Five Signs of a Poor-Quality Calico Bag July 13, 2020 12:30

The ban on plastic bags in Australia has encouraged natural and reusable bags by retailers and general users. Not only the daily shoppers, but shopkeepers, farmers, superstores, local vegetable markets, grocers, etc are also extensively using different types of nature-friendly reusable bags. While the market is full of plethora of such bags, you might witness some poor-quality bags also. No matter it's for personal use, promotional use, or commercial use, the quality matters everywhere.

Here, the calico bags have emerged as the most preferred choice by many retail shops and people buy bulk calico bags Australia for different purposes. This is because; this product is 100% natural, washable, and reusable. They are pure cotton bags. The name calico is a patent owned by weavers of South India from Calicut town. Thus, the name is derived as Calico.

Owing to the tremendous demand for this bag, the market is really getting flooded with products with a lot of imports and exports taking place. In this rush to meet the demand, many times there are some compromises on the quality side. So, the retailers must check for these 5-signs of poor-quality bags before they give order online. They are as follows:   

 1. Poor Bleaching of the bag

You can bulk buy calico bags Australia at an affordable price. Yet, you have to make sure they are of unbleached cotton. This is because; the patent of this bag itself is to use unbleached cotton. Few manufactures use bleached cotton. This is for making plain or white calico bags. Moreover, they use them for artworks and print bright hues on drawstring calico bags and calico tote bags. Hence, bleached cotton is not a standard for calico bags. This is a processed quality, which you can identify with a textile expert. However, to make the bags look more attractive and colorful, bleaching is also getting preferred these days. If you need to buy any of such bags then make sure that the bleaching is done through a high-quality process and the color lasts for long. Otherwise, the bag would look faded and unattractive.

2. Poor Quality Prints

The retailers can buy cheap calico bags printed logo online Australia in a number of beautiful prints. Printing makes the bags more beautiful. It is also done to customize or personalize the bags. Here, you have to check for print quality. The much affordable way to print is to use wooden block printing. This process uses natural colors such that it will last long even after many washes. Hence, you can re-use them as long as their print color lasts. Screen-printing is also trending these days which allows quick printing of bulk bags in less time. Good quality printing does not let the color fade away even after multiple washes or use. You can enquire about the printing method before buying the bag with the calico bag supplier or the manufacturer. Especially if you are using the bag for promotional purposes, the quality of the printing is too crucial. A poor-quality print that fades away won’t promote your brand. So make sure your company logo, name or any text you choose to promote should be imprinted with the best technology on good quality fabric.

3. Uneven Weaving

Calico bags are famous for their plain weave pattern. Today, as they are in much demand, this pattern is not followed. However, this is the standard for making calico bags, and if you are looking for exactly a standard quality bag in its true essence the look for plain weaving in the bag that is smooth to touch. You can check calico bags Perth for this quality. However, the non-plain weave is also used for bulk calico bag manufacturing these days which is good in quality and is used for commercial use. As per your personal preference, you can go with the choice of weaving. Still, the uneven weaving is not preferred these days.  

4. Poor Stitching

Poor-quality stitching can simply ruin a bag and its purpose. Many times the wholesale shopping bag suppliers do compromise with the stitching works to meet the bulk demands by the retailers. Calico bags are strong as they are made of 100% cotton. They need a cross stitching on its all borders. Once again, an internal stitch is necessary to keep the bags strong. Most often, a single stitch is done, which is poor quality. Carrying heavy objects might lead to tearing of the bag and dent on your reputation if you are offering such bags to your customers or prospects.

5. Handloom

Calico bags are 100% handloom products. You must check the fabric of the calico bags and whether it is sourced from the right supplier. You may be duped with any other forms of cotton fabric made of power looms. It is advisable to get a sample and check for handloom or power loom fabric which is used to make the calico bag.

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