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How To Keep Your Cooler Bag In The Best Condition September 8, 2020 12:30

Do you use a cooler bag every day to carry your meals? A perfectly designed cooler bag can keep up the right temperature of your foods. However, as these bags hold foods, hygiene is one of the important factors. A bag not cleaned for several days can become the source of odour. Thus, your foods may also become smelly. Moreover, without maintenance, the cooler bag will not restore its original condition. Although users are using branded cooler bags, they have to care for them. Even if the cooler bags are used once in a while, their storage and maintenance matters a lot. A well-preserved cooler bag will smell good and feel perfect to be used even if you are taking it out after a long. Especially, if you some cheap cooler bags, the quality becomes a question mark and you must take enough care of them for lasting use.

Here we have discussed how cooler bags of various types should be taken care of so that you can make them last long. Let us give you tips on how to keep these cooler lunch bags or other bags in the best condition.

Promotional Cooler Bags Australia

Manual washing of cooler bags-

Hand washing is safe for most of the cooler bags. You have to use dish detergent, soft cloths, water, and water. Never put the cooler bags for a machine wash until it is mentioned in the guidelines as it will not only damage your bag but will also damage your machine. We have explained how to do the best hand washing of cooler bags.

  • Take some warm water and fill the sink with it.
  • Make a solution by adding detergent.
  • With a soft wet cloth, you need to clean the interior and exterior side of the bag. Use a sponge to wipe it.
  • To dry it fully, you can use a towel. However, natural air drying is the most important step to maintain your insulated bags.

Can you do machine wash for your cooler bags?

Some of us throw our stinky cooler bags into our washing machines. We think that it is the best way to save time. However, there are differences in every type of insulated bag. Some bag models can endure the agitation of your machine, whereas others may become damaged due to the aggressive washing process of the machine.

Insulated bags, designed with canvas, neoprene, and some other fabrics are friendly to washing machines. You need to ensure that you have used mild detergents and cold water for a gentle cleaning cycle. Thus, machine washing is safe only for a few cooler bags. Manual washing is the best process for insulated bags with heavy zippers and mesh pockets.

When you buy promotional cooler bags Australia, it is better to choose ones, which are easy to clean. 

Some other tips to clean your cooler bags-

  • Apply a Q-tip that helps you in cleaning hard-to-reach corners of the bag.
  • Never submerge the bag in some soapy sink. Instead, you can dip in your sponge and clean the bag.
  • After a thorough cleaning, you must sanitize the bag by using antibacterial wipes.
  • Do not put your cooler bag into a dryer.
  • Make sure that the bag is fully dry before storing foods in it.

Buyers have to know these tips to keep up the best shape of the custom printed reusable bags with logo wholesale.

Clean your cooler bags and prevent moulds- 

Most of the insulated bags, made of fabrics, may have bacterial and mold problems due to your regular issues. While you have not treated them properly, you may have health issues. As your foods come in contact with those microorganisms, there is a risk of food poisoning. 

Branded Cooler Bags

Take care after every use 

Whenever you use your cooler bag, try to carry it straight and keep safe. After every use, you must check for any spills of the food items inside. If so, wipe the food item immediately and again wipe with a wet cloth to remove any stain or smell. Keep the bag in open to make it fresh or you can also put in the shade to make it dry. Never keep you stinking bag with closed lids as it will bring a very bad smell afterwards. 

Where to keep the cooler bags? 

No matter where you carry the cooler bags, try to keep them at clean and dry places always. Though high-quality branded cooler bags withstand all the harshness of outdoor locations, our job is to keep them safe so that they last long. Do not walk with your cooler lunch bags while rocking them back and forth. 

To say simply, wholesale cooler bags, available at a reasonable rate, need regular maintenance to get the optimal value. Users have to remove crumbs of foods and other contaminants from their bags and really love their bags enough to take the best care. 

Buy high-quality branded cooler bags or custom printed reusable bags with logo wholesale at the best prices online and get delivered at your doorstep.

Tips To Enhance Cooling With Your Cooler Bags July 14, 2020 08:00

Cooler bags are very common to find among Australians households. Not only for personal usage, but for commercial deliveries also, we find a widespread use of the cooler bags in almost all part of the country. For common usage, people usually need them for camping, picnic, transportation of medical supplies, shopping, and travelling in a camp raven for a long-distance trip or tour. The huge demand of Australia shopping bags in the form of cooler bags or thermal bags has led to its manufacturing in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Types of cooler bags

A few of the popular or commonly used types include, bags of 6 pack, backpack, wine bottle cooler bags, promotional branded cooler bags, Australia, collapsible bag, and custom-designed cooler bags.

