like tote bags, shopping bags, grocery bags and pouches.
  • Jute tote bags can be used again and again. This benefit of jute bag has resulted in the companies to use it as a marketing tool.

Where to use the eco-friendly bags?

These bags are finding usage across a number of places and purposes. From individual users and buyers to businesses and commercial entities, everyone is shifting to the use of eco-friendly jute bags on a larger scale. From transporting things to shops and go-downs to selling products in the tote bags, their usage is widespread due to the durability of the product and their easy going look for every purpose. However, if we talk specifically about the hessian or jute tote bags, they are widely being incorporated as a promotional product by corporate houses and business firms.

Hessian Tote Bags

How to use tote bags for brand promotion?

Branding and advertising can go a long way if you choose an eco-friendly product for the purpose. It will not only meet your purpose but will also enhance your brand image. No matter you are running a gym or a library, a fish market or a vegetable shop, a toy shop or a cosmetic shop, your brand can reach to your people effectively by using either jute tote bags or hessian tote bags. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right bag type for your business branding.

Choose a bag as per your business type: If your product is heavy and big, going on with broad-based tote bag with sturdy handles will be best. If your product is light weight, a pouch-looking bag would be good enough.

Pick the right size: Present a suitable size to your people. Presenting small products inside a big bag will not look good. So, choose a bag that goes well with your product size. Also, the bag you choose should provide enough space for its customization with your logo, company name or any message that you would like to give.

Select a nice color: The choice of color need not be your personal preference. Though, most of the jute tote bags comes in natural colors, a few of the manufacturers are also selling plain colored or printed bags. So, you must access as how your logo will be reflected on the background color of the bag. Your logo must be visible even from a distance. So, it is wise to go with contrast color bag.

Be specific about the customization: Presenting a bag as a promotional product is enough to gain the loyalty of the receivers, but its proper customization would help you spread the word about your brand and earn new customers. So, make sure you are getting the product beautifully customized which speaks for itself. It should be effective and if any quote or message is being printed, check everything in detail to get the best results. Also, the print should last long to make your investment a wise choice. 

In a scenario where jute and hessian bags are already ruling the market, you can utilize them to your advantage. They not only look trendy and stylish but also help in protecting nature which promoting your brand. So, get to the most reliable supplier of hessian tote bags and place your order in advance to get the delivery on time.

Special Features Of Hessian Bags You Must Know September 27, 2019 08:00

Jute is the one of the eco friendly material we have on Earth. Unlike plastic it does not become a cause for pollution. Being completely biodegradable jute bag or hessian bags have become a good substitute of Poly bags. Manufacturing of hessian bags in a way is our contribution towards protection of Mother Earth.

Today jute is one of the natural materials available at best prices in the market. With the passage of time hessian bags have gained recognition among people. In the past people used it to make textiles. Popularly known as the golden fibre, in present era jute bags become most commonly used bag by people. The woody core of jute is called hurd. This hurd has many potential uses. Being woody this hurd serves the purpose of wood. This in turn prevents deforestation.

Why hessian bags are used?

Among all the products manufactured from jute, hessian bags have come in trend at a fast rate. Hessian shopping bags wholesale prices make the bags more in demand. With the use of these bags, the waste material and unnatural material has reduced to a great extend. These bags are quite soft, durable and shiny. Further these bags can be used as a multipurpose bag. They can also be customized as per requirement.

Hessian Shopping Bags Wholesale

Some important features of hessian bags

Hessian bags are the beautiful and mesmerizing bags that are loved by one and all because of its various features. Hessian shopping bags for sale are available in the market. Some of the features include

  1. Hessian bags are flexible in nature. They are used in packing of food materials. Further the bags can be laminated or left as it is depending upon the use.
  2. Hessian bags are quite durable. They are quite strong and so they can be used to carry heavy items. This feature of it makes it best choice for shopping bag and grocery bags.
  3. One of the most notable features of hessian bags is that it can be used for promotion by business owners. These bags form the best item to promote the business in this competitive world. It is a unique and easy way to promote the business. Further hessian shopping bags wholesale make the price also affordable. Business can be promoted by printing the logo, tagline or any other message that can define the business.
  4. Since it is bio degradable it can be disposed off any time and it will not harm the environment at any time. This makes it safe product to use. This feature of hessian bags also makes it a perfect alternative for plastic bags.
  5. Another feature of hessian bags is that they are temperature resistant. As a result they can be used in protection of food and grocery items.
  6. Hessian bags have a unique feature that they can be cut into any shape, design and color. These bags can be used as carry bags, shopping bags, gift bags, beach bags and tote bags. This bag has multipurpose uses. These bags look stylish and fashionable and look good when carried along. Such is the demand for these bags that hessian shopping bags for sale are introduced in market.
  7. These bags are reusable bags. They can be used again and again and require very less maintenance.

It can be concluded that hessian bags have encouraged people to discard plastic and switch to a healthy alternative.

