Benefits And Uses Of Laminated Non-Woven Bags March 9, 2021 08:00

Eco-friendly and recyclable bags have started replacing the hazardous plastic carriers. In fact, it is punishable in many countries to use plastic and discard it irresponsibly. That is why, the market is flooded with eco-bags these days and is catering to all types of needs and customers. You can find lots of choices while searching for eco bags for your shopping purposes. One of the substitutes for harmful plastic bags is a reusable woven bag. But, it needs a labour-intensive and time-consuming process to design woven bags. Both have their own uses and benefits. Nowadays, businesses choose bags as their promotional items, and due to the competitive environment, they do not like to compromise with precious time. Thus, laminated non-woven polypropylene bags have become the best alternative to them.

Non-woven bags have bonded, recyclable plastic fibres with a laminated layer. The fibre structure is different from that of other polythene bags. They are safe to be recycled again and again causing less damage to the environment while offering excellent user experience. When compared to other natural fibre bags, they are preferred more. We have now listed the benefits and uses of non-woven laminated PP bags.

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Laminated non-woven bags- How are they advantageous?

  • High durability- Laminated non-woven PP bags are super strong and can last long in spite of daily uses. You can carry heavy loads without the risk of getting torn and damaged. The lasting quality gives the ultimate value to your non-woven tote bags promotional items. Moreover, lamination adds strength to the bag fabric. They behave water proof and go well to carry a lot of semi-wet items as well.
  • Easily customisable- You can easily print your brand name and other business details on your non-woven, laminated bags. Laminated bags help you with full color processing, and thus, they are best for customisations. You may also use patterns to decorate these bags. Promote your bags with your brand message. The cost of personalization also comes less and most of the times the supplier of non-woven bags offer customization as a complementary service. You can buy such bags through online sale and get them delivered to any part of Australia like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast etc. 
  • Eco-friendly fabrics- As polypropylene is 100% biodegradable and recyclable and can be burnt without emitting harmful contaminant, they are counted as an eco-friendly material. There is no PVC coating applied on these bags. So, if chosen for brand promotion, they can help you maintain the reputation of a conscious business owner who cares for the Mother Earth. Moreover, your marketing campaigns and public visibility should reflect your responsible attitude towards the environment. 
  • Lightweight design- The lightweight non-woven bags are easy to carry to any place. You may find non-woven promotional bags in a range of designs, like drawstring bags and tote bags. You can fold the bag and take it anywhere. It is the best alternative to bulky shopping bags. For distribution among masses, you can order them in bulk and carry to any distance without worrying about their safety and heaviness. 
  • Liquid repellent and moisture resistant- One of the most notable advantages of using laminated bags is that they have no chance of water damages. The lamination process makes the surface resistant to moisture and makes it suitable to be used across a number of tasks. If you offer such bags to your customers or prospects, you should rest assured that they would be used by the people for sure. This marketing effort would bring you results for sure. 
  • UV resistant- Some bags lose their original colours due to the direct contact with UV rays. However, laminated non-woven bags do not have this risk. Thus, you may choose laminated treatment to buy wholesale retail bags with logo. Your non-woven, laminated bags will retain their beauty for several years. The imprinted logo will not fade away after regular uses. Hence, once you invest and keep reaping the benefits in the long run. Moreover, the best part is that they are gifted to one, but are successful in gaining the attention of many other people around the users. 
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Uses of laminated, non-woven bags-

These recyclable bags with laminated designs are useful for a range of purposes and some of them are as follows.

  • Packaging and shopping bags- Nowadays, laminated bags are useful for packaging different products. The non-woven fabrics help in designing eco-friendly bags. For instance, you can find tea bags and rice bags made of these recyclable fabrics.
  • Flower bags - As laminated bags are waterproof, they are best for carrying flowers.
  • Pharmaceutical industry- One of the best properties of laminated non-woven bags is that they are chemical resistant. Thus, you can carry chemicals without the risk of any damage.
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