Things To Keep In Mind While Getting Your Bags Printed November 27, 2020 08:00

Bags are widely being used by population across the world. Their use for personal, business and commercial needs are unprecedent. That is why, their application for promotional purpose is huge and wide. Businesses of any size choose bags of different types, fabrics, designs and size as a tool to promote their brand. Have you also chosen eco-friendly bags as the promotional gifts to please your customers? Of course, promotional products can grab the attention of any potential customer. Some small businesses think that it would be costly to buy a bulk amount of custom bags for employees and customers. However, these high-quality green bags are available at a lower price also. As you have thought of buying personalised bags for shoppers, you need to focus on some factors to print them.

Personalization of bags or their customization through printing needs a lot of care as a poor quality printing or improper selection of the size can lead to poor branding results. So, here are a few questions you should ask while you opt for printing the bags for any promotional or designing needs.

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Does the bag color match the logo and brand’s color scheme?

Your brand has its own logo and you like to print it on your bags. When your logo has a combination of some bright colors, it is better to choose bags of light tints. These bags will make your logo more prominent to everyone. Again, if the logo color is same to that of the bag color, then it will not be clearly visible and attractive. Always go for a contrast color if you wish to bring the difference. Thus, the color scheme is highly important to customize the bag for your marketing campaign.

Does the chosen bag have space to display your business details?

Some companies like to imprint only their brand names and logos, while others need to show the detailed business information. That is why you have to choose bags of the perfect size, which serves your purpose.

Where should you place your logo?

Most of the companies cannot make out the right place of displaying the logo. However, the central part of the lower half of the bag can be the perfect site. When you are placing an order for non-woven bag printing, you have to focus on the logo orientation. The lower side is good because when the bag with be stuffed with things, their weight falls at the bottom expanding the fabric of the bag which gives your logo a clear visibility. These are small little things but are too vital, if you are investing on promotional bags.

Some brand logos have a liner design with longer wordings. You can think of unique ways of displaying your logo. But, when the logo is not visible, you will get no value from investing in these promotional bags. Thus, visibility of logo and company name is the most important thing to print your bags for customers.

Which printing method is best for customising your bags?

You will find a number of options to print the branded non-woven bags.

Transfer printing works best for bags of any color and image design. The special heat transfer method helps in printing the design onto a paper. You can choose this printing solution to turn your tote bags into superb promotional products. You may apply this method for canvas and cotton bags.

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Another option for customising the bag is the spot color printing method. When you need to print only one color, you can prefer this printing technique. With the precise application of the right colors, you will find a perfect look of your bag.

You may also choose the screen printing method where designers use mesh to transfer ink onto the bag. Consider your logo design and fonts to know the best printing process for your bag. 

Designer bags for personal gifting

Many times we choose bags made of silk material, cotton with embroidery, small pouches etc. Their designing and printing is entirely different. They are uniformly designed and the prints are also to give them a stylish look only. So such bags can be printed with some patterns, images, texts etc as per individual’s preference. Usually, non-woven bag printing to be used as return gifts are printed with some flowery designs, abstract images, patterns etc. You must see a preview of the design before placing order for bulk printing. 

Now, you can decide on the non-woven bag printing options and customise the chosen bags.Quality bags with premium fabrics will look flawless when you have printed your brand name on them. You may also personalise these bags with embroidery designs.

Don’t wait for any online sale on non-woven bag printing as the bulk eco-bag suppliers across Australia offer the printing services as complimentary part of their service.