Hessian Shopping Bags For Sale

Hessian bags- A road towards cleaner and safer environment

Today we have almost negligible or very less clean air left to breathe in. Nature has become sick because of the kind of mishandling done by man. Time is running fast and we have very less time left to save Earth. Jute bags or hessian bags come as a ray of hope. These bags are green bags which play a great role in protecting Earth.  Being eco friendly and bio degradable people love using such bags. They can be used to carry books, lunch, folders and much more. They form the perfect shopping bags which is much durable than plastic bags. To encourage people to purchase these bags hessian shopping bags for sale are introduced.

Protecting the Nature is the biggest responsibility of people who live on it. Everyone is busy brainstorming various ideas that can contribute a bit towards the protection. Business owners have realized the point and introduced hessian bags in their business promotion strategy. Customizing these bags for business promotions help the owners to give exposure to brand. Where on one hand it serves the purpose of promotion of business, on the other hand it also encourages people to apparently shift from plastic bags to hessian bags. Business owners buy hessian shopping bags wholesale prices which make the strategy affordable. 

Promotional usage of hessian bags

Apart from the above mentioned benefits and special features of hessian bags, these bags have also garnered the attention of marketers and promoters. The reason being its suitability to be used as a promotional product as the world is moving towards environment-friendly products. It is one of the most suitable fit in this domain. Small and big businesses and even corporate houses need to do internal and external branding for which they need products which are widely used and gain eyeballs. Hessian shopping bags wholesale can very well be customized with a company’s name and logo to be used during various promotional activities and make a brand more visible. Its wide area allows good and large size print of the logo that can be noticed even from a distance. Also, easily and effective printing is possible on this fabric making it the favorite of brand marketers.

You can present printed hessian bags to your new customers, loyal customers, employees, or as a promotional item during festive seasons, long holiday season, foundation day, new year or a new financial year. The product with greater shelf-life will promote your brand even months after your campaign has ended.

Go green by bringing these hessian bags and do a bit from your side towards nature.

The Story Of Jute Bags From Ancient To Modern Times September 20, 2019 08:00

Jute is a natural fibre with a golden silky touch. Because of this golden touch, it is also called golden fibre. Jute is the cheapest fibre available so it finds many uses. Bags made from jute have been popular since ages. Jute industry being the oldest industry has been manufacturing these bags since long. Over the period of time, there has been lot many changes in these bags and their usage.  From sack bags to custom hessian bags is a huge leap. Not only design, but in its usage also, jute bags have seen tremendous change from the ancient to the modern times. The story is worth to be known as how these jute bags carrying sacks of grains got its place as the promotional item of modern world.

Popularity of jute bags since ages

Jute being a biodegradable and recyclable material is preferred over others. Its environment friendly nature makes it popular among people. Jute industry is around 150 years old. With the increasing competition in market jute has managed to make a place for itself in the market. Earlier the people were not aware about the adverse effects of using plastics so jute had a hard time sustaining its place in the market. But now the popularity of jute has increased leaps and bounds. People have become eco friendly and much more aware. Such is the scenario that custom jute bags have become the talk of the market. They are ruling the market and most loved product. Business owners Buy printed hessian bags to explore a new way to promote business.

Printed Jute Bags

Jute bags during ancient time

Jute has been in the market since ages. During Mughal era various handlooms and spinning wheels were set. The trend of use of jute continued to British era also. In fact one of the early manufactured products of jute was a jute bag. With the passage of time finer fabric of jute called hessian came into play. In ancient times jute sack bags were used to carry loads and other heavy material. Since Jute has a massive production, this industry kept expanding with the time. This has also seen the transition in jute bags. The industries started exploring more options in bags that could be manufactured from jute.

The transition from sack bags to hand bags

Jute has a huge production in India. The jute fibre has been used in manufacturing of bags. With environmental changes the need to get more eco friendly options arose. And jute material was the best in this regards. Thus the transition from jute sack bags to jute hand bags took place. These jute hand bags have become very popular among young generation. These bags in fact form a fashion statement. There is hardly any college going girl who won’t own a jute bags. Such is the craze of jute bags that not jute tote bags have also come into play. The eco friendly quality of jute makes it famous among the masses. With a ban on plastic carry bags, the market of jute bags have comparatively increased.

Custom Jute Bags

The comparative increase in market of jute bags in modern times

The urge to protect the environment is there in present times. From young to older generation everyone wants an eco friendly way. Jute bags are the best friend of nature. The fibre that was earlier turned into sack bags are carved into beautiful and stylish hand bags. This has also increased the comparative market of jute bags. Realizing this even the business owners has started the promotional campaign through jute bags. Variety of jute bags is available in the market. Carved by experienced artisans people fall in love with these jute bags.The further increases in market is due to the rising demand of jute tote bags and other kind of bags.  People use these bags as shopping bags, gym bags, college bags, grocery bag, printed jute bags and beach bags.

