Top Best Applications And Uses Of Jute Bags June 4, 2021 08:00

The green environment motto is being followed all over the world. The people have recognized the importance of this motto and are religiously following it. The first step towards green environment is ditching the plastic bags which are being encouraged worldwide. In Australia also, a lot of steps have been taken by the government towards a cleaner environment by adopting measures that says good bye to the single use plastic bags. Not only individuals, but industries, businesses, organizations etc are encouraged to promote eco-bags in all their business and commercial use. In this drive, all other types of eco-bags like cotton, hessian, juco, canvas and jute bags are being widely used.

Jute bags have gained popularity from past many years. With the ban on plastic bags and other expensive bags, people have switched to eco-friendly jute bags for a number of purposes ranging from daily use to special purpose use. Jute is a strong and sturdy material which makes the bags durable and long lasting. Also, the way they are customized and designed have made them so attractive that their popularity is reaching zenith these days.

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How is jute bag made?

Once harvested, the jute fibres are cut and woven. After this, they are nicely sewn so as to give them a look of beautiful jute bag. They are mostly beige or brown in colour, but people can choose any desired shade to get them coloured. The natural color jute bags or the plain or blank colors are mostly chosen by business for commercial use or promotional use. The other usage require designing of the bag in various colors, styles, and patterns.

Rising popularity of jute bags

Over the years demand for jute bags has increased by leaps and bounds. The primary reason for this is the eco friendly nature of jute material. It is biodegradable and can easily decompose. This mean there is no threat to environment from these bags. It is a much safer option than plastic. The other reason for increase in its usage is that jute bags are strong and lightweight. They can be carried anywhere and everywhere. They are reusable bags and it is very easy to clean them. Their waterproof nature also makes them people favourite.

Various uses of jute bags

As we have seen jute shopping bags wholesale are highly popular among masses. Now, we will have a look at various uses of jute bags

  • Shopping bag

Jute bags Sydney are used by people as shopping bags. Being light weight, they can be easily carried while going for a shopping. They are of optimum size so that they can carry large amount of things. Further they are strong bags, so they will not break easily.

  • College bags

Jute bags are available in various patterns and colours. So these bags are used by students as college bags. They can easily carry their books/notebooks and other essential items. They look so pretty when carried that they easily form a style statement. This is the reason they are a hit product among the youth. Further when young generation of today uses this eco-friendly bag, it gives a message to other people and encourages them to switch to these bags.

  • For storage in warehouse

This is the most common use of jute or hessian bags. Since ages, people have been using jute bags for storing rice, sugar, and other grains. This was their initial use even when the plastic was much in use and people were not aware of threat that plastic could pose. The other reason for storing sugar and rice in jute bags is that they are waterproof and keep rice/sugar protected from moisture and water.

  • Grocery and vegetable bag

Jute bags are also used as grocery and vegetable bag. When purchasing onion/potato or monthly grocery together people use jute bags to carry, transport and store them. Individuals as well as business owners use jute sacs or drawstring bags to supply bulk products from the market or the godowns.

  • Jute bags as promotional bags

Realising the popularity of jute bags, various businesses buy reusable shopping bags in bulk and use them as promotional bag and promote their business. It markets their business and brings goodwill to their company. For promotional purpose, the bags are bought from any reputed supplier of eco-bags in Australia and customized with the business logo and then delivered. Usually natural color bags are preferred for this use. However, as per the need, even colored jute bags can be bought in small, medium or large size to be used as a giveaway to the customers during any special sale days. 

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