Cooler Bags

For food delivery large logo bags with foil or ice are found. You can even explore unlimited collection of small or medium sized stylish cooler bags in soft make, just optimal for your short summer outing. Other categories include waterproof cooler bags, plastic bags, eco-friendly cooler bags made with cotton or denim fabric and much more. The market is full of extensive types of such bags which offer ease of use to the people. These cooler bags are made of various types of long-lasting fabric, gel packs, non-woven material, PET film, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, and Styrofoam.

All these types of cooler bags provide insulation to keep your stuffs cool or at the same temperature as you kept inside it. However, here are a few tips that can help you keep your things cooler inside the bag adding to the feature of the cooler bags.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The promotional branded cooler bags Australia is made-up of fabrics; Polyethylene and Styrofoam. They range from 320 D to 420 D polyester. The different layers of the bag have polyester fabrics insulated with an aluminum frame or foil. Bags with similar make are commonly used in food delivery boxes. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight to such bags. That is mostly such cooler bags are placed inside another fabric bag that helps in avoiding the direct exposure to sun. It helps to keep the food items and beverages cool and frozen. It is advisable to carry cooler bags in a thermal-insulated container. The food deliveryman carrying a backpack cooler bag must take them in a thermal-insulated cover. This is to protect then inside bag from direct sunlight. In this way, the cold temperature of the stuffs is maintained and the customer get their food ready to eat or drink and enjoy the cool chilling taste.

Use Salty Ice

Enabling bags to retention or maintain the cold temperature in a cooler bag matters a lot for all the promotional cooler bags manufacturers. This is the first thing they consider while designing a bag. No matter what bag you buy, personally can use some tips to keep your things cool inside the bag. One of these tips is to use the sea water or salty water for making ice and using it inside the bag. If you are nearby seashore, you can easily use seawater to make ice. The salt-water melting point is lower than the normal water. If you are away from the seaside, you can put salt in water and make salty ice cubes. Thus, your cooler bag will have ice retention hours 2-times higher than the said hours of that promotional cooler bag. Yet, putting salty ice is most suitable for cooler bags made of Polyethylene and Polypropylene materials.  These materials are water proof and won’t get spoiled even if the ice melts.

Promotional Cooler Bags

Fill Ice Cubes without any Gaps

Australia shopping bags of cooler types are used to carry cold items. Using ice cubes can really enhance the cooling retention and duration of the bag. However, how you are using the ice also matters. It is advisable to fill the ice cubes without leaving any space in-between them. This is because; the air is a lousy conductor of heat. If air gaps exist between the ice cubes then they might cause the melting of the ice. When you fill the cooler bag with tight ice or ice blocks in-between the materials, the cooling condition would last longer inside a cooler bag. You must also drain the water and refill with ice after some time.

Burry Under Mud

Well, this trick is really innovative and are professed by the pros who really can’t compromise with the coldness of the stuffs. Mostly done by picnic goers and enthusiasts, it involves burying of the waterproof cooler bags in the sand near a seashore. Cooler bags for camping are the best to bury under the mud or sand. It helps in making the cool condition inside the bag last for longer. If you are on a day long trip and need to things to stay cool even till the evening, just do it. It is advisable to dig half-meter while on the beach and bury the bag inside. This will maintain the cool condition longer than its promised time. Yet, you can also pour some water inside the pit and make the pit wet before placing your camping cooler bag. The burying under the mud will protect your cooler bag from direct sunlight and day temperature. 

Order wholesale Australia shopping bags or branded promotional cooler bags online at the best price and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Cooler Bags Tips To Save Time, Realise True Value May 15, 2020 08:00

We often hear the phrase, time is money. Those who understood the reality of making both ends meet, earn extra income or taking advantage of the situation knows the importance of saving time. For example, in today’s scenario, all of us are pressurised with work and a little slackening can cost us dearly. Those who manage the time well work continuously when there is project is available and go for a vacation when there are fewer projects.

