Non-Woven Bags- Explore The Features Before You Buy May 21, 2023 08:00

Many consumers and retailers have started replacing traditional plastic bags with eco-friendly carriers. Modern reusable totes made from non-woven fabrics have gained high popularity. These bags are also easily customizable, and you can print your brand name on the fabric.

Table of content

  • An Overview Of The Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing Process
  • Features Of Non-Woven Bags
  • Where To Buy Non-Woven Nags?

An Overview Of The Non-Woven Bag Manufacturing Process

Non-woven bag manufacturers spin polyester polymers or polypropylene into fluffy threads. They do it by coming air and heat to press the threads together and produce fabric. Manufacturers then cut the pieces out of the long fabric and attach them together to design the bags.

Features Of Non-Woven Bags

Features of Non Woven Bags

Sustainable and reusable

Non-woven bags are sustainable because you can reuse them several times. However, crude oil is used to manufacture polyester and polypropylene fabrics intended to design the bags. So, you have to reuse them to avoid environmental pollution.

100% recyclable and bio-degradable

 These bags are made without the use of any PVC coating or water coating. This makes the bag degrade biologically without causing any harm to the soil or nature as a whole. They also don’t emit any toxic contaminants in the air while burnt for disposal. The leftovers after the burn also get decomposed in the soil. However, if someone wants to reuse the product in place or discarding it, they can be recycled easily creating a new product. Thus, these bags are highly safe for nature and durable to be used for a long period of time. This is also the reason why non-woven bag suppliers Australia are preferring this product over others for quite some time.

Light-weight and user-friendly

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These bags are very lightweight and easy to carry to different places. You can carry any kind of product in these bags while resting assured of their safety. From carrying groceries to fruits, vegetables, books, gift items, clothes, toys and all, the bags can withstand any load you give to it. This multi-purpose feature of the bags makes them a good choice for all.

Highly durable

The durability of these bags is unquestionable and they make the best fit for a number of heavy-duty use. They can carry heavy loads without any fear of being damaged, torn, or punched broken making them suitable for multiple uses for many years. This is the reason why businesses chose non-woven shopping bags wholesale for many of their business and promotional usage.

Easy to wash

Non-woven bags manufactured from polyester and polypropylene are easily washable. When you use the bags to carry grocery items, you should clean them properly to prevent cross-contamination. You can also buy multiple bags to use them separately for meat and vegetables. Use wet wipes to disinfect and clean the bags. 

Where To Buy Non-Woven Nags?

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Non-woven bags are highly resilient, reusable bags for carrying groceries and other items. Many retailers buy these bags in bulk and order customisations. Besides, these fabric bags are available at an affordable rate, and so, you can choose them as the best promotional gifts for your customers.