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The Story Of Jute Bags From Ancient To Modern Times September 20, 2019 08:00

Jute is a natural fibre with a golden silky touch. Because of this golden touch, it is also called golden fibre. Jute is the cheapest fibre available so it finds many uses. Bags made from jute have been popular since ages. Jute industry being the oldest industry has been manufacturing these bags since long. Over the period of time, there has been lot many changes in these bags and their usage.  From sack bags to custom hessian bags is a huge leap. Not only design, but in its usage also, jute bags have seen tremendous change from the ancient to the modern times. The story is worth to be known as how these jute bags carrying sacks of grains got its place as the promotional item of modern world.

Popularity of jute bags since ages

Jute being a biodegradable and recyclable material is preferred over others. Its environment friendly nature makes it popular among people. Jute industry is around 150 years old. With the increasing competition in market jute has managed to make a place for itself in the market. Earlier the people were not aware about the adverse effects of using plastics so jute had a hard time sustaining its place in the market. But now the popularity of jute has increased leaps and bounds. People have become eco friendly and much more aware. Such is the scenario that custom jute bags have become the talk of the market. They are ruling the market and most loved product. Business owners Buy printed hessian bags to explore a new way to promote business.

Printed Jute Bags

Jute bags during ancient time

Jute has been in the market since ages. During Mughal era various handlooms and spinning wheels were set. The trend of use of jute continued to British era also. In fact one of the early manufactured products of jute was a jute bag. With the passage of time finer fabric of jute called hessian came into play. In ancient times jute sack bags were used to carry loads and other heavy material. Since Jute has a massive production, this industry kept expanding with the time. This has also seen the transition in jute bags. The industries started exploring more options in bags that could be manufactured from jute.

The transition from sack bags to hand bags

Jute has a huge production in India. The jute fibre has been used in manufacturing of bags. With environmental changes the need to get more eco friendly options arose. And jute material was the best in this regards. Thus the transition from jute sack bags to jute hand bags took place. These jute hand bags have become very popular among young generation. These bags in fact form a fashion statement. There is hardly any college going girl who won’t own a jute bags. Such is the craze of jute bags that not jute tote bags have also come into play. The eco friendly quality of jute makes it famous among the masses. With a ban on plastic carry bags, the market of jute bags have comparatively increased.

Custom Jute Bags

The comparative increase in market of jute bags in modern times

The urge to protect the environment is there in present times. From young to older generation everyone wants an eco friendly way. Jute bags are the best friend of nature. The fibre that was earlier turned into sack bags are carved into beautiful and stylish hand bags. This has also increased the comparative market of jute bags. Realizing this even the business owners has started the promotional campaign through jute bags. Variety of jute bags is available in the market. Carved by experienced artisans people fall in love with these jute bags.The further increases in market is due to the rising demand of jute tote bags and other kind of bags.  People use these bags as shopping bags, gym bags, college bags, grocery bag, printed jute bags and beach bags.

The present-day story of jute bags-A superb marketing tool

If we talk about present day story of jute bags, then marketing is the word best suited for it. Marketing is based on innovation and consistency. Innovation of jute bags as printed jute bags is the best example in this regards. Marketing is not easy. It is an art which has ocean of potential. In business marketing every possible opportunity should be best utilized to attract the customers. Marketing through jute printed bags is one of the best possible ways of offline marketing. The visibility and exposure that the brand gets through these Custom Jute Bags is simply incomparable. The beautifully designed logo of the brand is just enough to grab the eye balls and compel them to visit your brand. Its versatile use also makes it a perfect promotional product.  You can Buy printed hessian bags to promote the brand in a more effective way.

Buy Printed Hessian Bags

How to use custom jute bags as a promotional product?

The product alone is not enough if it is not used in manner that truly garners the customer’s attention. Therefore, it is very much important for all to choose the right type of bag, customize it appropriately and present to the users right on time for maximum impact. Printed jute bags can not only be used as a giveaway item by the businesses but also as a corporate gift to the employees. Moreover, looking at the demand of these bags, the manufacturers are coming out with more creative and attractive designing of jute bags that can be used as shopping bags, cosmetic bags, small carry bags, hand bags and other similar usage. There is no such place where these bags cannot be used.

Custom Hessian Bags

The future of jute bags

It will not be wrong to say that the future of custom hessian bags is as bright as the present. The craze of the youth in present times easily defines the future. Further, being eco friendly bags, these bags are definitely here to stay for long. Who wouldn’t love to own a stylish, trendy yet a environment friendly bag?

4 Tips To Spruce Up Your Brand Image With Custom Printed Bags April 25, 2019 15:40

If you are a corporate organization then you would definitely know how promotional gifts can enhance your brand recognition. But is just giving away enough? No! You need to make sure whatever you give is repeatedly used by your customers as then only you can get intended exposure. Anything lying in a corner of the house can very well go unnoticed. Printed bags, for the matter of promotion, therefore form a perfect promotional gift due to their practicality and transportability. So here are few ways to make your business noticed with these custom printed bags:

  1. Match your purpose with the style

Though there are many varieties and styles of bags like pouches, sling bags, sports bags, canvas bags, non-woven bags, jute briefcases, backpacks, hessian bags, to name a few, however, ideally you must choose the right style based on the occasion or corporate event in which you have to give. For instance, small sized pouches or sling bags could be given away on small events or to individuals for their achievements, but for a bigger event or corporate meetings, you can think of giving away jute briefcases or backpacks. Likewise, sports bag would be best to be given on a sports day.

  1. Put the printable area to the best use

It doesn’t matter whether you are giving a small-sized or medium or large sized bag, what really matters is how well you are using the surface area to convey about your business. Even if it is a pouch, you have enough space to print the key details like your company’s name and contact details. For a larger area, you can extend your scope and include the company’s logo, product details and if relevant, your global presence.


  1. Choose from the eco-friendly options

Pollution is already at its worst and so you should only go for the eco-friendly alternatives rather than the hazardous plastic bags. Eco-friendly printed bags or green printed bags options include canvas, non-woven fabric, jute, hessian, cotton, handmade paper bags, etc. On one hand, where these bags are safe for the environment, on the other hand, they are highly reusable and easy to carry. The latter properties of these bags make them great from a marketing perspective.

  1. Stick to the quality standards

Although these bags come for reasonable prices still you might come across various vendors who might be offering them for the cost of peanuts. Don’t get blown away and always procure the bags from renowned suppliers only who offer good quality. Bulk ordering from the reputed manufacturers and wholesalers can help you to get good quality bags at affordable rates. Low-quality bags may not be as robust and the probability of their wearing out is higher. A high-quality printed bag will not easily wear out will stay for long years and can repeatedly advertise about your business.

By following these tips, you can get the best results with custom printed bags as bags can be a strong branding tool if selected diligently.