The present-day story of jute bags-A superb marketing tool

If we talk about present day story of jute bags, then marketing is the word best suited for it. Marketing is based on innovation and consistency. Innovation of jute bags as printed jute bags is the best example in this regards. Marketing is not easy. It is an art which has ocean of potential. In business marketing every possible opportunity should be best utilized to attract the customers. Marketing through jute printed bags is one of the best possible ways of offline marketing. The visibility and exposure that the brand gets through these Custom Jute Bags is simply incomparable. The beautifully designed logo of the brand is just enough to grab the eye balls and compel them to visit your brand. Its versatile use also makes it a perfect promotional product.  You can Buy printed hessian bags to promote the brand in a more effective way.

Buy Printed Hessian Bags

How to use custom jute bags as a promotional product?

The product alone is not enough if it is not used in manner that truly garners the customer’s attention. Therefore, it is very much important for all to choose the right type of bag, customize it appropriately and present to the users right on time for maximum impact. Printed jute bags can not only be used as a giveaway item by the businesses but also as a corporate gift to the employees. Moreover, looking at the demand of these bags, the manufacturers are coming out with more creative and attractive designing of jute bags that can be used as shopping bags, cosmetic bags, small carry bags, hand bags and other similar usage. There is no such place where these bags cannot be used.

Custom Hessian Bags

The future of jute bags

It will not be wrong to say that the future of custom hessian bags is as bright as the present. The craze of the youth in present times easily defines the future. Further, being eco friendly bags, these bags are definitely here to stay for long. Who wouldn’t love to own a stylish, trendy yet a environment friendly bag?

The Perfect Marketing Tool - Custom Hessian Printed Bag September 6, 2019 08:00

There are lot many products in the market coined as “promotional items”. But which one is perfect for you depends on some cool factors that make a product suitable for your brand visibility. Before we get to know why hessian bags fall the best in this category and before you buy printed hessian bags, let’s get to know what is a true promotional item. 

What is a promotional item and how it boosts business?

In the competitive world of today, every business needs a comprehended business plan to run a successful business. And promotional item is one such strategy that helps the business to rise to new heights. Whether a small-scale industry or large scale industry, a start-up or large company every sort of business has such promotional plans for their business. Promotional items are a sort of giveaways, gifts or freebies that company gives to its customers. Promotional items include pens, bags, calendars or bags. These products have a business name and logo on them. The main aim is to promote their business and get more leads. When companies Buy printed hessian bags for promotion, they can benefit a lot.

Buy Printed Hessian Bags

Hessian custom bags: A terrific giveaway and apt marketing tool 

Plastic bags were one of the vital shopping bags used from past many years. But with little awareness people have come to know about the various harmful effects of these plastic bags on our environment. As a result, plastic has been prohibited in many parts of the world and people have switched to eco-friendly options. These bags include hessian bags, cotton bags, jute bags etc.

Such is the scenario nowadays that even companies have started using custom hessian bags for the brand promotion. Where on one hand it serves the purpose of promotion, on the other hand it inculcates the habit of discarding plastic bags and using eco-friendly bags.

Why promotion and marketing with custom hessian bags is successful?

Custom hessian bags are an effective marketing tool.  Their eco-friendly nature, value for money and effectively passing on the word about business, these bags has it all. Below listed are a few reasons that will compel you to use custom hessian bags for your business promotion.

  1. The vital aim of any promotional item is brand promotion. A customized hessian bag can easily become a symbol of brand recognition. Over the period time people will start recognizing the logo from the bag itself. A customer carrying the bag from one place to another will carry the bag also with themselves. You can imagine the extent of exposure this bag will give to your business.
  2. Plastic and polythene being poisonous for the environment are banned in maximum parts of the world, so these bags are good option to use. Customers will be more than happy to use these bags and indeed be ready to Buy printed hessian bags.
  3. These hessian bags can be customized easily to include business name, logo and website.

The rising popularity of promotional hessian bags

There is hardly anyone in present times who does not love hessian bags. People actually have become more aware and realized the importance of these bags. The topmost importance being they are a friend to the environment.  Next come the variety in which they are available. There is plethora of designs available of these bags. These attractive designs attract the customers.  This is the reason why hessian bags become a great marketing strategy. The next good thing about these bags they can be used for various purpose like shopping bag, grocery and vegetable bag, gym bag etc.

Even the companies present these bags as a present to client and impress him.  Apart from promoting this also makes the clients feel being important. Isn’t it a great way to impress your client! Also, a greater section of people can be targeted with one bag. This means, it opens more doors for revenues.

Custom Hessian Bags

When can a company custom hessian bags as a promotional item?

  1. Custom Hessian bags can be given to customers as gift. Who doesn’t love a freebie? And when the key goal is marketing, it definitely works. This will help in brand awareness and drive sale.
  2. These customized bags can be sold as bag for life. If these are sold at nominal prices definitely people will love to Buy printed hessian bags.
  3. These promotional bags can be given to charities not only to promote your brand but also to make people aware about the advantages of hessian bags over plastics.

