How To Promote Your Brand In A Trade Show? April 20, 2021 08:00

Trade shows and exhibitions offer immense opportunities to leave a lasting impression on buyers and turn potential customers into real-time customers. Such events help in creating a brand presence among the competitors, clients, and new prospects. Attendees flock in there in large numbers and is a great place for marketing and brand promotion. When talking of brand promotion, promotional trade show bags are a popular choice among the brands as they are cost-effective, practical, reusable and leaves a lasting impact on the users. For this reason, attendees walking out with printed trade show bags is a common sight during trade shows and exhibitions.

Though there are a number of other items that can be presented to the visitors, offering a bag is quite practical. It helps in gaining constant attention of the users as well as others around in the show. Bags printed with your business logo are always successful in creating impressions of your name which lasts longer that other items which are not used daily and kept inside the wardrobe. Make sure to choose the right type of bag and get it customized properly which makes your logo visible and attractive.

Promotional Trade Show Bags

In this article, we will be listing various types of promotional trade show bags.

  1. Custom-Printed Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag

This bag is sturdy, spacious and larger than the average promotional tote bag. Generally, it features front pocket and reinforced handles, that make it extremely versatile and handy. The bonus, every time the user goes grocery shopping, this brand-printed shopping bag will remind them of the brand. It offers ample printing space on the front and the back pocket as well. Also, these can be custom-made in colour of the brand logo as well. From plain or blank colour to beautifully designs, there are ample types of bags which meet the taste of varying types of customers. Choose small, medium, or large sized bag as per the type of your business and budget.

  1. Branded Non-Woven Shopping Tote Bag

This is one of the popular choices among the brands as it is durable, simple and economic. It is made using non-woven water-resistant polypropylene and features printing space on the front of the bag. Being of eco-friendly design, it is a top preferred choice of promoters among various trade show tote bags. Offering such eco-bags to the users also help in building brand reputation by expressing the company’s concern for the environment.

  1. Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton canvas tote bags are slightly expensive when compared to polypropylene, however, they look more sophisticated as they are made using 100 percent cotton material. They are truly high in demand these days because of the multiple benefits they offer. Cotton and paper are the two commonly chosen materials for trade show bags. These eco shopping bags foldable are perfect to play with various colours and designs. These look stylish and are extremely durable as well. They are also convenient to use for grocery shopping and promote the brand wherever it goes. Though you are presenting it to your visitors in a trade show, they would be used for many other purposes and would help gain attention of people even after the show.

  1. Zippered Tote Bags

Tote bags made using recycled materials are a perfect promotional bag that also speaks of being environmental-friendly apart from brand promotion. These are user-friendly as well as they feature zippered main compartment and convenient grip handles. The sufficient printing space makes it perfect to play with design and positioning as well.

Eco Shopping Bags Foldable
  1. Jute tote Bags

Jute Tote bags are also preferred by the companies as they are extremely strong and can be acquired at economical prices as well. These jute trade show bags offer enough storage space and perfect for giveaways at the exhibition. Also, their handles and sturdy-built, make them perfect to hold heavy items and are safe for daily wear and tear.

Offering such bags to people at the entrance can help them carry other stuffs conveniently while they move inside the trade show. Each persona carrying your branded bag would work as your brand ambassador indirectly. While they move around to different stalls and vendors, your brand would automatically get an exposure.

Although many promoters still opt for paper, and plastic bags, fabric bags always top the chart for their versatility, strong-build and eco-friendly nature. Though they are a little expensive than plastic and paper bags, these fabric bags are reusable and generally have a long life of 3 to 4 years making them a better tool for brand visibility.

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