Yeah, that is called time management and we can come across many intelligent people who do much research on how to manage the time. For example, it can be with a time table to get up at a particular time, do certain chores in a time-bound manner then switch to office tasks. They do a lot of planning during commuting and it is all about the tasks, listing what is ‘urgent and important’ or ‘urgent but not important’ to finish tasks, then communicating the same to the management so that they get appraisals in the coming year.

Branded Cooler Bags

We have seen how people use their creative intelligence to manage time. At this stage, it is important to tell on how a product like cooler bags help in the prudent management of time so that the time saved one can use for entertainment or recreations like yoga, workouts, and other pastimes. As a result, we find our lives more fulfilling.

We know pretty well the time taken for food production. For example, during the morning we spent more time in the kitchen and it is unavoidable. But if we are successful in reducing the time for preparing food, then the time saved we can use for taking a leisure walk in the vicinity, meeting a good friend, or spending time with acquaintances discussing current affairs, trends, and gathering information for our day to day life.

Have cooler bags

First of all, it is to have several cooler bags at home. Keep accompaniments and dishes ready in the cooler bags with more quantities for lunch and dinner. But for that, you need to have a stock of wholesale cooler bags at home, preferably 8-10 numbers. This will help you save time. And don’t forget to take the lunch box to office and have the food in their natural aroma instead of reheating in a microwave oven. Then with full focus work for project completion.

This also throws up a scenario like having less friction because when you are unable to manage time then there is also a tendency to blame each other resulting in loss of peace among partners or family members. Stocking food in cooler bags applies to scenarios like working days or periods when there is a lot of work pressure or tight deadlines to meet. At that time, you need to take recourse to cooler bags.

But at the same time, you don’t resort to such time-saving tricks during holidays or a time when you take a long leave because you are waiting for the upcoming projects. During that period there is no such emergency to stock food as you are at liberty to pursue your passion like going outdoors or spending time in beaches.

Ensure 100% waterproof

You may wonder is it a time-saving tip. But experience will tell you so. You may be having printed fabric bags also. But will it serve your purpose like heat retention?If you have a guarantee like 100% heat retention then go for it. But for that, you need to ensure that your cooler bags are cent percent waterproof. It is the waterproof quality that will ensure that your food has the right temperature or not.

That is why you should go for branded cooler bags that are of good quality. You can source them in bulk from established players who have been in this field for a long time.

Choose heavily insulated ones

Insulation is very important for protection from any attack. For example, it can be protected from enemies like kings of the yore fortifying their forts from potential enemy invasion. Nations seal their border with barbed wires from foreign invaders. So is the case with cooler bags that protect your food from the outside temperature. As long as it retains the heat naturally with heavy insulation, you can consume the food in the right aroma or temperature. Branded cooler bags come with good heat retention capacity with its robust insulation.

Wholesale Cooler Bags

Precaution needed. Buy promotional branded cooler bags in Australia from top suppliers. You can order them online from a firm that has Australia wide delivery and have a track record of supplying the product for more than 10 years. When you do so you get the quality product. Go for it.

Air removal features

A good bag should have features like air removal from its insulation layer. This ensures the ideal temperature for your cooler bags. After all, you buy cooler bags for consuming healthy food, warm food, or delicious food. When your bags have air removal features it does the balancing act like keeping the food fresh and don’t make it distasteful. Therefore, you need to ensure that the cooler bag which you buy should have this feature. Then buy it.

You can script success by saving time and use that time for your favourite activities that give you pleasure. In this way you become happy and happiness is very important to balance your mind. It is a fact that we are all stressful but we can resort to various time management tricks like using a good cooler bag where we serve our valuable time for cooking. For example, if we can keep food at a good temperature during the evenings, then we can go to bed early.

This will further help us to rise early. We all need to understand one thing. Talent sans discipline is useless. One should not find in that category. So, the wise way is to balance our time, get up early, and lead a disciplined life. Later risers will never be successful in lives and that is why we should take recourse to cooler bags that can save our precious time. Therefore, use it.

Best Ways To Customize A Promotional Bag November 22, 2019 08:00

Promotional products are catching fire in the vast new world of modern international commerce. Spurred by the significant powers inherent in modern manufacturing technologies and design languages, such products are introducing customers and buyers to fresh ranges of exciting new merchandise, goods, and services. In tune with this, the promotional bag remains one of the most sought-after item by the modern business owners. These bags offer huge possibilities in terms of sheer customization, thereby amplifying the power of these products to attract consumer attention to a sponsor’s business logo, signage, and commercial messages. Below are a few ways you can creatively customize the bags for promotional purpose.