Hessian custom bags thus are a walking advertisement for your business. They take your business wherever they go and open a new horizon for your business. So custom hessian bags are what your marketing strategy needs. Design a bag that not only promotes your business but also attracts the customers.  These bags are trendy, stylish and convenient. The cost of production of these bags is quite low. When you buy printed hessian bags in bulk the price is quite nominal. In fact, the cost of production is almost negligible as compared to the profit these customized bags can bring. 

Are you up to your next branding event?

No matter you are running a small shop or own a big corporate business, you need a branding event to spread your name. so, if you are also looking for some cost effective yet impactful marketing campaign, then worry not. Custom hessian bags can be the best choice for you to present to your customers or employees. As a new year gift, annual day give away, welcome token to new customers, or simply as a brand marketing event, you can present the custom printed hessian bags to your people. whoever be the recipient, your product will be used for sure and your brand would definitely get visibility.

Before placing order to buy printed hessian bags, have a preview of the custom design to bring any change if you need. Once confirmed, place order to get them delivered at your doorstep right on time. Find a reliable custom hessian bag supplier in Australia, and place your order.

Earn A Name For Your Business With Hessian Tote Bags August 27, 2019 11:00

The generation of present times understands and is well aware of global warming. To protect their future generations they try new and innovative ways. Environment friendly products are one such example. One such product launched in market is hessian bags.  Hessian tote bags are loved by and all today. It can be used multiple times. In no ways these bags are harmful to nature.

Hessian tote bags are the latest trend in the market. These tote bags made from jute can be made of different designs. With increasing global warming the need of the hour is to make use of eco friendly things. And the hessian tote bags stand good at this. Today jute is the best eco friendly material.

Being a responsible habitant of mother Earth, It becomes our duty to do everything that can help to save Earth. And a switch to hessian tote bags is a step forward in this direction. This can be included in the business as well. Introducing custom printed bags with logo wholesale Australia as a promotional item for business can not only promote business but also give a message to stop plastic bags and use these trendy eco friendly bags. Custom printed bags with logo wholesale Australia are famous all over the world for this purpose.

What are hessian tote bags?

Hessian tote bags the very popular bags in market are made up from a sack cloth fabric.  This is shaped from either jute or hemp depending upon the choice and preference.  In US the other name for hessian cloth is burlap. It finds usage in industries. You can carry food in this type of bags as it is breathable. Also hessian material does not undergo condensation easily so the food cannot be spoiled easily.  Moreover hessian material is quite strong and durable so it can carry heavy goods.

Hessian Jute Wholesale

Why hessian material is considered eco friendly?

Unlike plastics, hessian is considered a lot more environment friendly. This is mainly because of its decomposition and manufacturing property. This fabric can easily grow and produce. Moreover as compared to others hessian is quite rough and durable. 

Where do hessian bags find use?

Hessian tote bags are popular in different parts of the world with different name and different designs. They can be used as tote bags, promotional bags, gift item bags and shopping bags. Sand bags can also be made from hessian bags to help in flood affected area. 

Advantages of hessian tote bags over other bags

Today hessian jute wholesale are the most preferred bags over other bags. This is mainly because of the fabric of which they are made. The fabric is completely natural. The best part about this material is that they are eco friendly and bio degradable. It can be used for bulk packaging due to the high concrete strength.  It prevents global warming faced by earth and helps to save trees. To make paper or furniture million of trees need to be cut. Opting hessian bags over others can help to save these trees. These bags also last longer as compared to other bags.

Added advantage about these bags is that they can be customized as per choice. Various brands these days use customized hessian tote bags for their promotion.  As a result tote bags with various logos, names, cartoon character or even personalized prints are available. They are available at pocket friendly prices.  They are quite durable and worth the money spend. As they last for a long time their demand has increased. People have started switching to these trendy bags.

Hessian tote bags for promotion

Inn competitive time of today brand promotion is utmost important. No matter how old is the company, but until the brand is promoted, it is not able to take the business to new height. It is a well known fact that plastic is banned in many countries. So custom printed bags with logo wholesale Australia have taken over plastics. Realizing the increasing trend of hessian tote bags many brands have come up with the idea of promoting their business with the help of these bags. As the youth of today is mad about these bags, it is easy for business owners to get their brand notice through these bags. With their innumerable advantages these bags become people favourite and business owners promote their business with hessian jute wholesale.

Hessian Tote Bags

Why customers like promotional hessian tote bags?

Keeping in mind the environment issue, hessian tote bags are most preferred bags. Hessian is a natural fibre and is biodegradable. Moreover the best part about these tote bags is that they form a fashion statement. These bags have earned a name for itself in the market. They easily attract customers. They can be easily be washed and require very less maintenance. 

What to do now?

Pre-plan your next event. Have a look at your calendar and figure out whether you are up to some marketing campaign, business event, or organizational functions. If it is so, do not waste your time in the selection of product. Choose the type of hessian tote bags you want, select a color and size and get it customized to promote on time. With advance planning, you can rest assured that the products will reach you on time without causing any last-minute hustle and bustle. Make sure you are reaching out to any trusted hessian bags supplier, Australia to have the best quality product only.

