Bulk Buying Of Groceries: How To Keep Them Safe? March 23, 2021 08:00

Do you like to have a stock of at least a week’s groceries? It comes as no surprise as people even plan to store groceries for even months. The far off distance from super markets and the busy lifestyle gives you less time to keep refilling your groceries. Hence, it is advisable to stock your food stuffs at home to get some free time for yourself. You do not like to go to local stores repeatedly to buy your essentials. When you have cash in your pocket, you think of buying bulk amount of groceries. You have also purchased grocery shopping bags wholesale to use each of the bags for holding your grocery items. However, many people face problem in stocking the groceries safely. It comes hard on your pocket when you buy things in bulk spending a lot of money but they get rotten or perished. So, how do you keep your foods safe? You cannot consume all your groceries in a few days. Thus, proper storage is important to maintain freshness of your essentials.

Grocery Shopping Bags

Bulk groceries let you save money. But, they get rotten, you may face a wastage. That is why you can make the best use of your bags for successful storage along with other storage hacks. Invest in wholesale reusable grocery bags, as you need them for different purposes.

Find the storage tips for different grocery items

How to store raw meats-

You may have bought poultry packages, fish, and raw meat. Some retailers provide their customers with disposable plastic carriers to hold these items. Before storing them in a big reusable bag, you have to put those items into separate plastic bags. It ensures that one type of foods has not touched the other one.

Storing fruits and veggies-

Your green vegetables and fruits do not last long, when you have left them in your bags. So the way you carry them to home also matters a lot. When you reach home, immediate refrigeration is also needed. The following fruits and vegetables need refrigeration-

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Beets
  • Blackberries
  • Pumpkins
  • Broccolis
  • Green beans

Keep up the proper temperature level to maintain their freshness. Also, choose right packing backs to keep different items separately.

Other items that can be stored in bags-

You have to put grains, brown rice, and flour into bags. They are safe to be kept outside. However, if you wish long-term storage then store them inside your fridge. It helps in keeping them safe from insects. Buy bags in bulk to store different grains separately. However, some consumers like to store them inside airtight containers also. Whole grains need refrigeration, as they will get damaged at room temperature within a few months. If you are keeping them in containers or bags, then try to find out some herbal leaves which keep the grains safe.

Dried herbs and spices stay fresh for several months, and they need no special storage. You can store them in your small grocery shopping bags and put them into your kitchen cabinet.

Storing your unpackaged foods-

The unpackaged foods have shorter shelf life, and thus they need proper storage to avoid spoilage. Onions and potatoes can remain fresh for a number of weeks. You can store them in some dry and cold places. Freezer can make these foods last longer. You can use freezer for chopped fruits.

Wholesale Reusable Grocery Bags

Storing the canned foods-

Canned foods are safe from humidity issues. Still, they need protection to avoid any negative effect on your items. Although it is easy to store the canned foods, pest problems can be a concern. Your pantry pests can infest your foods, and then, those foods will not be edible for you. Some consumers like to wrap bags to ensure protection. However, pests can eat away those bags. That is why the safest option for you is a durable storage container. You can put label to your glass storage container to identify them easily.

These are the ways you can keep your eatables fresh at home and safe your precious time in visiting stores again and again.

Which bag to use for buying groceries?

 The choice of your grocery bag also matters a lot. If you are buying perishable items which are watery or moist, then using a cotton bag with internal lining is suggested as it will keep your products safe. Also, the bag will not gain stained. For carrying heavy grains or sugar, jute bag is a good option. For other items, going with a medium-size cotton bag or a canvas bag is also good. Just make sure to have enough space in your bag to accommodate all the things. Prefer carrying two bags instead of stuffing all the things in one bag, especially if you are travelling far to get your groceries. 

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