Colors galore - The best customization tactic

Business marketers can negotiate with manufacturers to design and create sets of promotional bags, each bag in a different color. Subsequently, high-quality manufacturing processes can give shape and form to each bag. When emblazoned with commercial signage of the sponsor, each bag transforms into a unique brand ambassador that signals high levels of publicity for a sponsor brand. These promotional bags win big in terms of sheer commercial mileage and therefore, encourage bulk purchasers to buy cheap printed promotional bags wholesale Australia.

You can do a lot of experiment with the choice of color. Based on the type of recipients, you can further innovate with colors specific to different folks. For example, kids can be given fun color bags while big customers or visitors should be presented a natural color or printed bag. Another creative option to consider could be colorful logo on a plain background of the bag. For this purpose, make sure the bag’s color and the logo color are in contrast. Other methods of bag customization are listed below.

Buy Cheap Printed Promotional Bags Wholesale Australia

Customization based on type of bags

The market offers you a host of promotional bags like backpacks, slight bags, large shopping bags, tote bags, jute bags, cooler bags and more. You can buy cheap printed promotional bags wholesale Australia anywhere, but the way of their customization would be different. Largely it depends on the size, make and usability of the bags. Here are a few suggestions based on the type of the bag.

Customization for cooler bags

Cooler bags have emerged as a hot favorite among modern users. These products allow users to carry cold liquids to a variety of destinations during shopping, traveling, trekking, cruising, and holidaying. Market experts hold the view modern cooler bags represent a new dimension in customer convenience and service assurance. Therefore, the market demand for promotional branded cooler bags Australia is rising among commercial buyers of such products. A range of carriage sizes enhances the appeal of these bags, thereby making them the perfect vehicle for promoting business logos and enterprise signage.

There are medium and large cooler bags as well as wine cooler bags. The best way to customize them is with printing techniques. The modern age printing technology allows longer retention of the prints. They are waterproof and come in glossy as well as matt finish. Other method of customizing the cooler bag can be through using metal labels which can be sewed to the bag. They make the look of the bag more classy and expensive.

Customization of loops, drawstrings, and carriage straps

A decorative look in such bags can make them really attractive. While the invention of loops and drawstrings are basically to enhance the user experience, they customization can lead to more yielding impacts.

User convenience is paramount when creators set about custom-designing a promotional bag. A variety of sturdy loops and carriage straps, when affixed to promotional bags enhances their utility value. These devices can elevate the service quality of such products, thereby making them more useful in the daily life of an average customer. High-quality materials can be employed to fashion the loops and straps, thereby increasing the durability of the promotional product.

Not only the bag, but loops can also be customized beautifully with beads, glass work, and other items. Many promotional bags do the printing work only on the body of the bag which is also a part of customization. However, they also invest with the loops to give them an entirely different look.

Promotional Branded Cooler Bags Australia

Improvisation with colors, tints, vibes & patterns

The look-and-feel of a promotional bag is crucial to ensure high levels of customer engagement with such products. For instance, designers can deploy deep and interesting colors, stripes, external compartments, and bold designs in an effort to create distinctive promotional bags. The logo, when imprinted on these products, broadcasts a loud message that grabs the attention of viewers and onlookers. Modern art or abstract art is also getting popular these days even on the promotional bags. Rather, they are doing better advertising by getting noticed by the masses. You can choose any unique pattern and buy cheap printed promotional bags wholesale Australia with these modern art forms.

Bulk buyers can avail these products at low unit costs, thereby validating the commercial logic to invest in promotional bags. On big orders or bulk orders by the businesses, customization is offered at much lower cost.

Customization to catch your audience quite young

How about establishing your brand among your future clients or customers? It is possible only when you consider the youth or school going kids as your future prospects. As a business sponsor, you can consider investing in promotional school bags and similar carriage products. These promotional items can be tastefully crafted to transmit a muted commercial message, or display the contours of a trademarked design. A high degree of usability and distinctive utility features could be installed in such promotional bags to promote widespread usage. This tactic allows the sponsor to raise awareness for a certain brand in the minds of school children, thereby gaining the custom of future customers. In addition, such marketing techniques empower the sponsor brand to drive sales of advertised products at low costs. 