Checkout the catalogue, read out the features and prices for better understand as how much should be your budget. Once totally convinced with the product, then get connected with the supplier to know about their customization process. The bags can be either printed or embroidered for better look and durability. When the design is finalized, have a look of the product before ordering for bulk customization. Only when you are totally convinced, go ahead with the bulk printing of your product. 

Buy hessian jute wholesale and save a lot of money with the bulk order. This investment is sure to keep you visible in the market for longer as the product is durable and reusable. Go ahead with your business promotion the eco-friendly way.

Hessian Is Best For Your Promotional Campaigns August 13, 2019 18:30

Hessian is an amazing fiber and its applications and benefits can be endless. Bags made from hessian appear as hessian tote bags, burlap gift bags, burlap shopping bags, sacks – all of which can be used as promotional materials. In addition, hessian can be fashioned into extended articles such as tapestries, soft luggage, decorations, baskets, storage solutions; also as curtains, chair coverings, carpets, area rugs, hessian cloth, and backing for linoleum. In the modern world, commercial manufacturers offer hessian shopping bags wholesale for customers that place bulk orders for these promotional articles.

Hessian Shopping Bags For Sale

Exciting Colors!

The hessian cloth can be fashioned into drawstring bags that can serve as low-cost promotional items. A wide range of colors can distinguish these products, thereby raising their profile as useful gifts that promote a commercial brand, product or service. Commercial operators that need to buy bulk bags for their next promotional event should consider these hessian shopping bags for sale. Mass-market operators allow buyers to buy bulk drawstring bags and get great discounts on each unit. The durable drawstring backpack comes in multiple sizes and purposes, colors and styles. These can be used for sports activities, school, work, storage, and more.

Printed Products!

Large imprint areas on hessian shopping bags wholesale offer plenty of space to customize the look of hessian backpacks designed and manufactured for promotional use or events. The wholesale prices offered by manufacturers of these products make it possible for commercial operators to buy these bags in bulk for cheap prices, making it an ideal promotional item for large and small businesses. The use of hessian shopping bags for sale as promotional materials raises the value of such products in the eyes of clients and customers.


Since hessian bags are durable and multi-purpose, customers can use hessian shopping bags for sale on multiple occasions. As a promotional item, these bags keep reminding customers about a brand or a promoted service. These bags can be imprinted with the name of the client, business logo, address, and other relevant information. When business operators deploy these bags made from high-quality raw material, they create a great impression of the brand, product, and company. Hence, it will be a brilliant idea to use hessian bags as promotional materials.

What’s so unique about hessian bags?

There are many plus points about hessian bags; these products have earned many accolades. Eco-friendly hessian shopping bags for sale are attractive, useful, and economical. Manufacturers can design and produce both plain and bespoke hessian bags in large numbers for their clients. As people become more concerned about the natural environment, hessian bags are preferred over other choices of promotional materials. Therefore, promoters must order bags from a reputed manufacturer who uses state-of-the-art mechanized processes to create the assurance of quality. The standard manufacturing process of hessian shopping bags for sale ensures even the printing ink used for printing is free from carcinogenic agents. 

Reasons why customers like promotional hessian bags

Hessian bags are the utmost preference due to modern environmental concerns. Since hessian (also known as burlap) is a natural fiber, the bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable. This means such bags when used as promotional materials; do not harm the natural environment during the decomposition process. They are attractive and fashionable. Therefore, when customers get fancy, lightweight bags from a renowned manufacturer of hessian bags, it is guaranteed that customers will get high-quality material. In addition, bags fashioned from hessian need little maintenance and can be washed to restore the article to its pristine condition. These factors enhance their desirability in the public domain. 

Why brands should go with hessian bags for promotion?

Brands, if considering product marketing, should go with products which are highly useful and durable to give brand visibility for a longer period of time. Not only this, but they should also think of products that can give recurring benefits at a low investment. This is where custom hessian bags come into scene offering all that a marketer would long for. The exclusive benefits for a marketer are listed below:

  • Longer exposure time as the bags are washable and reusable. It is not something that will perish or the users would forget easily. Every time the bag will be used, the user and others around would have a look at the product garnering eyeballs and attention for sure.
  • Printed Hessian bags offer wider customization area where you can not only put your logo but can also put your message or quote effectively. The larger surface area provides good visibility to your brand even from a distance. This is the reason why businesses are buying hessians bags for sale and implementing their marketing campaigns effectively.
  • The bags are highly affordable, as compared to other expensive modes of advertising which do not guarantee any return. The marketers can easily vouch on this cost-effective mode of marketing that keeps giving a return in the long term as well. Once your bags go into the market and your brand promotion starts. It never ends and the product keeps on rolling from one hand to another.

Hessian Shopping Bags For Sale

When can you use hessian bags for promotion?

You can find hessian bags for sale and place a wholesale order for the best deal. Use the bags for below events and reap the benefits.

  • Present to your visitors and invitees on a product launch or inauguration.
  • Use as a giveaway during the festive season to your customers.
  • Use in exhibitions and trade shows to the people who walk up to your stall.
  • Pack some goodies and present to your employees on your annual day. 

