Types Of Cotton Bags And Their Multiple Usage June 1, 2023 08:00

Cotton bags have become highly popular due to their eco-friendliness. Many companies have invested in these eco-bags to run promotional campaigns. Available in different solid colours, cotton bags allow customisation. You can use these bags for several purposes. Moreover, manufacturers have created different bag designs with cotton fabrics.

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Types Of Cotton Bags

Types of cotton bags

So, listed below are the various bags used for brand promotion these days.

Tote bags

This is the most common bag used for promotional events these days across myriad of customers or prospects. The bag is simple yet spacious and suitable for usage by people of any age group. The length of the bag may differ depending upon the use and size of bag. Women of all age groups use these bags for shopping etc. These are trendy bags which are carried along to college, market or any place you go. This is because of the ample space in cotton woven bags tote style that it fits to any kind of use.

Cotton drawstring bags

These bags can be used for carrying books and other items. You can even carry the drawstring bag to your gym club.

Cotton laundry bags

Keep your clothes separated by using different bags for washing and drying.

Cotton messenger bags

 With adjustable straps and a roomy design, these bags can be carried cross-body. You can use them to hold keys and other items. 

Uses of cotton bags

Cotton bags can be used in different ways. Their sizes and design have a lot to do with the type of usage they are put in.  

Cotton beach bags

Beach bags are usually rough and tough. Mostly these cotton woven bags are used as beach bags to carry the stuff required and keep them safe from sand and outside dirt. They are available in funky colors and styles. Companies are widely adopting such bags to present to their people and accompany them while they pass their leisurely time in beach enjoying. This is the perfect time to get noticed by people and spread your brand awareness. People carry their sunglasses, sunscreen, clothes and many more things in such bags and use them at the beaches. With a little bit of creative approach, you can creatively customize the bag to gather the eyeballs of people. A little effort on the personalization of such bags can give you recurring returns on your investment while enhancing your brand presence significantly.

Sports bag

Cotton bags bulk are also very popular as sports bag. This is yet another powerful category of promotional bag as it addresses to the class of people who really carry for their health and go outdoors frequently. These bags can hold the essential items such as clothes, shoes, water bottle whenever you go for any sports activity. They are quite firm and so they can carry quite heavy things and make the perfect carriage for gym, basketball ground, yoga centres, and other such places. No matter you are engaged in any indoor or outdoor activity, you can keep these bags anywhere very conveniently. Being durable in nature they can also bear wear and tear. Apart from it, these sports bag also have many compartments where they can hold extra items also.

Cotton grocery bags

These are the bigger size bags to carry all your grocery items. Since grocery items are quite heavy, they are quite stronger bags. They can also withstand deterioration. These spacious cotton woven bagsprimarily with a central big compartment. However, since these days people are widely opting for cotton bags to carry their groceries, more innovative styles are coming in these bags. There are many models with extra pockets or compartments to allow placement of different things separately..

Cotton shopping bags

Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton shopping bags wholesale Australia are very useful when you head towards market. With these bags, you can carry the items you shop for in your bag. You need not pay extra money for a carry bag to the shopkeeper. You have your own bag to store the items as and when needed. Such an useful item, when used as a promotional bag by small shop owners, vegetable market owners, fruits sellers, general store owners, medical store owners and others, can be a very effective tool.

Reuse of cotton bags

You can even reuse the old bags in some creative ways.

Make cushion  

If you have an old and torn cotton bag, you can turn it into a cushion by removing the handles.

Baby-changing bag

Parents and caregivers often need to carry baby essentials like spare clothes, food, bibs, bottles, and nappies. A cotton bag is also easy to clean if there is a spill.

Where to buy cotton bags?

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Cotton bags are a versatile choice for consumers. Depending on the purpose of use, you can decide on the bag design. Though cotton bags are lightweight, they have a durable design. The reusable and recyclable cotton bags will save the environment from pollution.