Looking For The Best Marketing & Branding Product? Try Non-Woven Bags August 11, 2023 08:00

Today, many businesses choose customized fabric bags to promote their brands. Be it a general give away of gifts, a trade show or a festive sale, businesses are opting for brand-labeled bags which are highly useful and sure to carry your brand to places. Especially non-woven fabric bags have become a popular choice for gifting and packaging solutions. Environmentally conscious customers do not like to use plastic carriers. So, investing in non-woven bags is the right decision if you want to match your customer’s preferences.

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  • Some creative ways to distribute your promotional non-woven bags-
  • Why is it easy to customize non-woven bags? 

Some Creative Ways to Distribute Your Promotional Non-Woven Bags

If you have printed your brand name on non-woven bags to advertise your business, you can use them for promotional purposes in different ways.

Non Woven Tote Bags

At trade shows and corporate events

More than 70 % of attendees who have received promotional gifts remember the name of the company. Thus, while hosting corporate events, you can place an order for non-woven bags printing services.

Promotional bags filled with pens and other small gifts can make your tradeshow successful. You can increase the engagement rate and build awareness. As your potential customers and employees love freebies, these gifts will win their hearts. You can easily reach your message to them.

From totes to drawstring bags, everything is suitable as promotional gifts. You can customize your bags in a way that represents the theme of your event. For instance, a business related to sports, fitness, and travel industries can invest in reflective drawstring bags. Its customers can carry the bags while jogging, walking, and traveling to any place.

Gifts for employees to appreciate their loyalty

A business cannot achieve success without the contribution of its employees. Thus, to retain your employees for several years, you can buy promotional gifts for them. Your custom-printed bags will give you an opportunity to say thanks to your employees.

Especially employees who have shown commitment and good performance deserve this gift from you. By rewarding your staff, you can encourage your new employees to work better in the future. On any occasion, you can offer these gifts to your workforce. Some businesses like to offer promotional giveaways when they have achieved milestones.

Non Woven Bags Australia

Donate your promotional bags

Some organizations like to attend school events and work with local charities. They can donate printed bags to promote their brands. Recipients will remember the brands that have offered these gifts.

Reward your high-paying customers

You can buy eco-friendly bags for customers who will make big deals. It will persuade other customers to purchase more things from your store. Ultimately, it will increase your revenues from sales.

You can buy non-woven bags wholesale and think of some creative ways to personalize them. You can give out these bags to your customers on any special occasion. Make sure that you have bought sturdy bags made of quality fabrics. These long-lasting bags will give the best value to users.

non woven laminated bags

Why is it easy to customize non-woven bags?

There are some reasons for choosing non-woven bags for personalized gifts.

  • Bag fabric- It is easy to produce non-woven fabric in various solid colors. The handles of these bags may be made from a different material.
  • Printed text- The text shown on non-woven bags is more clearly readable when compared to some other packaging materials. So, several brands have invested in customized non-woven bags to convey their messages.
  • Diverse bag designs- Modern non-woven bags are found in a range of designs. For instance, D-cut and U-cut bags are easy to carry to any place. Some bags also come with loop handles for the convenience of users. 

Where to buy non-woven bags for promotions?

Your search for eco-friendly non-woven bags comes to an end at Bags247 where you can discover a wide variety of bags in different sizes and colors. We not only provide bags for promotions, but also help you with the customization of the bags with your business logo, company’s name or any text you wish to get printed on your bags. Once you are satisfied with the customization, you can place the order in bulk to get them at discounted rates or wholesale rates. We make sure to delivery you the products on time across Australia with free doorstep delivery. Checkout the collection now.


Lightweight and waterproof non-woven bags are best for carrying different items. Consumers like to use these bags during their regular shopping activities. You can personalize these bags with your brand name and run your promotional campaign. These long-lasting bags will expose your brand name for several years.