In conclusion, we may state hessian shopping bags for sale have earned a name and fame when corporates consider eco-friendly promotional materials and products. They must select manufacturers that use the highest quality raw material (hessian) for manufacturing the bags, while taking advantage of state-of-the-art mechanized manufacturing processes. In addition to the above, there is a variety. Variety in design, variety in use as well as variety in selling options is the USP of hessian bags. In terms of use, promotional bags and articles fashioned from hessian can include Beach Bags, Cosmetic Bags, Promotional Bags, Wine Bottle Carrier Bags, Draw String Bags, several types of Tote Bags and many more. Ready to buy in bulk for your next promotional activity. Place an order NOW!

Running A Business? Do Brand Promotion With Jute Hessian Bags July 13, 2019 17:00

Brand promotion plays a vital role in the growth of any business. No matter it is a growing company or an established company, the promotion of brand attracts many new customers, while takings its reach widely to a huge geographical zone. It is obvious for any business center like shopping malls, showrooms, shops, or even corporates during events and gifting season, to offer a bag along with the products purchased to carry. The growing environmental awareness among people has now started limiting the usage of plastic bags. In many countries across the world, plastic bags are banned. The consciousness of people and businesses to eliminate plastic completely from our lives has now paved the way to use natural bags like cotton bags, jute bags, and others.

Among various other options, the jute bags are popularly used. There are varieties of Hessian bag, Australia, that the business owners are using these days for the branding of their names. One of the main reasons for choosing jute is its longevity, durability and stylish appearance.

The advantage of using Jute Hessian Bags for Business and Brand Promotion

Business centers prefer jute hessian bags, as they are flexible to print the logos and company slogans on it. This has become an effective means of promoting their brands too. Moreover, they also reduce a considerable amount of money spent on marketing activities and products via this inexpensive promotional activity.

Today people love getting trendy, especially with the nature-friendly objects. In this array, jute bags are gaining huge attention. Although there are materials like cotton, canvas, nonwoven materials available, jute has gained a huge recognition from people, which in turn has emphasized business centers to select this nature-friendly material.

Reasons why hessian bag Australia are chosen for brand promotion by businesses

Undeniably, just bags are the perfect choice to be used as corporate merchandise. Here are a few reasons that favor the selection of jute hessian bags for brand promotion:

  • Jute bags supports digital printing and thus companies can easily print their logos and brand names on the jute bag. Other modes of customization are also possible with jute bags like weaving, thread work, glasswork, and patchwork with the company’s name and logo.
  • Since these bags attract many people, it also encourages them to shop more products and thus the businesses start selling more items and get more revenue.
  • Jute is a strong and cheap naturally available material when compared with other choices like cotton. The world is turning towards eco-friendly materials and jute is quite an attraction in this segment offering the elegance of look, durability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • This is the most economical choice when seen from the economic perspective as compared to other expensive modes of branding.
  • People are not going to limit their use of this brand-printed jute bags for just one-time use. This product finds multiple usages for other shopping purposes as well, thus the promotion of brand automatically happens without the company spending much.
  • Manufacturers also encourage businesses to choose hessian jute bags for brand promotion, as they are easy to design and make within a limited time.

Hessian Jute Bags Australia

The ultimate advantage of Jute bags for brand promotion

Today, the need for shopping bags is increasing tremendously. Ranging from small to large sizes, people prefer strong and long-lasting bags for their prolonged shopping purposes. Alongside, although these bags are available for a certain price at shops, offering them as a compliment towards shopping at a business center also benefits the company to promote their brand in a cost-effective way. Indeed, there are also many reasons for selecting jute hessian bags, Australia. Here are a few ultimate reasons why jute bags are chosen for brand promotion:

  • Jute bags are reusable. This makes them completely an environmental-friendly option.
  • These bags are sturdier and greener.
  • The increase in the use of jute bags encourages farmers to produce more jute and thus its cultivation increase, resulting in the growth of agriculture income of an individual and nation as a whole.
  • Besides jute absorbs a huge amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, therefore, growing more jute in response to business perspective helps reverse global warming.
  • It is feasible to customize jute bags according to a specific need and interest.
  • This is a versatile fabric and thus can be used to create amazing products.
  • Jute enables designing in various styles of bags and creating a huge collection.
  • Jute bags can be used for multiple purposes apart from shopping, such as used by students to carry books, designer bags for women, can be designed in any size and thus extend its uses as decorative mobile covers, money purses and more.
  • Jute is 100% biodegradable and quickly recyclable
  • It can be used as compost for the garden.
  • Since jute fibers are tough and resilient, it can withstand any weather condition, including rain.
  • Jute bags can be customized to suit a specific purpose.
  • Compared to cotton and other materials, they are available at a very low price.

With many more highlighting advantages, undeniably, jute hessian bags become a perfect choice for the businesses to choose them for brand promotion. Today, almost all shopping malls and business centers started using jute bags to complement their customers and encourage shopping. This certainly increases the sales and revenue of a business. 

