Ready To Buy Quality Tradeshow Bags? - Learn About Their Features May 1, 2023 08:00

Tradeshows are common events in the business world. No matter which part of the country you are, you would surely come to know about a tradeshow running or coming up next. Businesses of any kind ranging from merchandising to real estate, IT work, farming, and others, keep on exposing their products or services through open trade shows. But, how would you like to promote your business to tradeshow attendants? If you want to invest in promotional gifts for your tradeshow participants, you can choose bags. However, before buying your tradeshow bags, you have to check their features.

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  • What Are The Most Important Tradeshow Bag Features?
  • Analyze Features Of Every Type Of Bag
  • Fabrics Used For Tradeshow Bags

What Are The Most Important Tradeshow Bag Features?

Tradeshow bags


You should not overlook the durability of your tradeshow bags. The best bags made of sturdy materials withstand everyday use. If your potential customers can use these bags for a number of years, your brand logo will also be visible to them for a long period.


Your customers and business partners like to see your environmental consciousness. Thus, buying a bulk pack of eco-friendly bags is a good decision.


You can print your brand name because tradeshow bags are customizable. So, your bags will be personalized gifts for your customers and other attendants at the event.

Analyze Features Of Every Type Of Bag

Features of Tradeshow bags

Depending on the bag type chosen for your tradeshow, you can find variations in the features.

Drawstring bags

  • The most lightweight yet highly functional promotional trade show bags
  • Have sufficient space in them to store things
  • Travel-friendly and versatile bags used for different purposes
  • Made of eco-friendly materials like canvas
  • Include a string as the closure of the drawstring bags

Cooler bags 

  • Useful bags for picnic, camps, weddings and travelling
  • Designed for storing drinks and beverages and keep them cool for a longer period of time.
  • Insulated design also helps in retaining the heat of your hot food and drinks.
  • The side pockets can be used to carry water bottles, snacks and any other such item.
  • Customizable with your brand or logo
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • A waterproof and oil-proof design
  • Wrinkle and wear resistance
  • Best for both outdoor and indoor uses

Wine Bags

  • Made from guilt-free, eco-friendly materials.
  • Contain insulated materials to keep your wine cool for a number of hours.
  • Available in various designs and sizes
  • Can hold a single or multiple bottles.
  • Include dividers to help customers carry bottles safely
  • Equipped with zippers and handles to keep your bottles secure

Paper bags

  • Help you convey an eco-friendly message as paper is biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Designed for carrying lightweight items
  • Easy to print your brand logo and other messages
  • Handles are mostly made from other materials.

Fabrics Used For Tradeshow Bags

The most fabrics for tradeshow bags are


You get RPET after recycling plastic material like bottles. The resultant fabric is eco-friendly in nature. Also, the resultant is quite durable and can be used to design a bag that can be used on regular basis. You can recycle this material whenever you wish to. Such bags when presented to the visitors in the show turn out to be highly durable and tough. They are suitable for carrying heavy stuffs inside. 


In the case of polypropylene, there are two options available.

  • Woven Polypropylene
  • Non woven Polypropylene

Woven polypropylene is considered the best option for trade show bags as the fabric is quite durable. You get woven polypropylene also from the recycled material of plastic.

Nonwoven Polypropylene fabric is very much similar to woven one. The difference lies in the fact that in this case, the resultant thread from the recycled plastic material is thin. These thin threads combine together and give the resultant fabric.

Sustainable Fabric

The fabrics jute, cotton, or bamboo fall under the category of sustainable fabric. You get these fabrics from plants. This implies that you can plant them, grow and then harvest them again and again, and keep getting the fabric. Since they are natural fabric, it is easy to recycle them. The fabric is similar to woven polypropylene and the only difference is that here natural fiber is being used to get the thread. They give a finished look and work best as trade show tote bags.

Where To Buy Wholesale Tradeshow Bags?

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Promotional bags are the best tradeshow gifts, as they are easily customizable. Available at an affordable rate, these bags let you stay within budget. You can also buy a bulk pack of tradeshow bags depending on the number of invitees.