4 Tips To Spruce Up Your Brand Image With Custom Printed Bags April 25, 2019 15:40

If you are a corporate organization then you would definitely know how promotional gifts can enhance your brand recognition. But is just giving away enough? No! You need to make sure whatever you give is repeatedly used by your customers as then only you can get intended exposure. Anything lying in a corner of the house can very well go unnoticed. Printed bags, for the matter of promotion, therefore form a perfect promotional gift due to their practicality and transportability. So here are few ways to make your business noticed with these custom printed bags:

  1. Match your purpose with the style

Though there are many varieties and styles of bags like pouches, sling bags, sports bags, canvas bags, non-woven bags, jute briefcases, backpacks, hessian bags, to name a few, however, ideally you must choose the right style based on the occasion or corporate event in which you have to give. For instance, small sized pouches or sling bags could be given away on small events or to individuals for their achievements, but for a bigger event or corporate meetings, you can think of giving away jute briefcases or backpacks. Likewise, sports bag would be best to be given on a sports day.

  1. Put the printable area to the best use

It doesn’t matter whether you are giving a small-sized or medium or large sized bag, what really matters is how well you are using the surface area to convey about your business. Even if it is a pouch, you have enough space to print the key details like your company’s name and contact details. For a larger area, you can extend your scope and include the company’s logo, product details and if relevant, your global presence.


  1. Choose from the eco-friendly options

Pollution is already at its worst and so you should only go for the eco-friendly alternatives rather than the hazardous plastic bags. Eco-friendly printed bags or green printed bags options include canvas, non-woven fabric, jute, hessian, cotton, handmade paper bags, etc. On one hand, where these bags are safe for the environment, on the other hand, they are highly reusable and easy to carry. The latter properties of these bags make them great from a marketing perspective.

  1. Stick to the quality standards

Although these bags come for reasonable prices still you might come across various vendors who might be offering them for the cost of peanuts. Don’t get blown away and always procure the bags from renowned suppliers only who offer good quality. Bulk ordering from the reputed manufacturers and wholesalers can help you to get good quality bags at affordable rates. Low-quality bags may not be as robust and the probability of their wearing out is higher. A high-quality printed bag will not easily wear out will stay for long years and can repeatedly advertise about your business.

By following these tips, you can get the best results with custom printed bags as bags can be a strong branding tool if selected diligently.