How to better use hessian bags for your business?

There are many ways you can use the bags for promotion of your business. Here are a few occasions and events you can use the bags.

  • If you are running a grocery shop, a vegetable shop or a general store, offer these bags to your customers.
  • If your company is organizing any trade show or exhibition, present to the visitors and participants.
  • If you are running any campaign, rally, or community welfare program, present the custom-printed hessian jute bags to winners or participants.
  • If you are running any company, present to your employees on the annual day or foundation day with some interesting goodies inside the bag.

Hessian Bag Australia

Promotions247 specializes in a custom-printed hessian bag, Australia catering to businesses of all sizes across different verticals. Our experts can help you out with the right choice of product and their customization.


Reasons To Include Hessian Shopping Bags In Your Corporate Gifting List? April 4, 2019 17:21

World is at a stake due to pollution. Stress is totally to look for eco-friendly solutions to everything. Corporate organizations also understand the value of an environmental friendly promotional gift and therefore, bags made out of materials like Jute, Hessian burlap, canvas, non-woven fabric and more are becoming their first choice for this purpose. Not known to many, Hessian bags have their own beauty and practicality. Here are some facts about Hessian bags that validate the point of choosing them as a corporate gift:


Hessian Jute Bags

  • Durable and Eco-friendly

Hessian is a woven fabric that is usually made from the sisal fibers or from the skin of the jute plant. Hessian may be combined with other vegetable fibers to develop products like ropes, bags, nets and similar products.  It is completely biodegradable and highly environmentally sustainable. In comparison to its other counterparts like cotton, Hessian is more durable and robust. Hessian shopping bags are pretty much common these days due to the ease of carrying and the space they provide to keep stuff. If you give these bags to your customers, it would definitely become one of the most used items on a daily basis due to the characteristic strength it has.

  • Reusable, long lasting and worth investing

Since Hessian fabric is very strong and robust, they can be put to use the countless number of times before they wear out. Bags made out of this fabric, therefore, do not get stretched or tear easily and retain their strength even after getting wet or dry many times.  Since these bags can be used for multiple and longer times, it ensures that whatever you exhibit on these bags gets noticed by a larger number of potential customers and stays there for a good period of time as well. This clearly means that if you invest in these bags, then the return it will offer you in terms of repetitive use will make it worth every single penny.

  • Affordable promotional tool

These bags are very affordable and can fit well in any marketing budget. However, by spending a little extra you can get these bags customized in any manner you want.  You can choose your designs, get your business details & your logo printed on them, and place a bulk order to get a further discount. Hessian bags for sale are available around the year; you need to check them with suppliers to get them at very reasonable prices. However, just to get them at cheap prices, do not compromise with the quality and contact genuine suppliers only.

Customers always appreciate things that are usable and practical to them, so hessian bags make a good choice as a promotional gift.  To get them at good prices, keep eye on Hessian bags for sale and order them in bulk. Customize as per your wish and use it to the fullest to market your business and brand.

Why Would Your Customers Love Your Promotional Hessian Bags? April 1, 2019 17:30

Bags are definitely great to give as corporate gifts as they are highly usable items, but out of so many which one to choose may be a question. If you are thinking of something unique in this category, then you may want to give a shot to Hessian bags. Hessian bags were traditionally used in all types of industries to carry goods from one place to another due to their density and durability. However, over a period of time, people have also started to use them in their gardens, décor, home furnishing, and various other places. Here are some reasons why your customers would love them and how these bags can be a standout in the promotional gifting category:

  1. Hessian bag - A new décor statement!

With the classy and rustic look, there could be so much that can be achieved with these hardy bags. You can choose a customized design in a way to offer them an embellished look so that they can adorn the walls of your customers’ home. However, particularly for this kind, you need to focus on making it more eye-catching and including your business details smartly. For getting Hessian Bags Australia is your one-stop destination from where you can get them in all sizes and you can even place a bulk order for customized design.

Hessian Bag Australia


  1. A replacement for pots for gardening-loving customers

It is not uncommon for you to come across customers who would have gardening as their hobby. Particularly for such types of customers, these Hessian bags serve as excellent replacements to the pots as Hessian fabric, by its very nature, is bio-degradable and has a good capacity to hold the moisture which is a basic requirement in growing plant. Every time a visitor visits your customer’s garden, he would appreciate the use of these bags and the imprints on it will convey the message from where it came drawing attention to your brand.

  1. Soft Toy Stuffing

It is nearly impossible not to take notice of a cute soft toy! And yes, these Hessian bags can creatively be converted into a soft toy by using waste cotton or clothes that are not in use anymore. Anyone who would look at the soft toy will automatically take a notice of your business details printed on it, hence marketing made easier. You could hold a soft toy making workshop and call out for the participants. Using these eco-friendly Hessian bags, participants can make soft toys and can take them home as well. If you wish to get Hessian Bags Australia should be your preferred location to source them from as there are numerous suppliers there who can offer good quality at cheaper rates.

