Amazing Features Of Drawstring Backpacks - Know Before You Buy Them April 11, 2023 08:00

Drawstring bags have become a trendy bag design for several consumers. Although these bags are available in various designs, backpack styles have a high functional value. Especially with the youth and school going students, these drawstring bags is the latest fad and hence manufacturers are bringing them in different fabrics and designs as well. You can even customise them for promotional purposes. Found in different sizes, drawstring backpacks have drawn the attention of many consumers.

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  • What Are Drawstring Bags?
  • Features Of Drawstring Backpacks
  • Where To Buy Drawstring Backpacks Online?

What Are Drawstring Bags?

printed drawstring bags

Drawstring bags, also known as cinch bags, are pouches with a long string at the mouth that can be pulled and tied to close it. The material kept inside would be safe and will not fall. These are available in various materials, including cloth, leather, beads, fibre, jute, fabrics, and even woven plastic threads.

They had been in use for centuries, even in ancient times. If you happen to watch old Egyptian movies, you could easily find a pouch handing on the waste of people travelling ties across the waist with a long string. This was nothing but a drawstring bag. These custom-made or printed drawstring bags have kept on evolving overages but have found their place always in society with application across a lot of places.

Women love using these bags with bead designs over them, and they have been a style statement for many. In today’s society also, personalized drawstring bags have surged as a popular choice and has become the synonym for femininity and beauty. But thanks to the modern world that has given men and women have equal opportunities to use these user-friendly bags for various purposes. This is the reason why this one product fits well in the category of promotional item, as they can be presented to everyone irrespective of gender or age. Organizations are widely choosing to have printed drawstring bags bulk Australia, for their marketing campaigns and other activities.

Features Of Drawstring Bags

The best drawstring bags come with a range of features.

Easy closure and opening option:

As the name suggests, drawstring bag are easy to close with flexible strings and easy to open with just open stroke. This ease of use is one of the factors that bringing drawstring backpacks in high demand and a frequent choice of the customers.  


Drawstring bags are made from fabrics or other recycled materials. So, they are environmentally sustainable products, and you can invest in these drawstring bags to show your brand’s eco-consciousness. Choose these bags as the corporate giveaway, and let customers use them for several years.


The versatile design is another reason for choosing drawstring backpacks. When the backpacks become old, customers can repurpose the bags instead of discarding them. While some users choose drawstring backpacks as library bags, others use them as diaper bags.


The compact has made drawstring bags friendly to travellers. If you need to travel regularly, you can choose a bag with a compact design. Instead of using a large trolley bag, you can invest in small backpacks with drawstring bags.


Made from fabric, drawstring bags are customisable. You can personalise the bags with artwork and prints. A lot of creativity can also be displayed by choosing different types of strings. Based on the purpose and use of the bag, you can pick the string material and its design and appeal to your potential customers by offering personalised bags. 


Although drawstring backpacks are compact, they are spacious. If the strings are strong, your backpacks can hold a number of items.

One compartment access:

The bag has only one big central compartment where you can find your things without spending much time. There is no need to keep peeping on different compartments as in other bags and getting late for your things.


The drawstring bags provide higher mobility as they are easy to pack and go. They are also easier to carry as compared to the traditional carry bags, which are heavier and bulkier to carry for a long period of time.

Safety of things:

The string on top of the bag clinches go hard that it is not easy for anything to fall out, providing complete safety to the things kept inside. No matter how you pull or place the bag, rest assured that nothing will fall down from it.

Accessible and easy to use: 

You can quickly access the stuff in the bag by loosening the string without juggling across the clasps or zippers of other traditional bags. Similarly, to lock it, just keep the things inside and pull the string to get going. Nothing can be easier than having this experience of using the bag.

Foldable and packable:

Bulky bags and briefcases, made of a range of materials, are not easy to carry. While you need to carry your things to start a long trip, you may choose these foldable bags. When the bag is not in use, you can fold it and put it into your cabinet. Also, they come with various compartments to place different types of objects you find difficult to locate otherwise. 

So, consider these features while buying drawstring backpacks online.

Where To Buy Personalized Drawstring Backpacks Online?

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Drawstring bags are available in a range of designs in online stores. If you have bought them in bulk, you can grab discounts. The best stores also help you personalise the bags in different ways.