To place order for promotional branded cooler bags Australia, get in touch with the established firms with years of experience in the industry of promotional products. Crack the best deal and get good returns on your investment.

Cooler Bags Can Be Your Cool Marketing Product: Try It! June 5, 2019 18:00

Cooler bags are a great marketing tool that can take your brand to places beyond limitations in modern times. These products are a recent invention and serve a useful function by keeping beverages chilled in hot weather conditions. We can even say that a decent cooler bag serves as a portable extension of the family refrigerator. People of every age can use these bags for keeping water to juices and liquors cool in outdoor conditions.

Why cooler bags can be a marketing product?

As a marketing tool, the cooler bag can help broadcast corporate logos and brand names to an endless succession of users and viewers. Also, going with a highly creative product can set a trend and it is always good to stay ahead of the competition. This trending product can give you exclusive exposure making you getting noticed by many. Moreover, other marketing tools and techniques are so expensive and short-lived that you ought to make a choice which gives you good return for a longer period of time without any huge investment.

Let us get to know a few of the other benefits that make it a good marketing tool.


Use of cooler bags

Warm climate invariably causes discomfort to all. However, families must proceed to the great outdoors as part of their picnic plans during the summer holidays. Similarly, golfers invariably prefer wide expanses of green to pursue their game. Cooler bags present the perfect option to slake the thirst of these members of the community. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, these bags help rejuvenate the human spirit when facing the heat of the great outdoors.

When you are up so to some marketing campaign, distributing or presenting custom-printed cooler bags as a giveaway can help a lot. A few best occasions could be a sports day, rallies, club carnivals, trade shows, exhibitions and more.

Hot options for brands

As a vehicle for carrying company logos and corporate signage, cooler bags excel in expanding a commercial mandate. Logos emblazoned on cooler bags will invariably attract the attention of thirsty people around, thereby projecting a brand to random groups of people, tourists, holiday makers, sports persons, etc. The cooler bag emblazoned with logos also serves as a conversation point for people that congregate for a quick swig of chilled beverages in outdoor settings. So not only you would be visible to the people using them, but others also around them.

More the merrier

Brand advertisers can order cooler bags in bulk from mass manufacturers. This commercial strategy helps the cause of branding and empowers advertisers to gain high visibility in many markets. A large number of users of branded cooler bags can lend superb momentum to a modern marketing campaign. The logos and signage on these bags can start exciting conversations about a brand, its products, and the many benefits of using these products. Such actions, enabled by the cooler bags, go a long way in terms of broadcasting the image of a brand. You can have a deal for wholesale cooler bags to get them at the best prices and stock in your organization. They can be presented to people joining your company as a new employee, to others who are leaving the company, or the guests who matter a lot for your organization. The point is to get ready with the product for sudden usage on various occasions.

Graphics send a bigger message

Cooler bags, shod in contrast colors, will naturally attract attention from all quarters. Brands can use this strategy and place their logos intelligently within a matrix of colors. For instance, the use of contrasts such as red and black can create interesting visual effects that cast a distinctive impression on the minds of viewers. This action transforms the average cooler bag into a work of commercial art, thereby elevating the commercial message. In line with this, brands can work with designers and graphic artists to explore similar strategies that amplify the intended brand message.

So not only the quality of the bags is important, but also how they are customized matters a lot. Make sure you deal with a company who are established in the industry with ample experience to offer you the best experience. Discuss your expectation with the supplier and the designing team to come out with a product that truly conveys your message. Only when you are completely satisfied with the product look, place a bulk order for cooler bags online and complete return on your money.  

Holders and loops: Ask for extra features

The manufacturers of cooler bags can add straps, holding devices, and large loops to the primary product. This enhances the appeal of the final product and allows marketers to select cooler bags to broadcast a commercial message. An interesting range of loops, holders, and straps can make these bags more user friendly, thereby admitting these products into the mainstream of commercial messaging products.

Conclusive Words: Cooler bags are definitely emerging as a promising product for brand promotion. These are the trendiest items to the list of branding products and are easily customizable grabbing the eyeballs of marketers. With the product, you can stay ahead of the competition and leave impression in the minds of all coming across the customized product. Make sure you give enough time in deciding how your logo will be printed on the bags and what should be the outcome. A perfectly designed bag used at the right time can let your product speak for you for longer time due to its high durability. Also they can travel places popularizing your brand name.