Although Hessian bags may not be in your priority list given the variety of uses they have, you should consider these as your promotional gifts.


Hessian Bags April 26, 2017 20:36

Why choose Hessian bags over plastic bags?

The United States had imported second handbags which were mainly made of plain jute fabrics. Over the years, these bags came to be called as hessian bags. These hessian bags are comprised of a simple woven cloth material out of a single yarn. When the jute bags were imported, the US termed these as hessian gunny bags, hessian gunny cloth, sacking gunny cloth and sacking gunny bags. These jute bags served various purposes: nursery stock, grain, vegetables, flour, sugar, fertilizer, etc

 Hessian bags are a bi-product of jute bags. Hessian bags are one of the best eco-friendly products that one can adopt to take an active participation to save the environment from those harmful and poisonous plastic bags. Few of the advantages of such bags are as follows:

  1. These bags are reusable and also recycled. One can use hessian bags for various purposes at a time: around a factory or for shopping so that one need not have to keep on replacing these bags.


  1. Hessian bags are biodegradable unlike plastic bags and therefore environmentally friendly. Getting hessian bags for self-equals to doing something productive for the environment in order to save it from plastic bags.


  1. Bags made from hessian fabric are tough and long lasting. One need not worry about the fabric to get worn out very fast and therefore the need to change it immediately.


  1. Hessian bags are quite popular to store agricultural products like animal fodder. They are also capable of storing rice. Vegetables and fruits are also ideal for getting stored in such hessian bags, especially when bought in bulk.


  1. These bags are readily available in heavyweight or lightweight according to one’s own needs. For instance, while storing fruits and vegetables in such bags, one needs lightweight bags for preserving citrus fruits whereas, heavyweight hessian bags in case of potatoes.


  1. These are available in various shapes and sizes according to one’s requirements. One can also get it custom made for the right size of their products.


  1. Value for money is crucial while selecting hessian bags. The company producing the hessian bags should take care of the materials or fabrics provided to its customers. The name of the company might get ruined if the purpose is not served by the bag. The solution to this need to be cost effective and necessarily need not be the cheapest of all; it needs to do the exact job as it is supposed to do, thereby maintaining the company’s reputation.


  1. Hessian bags can also be served as promotional tools. Promotion in the form of advertisements is quite worthy these days. Logos or images printed on these bags will serve the companies purpose righteously.

The hessian bags wholesale market currently has gained much profit as most of the citizens of the country are taking active participation in using cloth bags to serve their purposes in replacement of plastic bags, in order to keep the environment free from toxic chemicals emitted by the synthetic materials (plastic bags). 


Hessian Bags Wholesale April 24, 2017 17:18

Hessian Bags as an alternative to Plastic products

The world needs to be eco-friendlier as we are facing the relapses of toxicities and polluted air through Global warming. People are turning vegan and getting awareness about the unhealthy condition of our green planet. The planet is facing danger by the reduced amount of drinkable water, toxic materials causing harm to marine life, climate changes and ozone depletion. One of the pioneers of creating this problem is plastic. In our age, everything we use from the hair brush to food wraps everything contains plastic which is harmful to our nature. Companies tried to give us a better option by using paper but using a tonne of paper causes the death of plants and the chemicals used to dye papers are harmful to us. Neither paper nor plastic is enough durable to be used for a longer time. So, we need to use reusable bags like Hessian bags to help the planet be greener and safer.

Some facts on Hessian Bags

  • The hessian fabric is a woven material usually created by using jute or sisal plant fibres. For ages, the fabric has been used to make ropes, nets and rug.
  • The Hessian fabric is very dense in nature which makes it coarse. It has a light brown colour. If bleached it can be off off-white colour. Reusable bags have a more refined hessian fabric because of it being used for daily purposes.
  • Jute is widely found in areas receiving a good amount of rainfall like India and Bangladesh. Jute is the material used in sacks for packing purposes. Jute doesn’t require any fertilisers or pesticides which make it a toxic-free Jute bags are sturdy enough to carry great loads.
  • Hessian being a plant fibre is totally biodegradable and can also be recycled to form new products made out of it. They can easily be composted and made into natural fertilisers.
  • Hessian is eco-friendly and also skin friendly which makes it good to use for carrying food products and laundry.
  • Even sisal plants do not require pesticides or fertilisers and grow abundantly in hot and dry places like Tanzania.

Using hessian bags as a Promotional Object

In the era of minimalism and nature rights, hessian bags are a good promotional item. Using reusable product as an object of promotion will guarantee to give you satisfied clients who find you eco-friendly and sustainable. Searching hessian bags wholesale on the internet will get you sites in Australia which will help you to get good quality cheap hessian bags made and customised with your company logo or credentials. The sturdy bags will be carried by people who can use it as a gym bag, lunch bag, shopping bag or a grocery bag. It will be a walking promotion where people will be influenced to check your company out. Using eco-friendly tools help people trust you and create awareness among a greater crowd on some healthy alternatives to toxic materials like plastic or about deforestation's caused by paper industry.