Grocery Bags With Different Styles- Why Should You Use These Bags? June 21, 2023 08:00

A grocery bag is an everyday essential for shoppers. Nowadays, modern consumers prefer using reusable grocery bags to avoid environmental effects. Available in different sizes, these reusable bags are customizable to your needs. So, many retailers choose these bags for promotional purposes by printing their brand names. Reusable grocery bags are advantageous, and you can find them in various styles.

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  • What are the advantages of using reusable grocery bags?
  • What are different types of grocery bags?
  • Where to buy grocery bags?


What are the advantages of using reusable grocery bags?

Reusable grocery bags are the right choice for several reasons-

Reusable grocery bags


Plastic bags take 15 to 1,000 years to degrade, and many of these end up in lakes, ponds, and oceans. Only about 1% of the 100 billion disposable shopping bags used in Australia are recycled annually, causing a significant pollution level. 

Reusable bags can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially those manufactured from recycled materials. The environment wins as reusable shopping bags are produced from natural products such as cotton, bamboo, or jute. These plants are easy to grow and do not release toxic substances. For instance, cotton fibre can be extracted without destroying the entire plant, allowing continuous oxygen production and re-harvest. 


Although reusable shopping bags are pretty costly, you can use them for years. Compared to buying plastic shopping bags every time you go out for groceries, reusable shopping bags are more cost-effective.   Whenever it gets dirty, it can easily be washed and reused. These bags are durable and can be used on several shopping trips over time.

Convenient and Durable

Perhaps everyone had experienced the scenario where the grocery bagger packs so many bulky goods into one bag. When you pick it up, what tends to happen? Well, before it reaches your house, the handles snaps or the sharp edges of your box of cereal pierce the bag's thin side. Grocery totes are far more durable since they are designed to be reused. There are also laminated shopping totes available for added durability. Plus, they can even hold even more weight than disposable bags.


Many stores and retailers offer reusable customised shopping bags at their counters throughout Australia to inspire you to shift to reusable. Plus, these shopping bags come with some fantastic designs.

Easy to Store

Compared to single-use disposable plastic shopping bags that may clutter around your yard when not properly disposed of, multi-use shopping bags are easy to store. Pack-away shopping bag is a term used to describe shopping bags made for easy and fold-up flat storage. These shopping bags easily keep that they fit easy-access areas such as car trunks and front door closets. 

What are different types of grocery bags?

Grocery bags can be categorised in various ways.

In terms of fabrics used, these bags are of multiple types-

Custom Printed Grocery Bags

  1. Canvas bags– Canvas or cotton shopping bags are extremely common type of bags. These are made from natural fibres like cotton or organic cotton and are reusable, thus causing no harm to the environment. Such grocery bags with logo look more stylish when carried. They are durable and sustain outdoor wear and tear.
  2. Jute bags–being a strong fibre has strong physical properties and can carry bulky goods. That’s why jute is used to make ropes, sapling bags etc. The reason you should use jute bags is because they are light in weight and extremely durable which makes it convenient to use for longer periods of time.
  3. Hemp bags– Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant species used for industrial purposes. Hemp bags are originally made from yarns of hemp fibre.
  4. Recycled PET bags– As the name suggests, these are the kind of bags which are recycled from plastic containers or bottles. These bags are strong, durable and since they are recycled, they even help to reduce waste.
  5. Calico bags: Calico bags are made from 100% cotton and are highly used bags these days. These bags come in a variety of handle designs like drawstring, two short handles, long shoulder straps and more. Being made out of cotton, they are washable and reusable.

We can classify grocery bags based on their styles and designs too-

Promotional Reusable Grocery Bags

Tote-style grocery bags-

Tote bags made of cloth have an open top. You do not need to compromise style while going to grocery stores. These totes have a single compartment to hold your items. The spacious design is highly preferable to consumers.

Vegetable carry bags with multiple pockets-

You may feel that it will be a mess to put different vegetables and fruits into one bag. You will encounter problems while taking them out of the bag. The uniquely designed fabric tote bags have interior pockets. 5 to 6 pockets with a large space at the centre help you in organizing the items. Every small pouch has a capacity of holding almost 2 Kilos of weight.

Small reusable bags with a drawstring-

It is another type of grocery bag to carry lightweight foods, like nuts, grain, sugar, and flour. As the bag has no holes, you have no chance of losing your food items anywhere. Put the items into your bag and draw the string.  These bags also come with shoulder straps.

Freezable grocery bags-

You do not like to use your grocery bag not simply when you go to the shops. Grocery bags are also useful for storage purposes. While you are looking for some additional storage space for your vegetables, you can invest in these bags. The freezable gel liner integrated with the bag plays a role in keeping your vegetables and fruits safe.

Grocery bags with netting-

Although they are stylish bags, their handles are small. You can carry one to two vegetables using these bags. They are comparatively smaller and good for carrying small food items. Moreover, the netting design ensures proper ventilation. 

Grocery bags with zipper

The most standard types of grocery bags come with zipper. They just ensure that things you keep inside are safe and will not fall out in any case. While buying such bags you must check if the zip is good in quality. 

Where to buy grocery bags?

printed shopping bags

You might look for grocery bags with multiple features and designs so that you can make the best choice. At Bags247, you can find a number of bags that are truly amazing in terms of their usability and looks. Sizes are also available that fit every need of yours. Buy small, medium, or large size grocery bags in plain, natural or multiple colors. If you are buying them for branding or promotional needs, just get them customized with your company’s logo or name. have a preview of the design before placing any bulk order. We delivery free across Australia to multiple locations like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and others.


Grocery bags are useful while buying groceries and other items. Made from different fabrics, these reusable bags have a good carrying capacity. Competitive pricing, durability, and biodegradability are some reasons for choosing these bags. You can buy these bags in bulk to make a more affordable deal.