Custom Eco-Friendly Bags With Distinctive Features May 11, 2023 08:00

Eco-friendly bags have become a great choice for several shoppers. Many retailers also have started replacing plastic carriers with fabric bags. It is one of the biggest steps for making the environment pollution-free. These eco bags are found in various designs to meet your needs. You can also purchase these bags in bulk and use them for promotional purposes. However, you should know about the features of eco-friendly bags before making a deal.

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  • What Are The Main Features Of Eco-Bags?
  • Which Is The Best Place To Buy Eco Bags?

What Are The Main Features Of Eco-Bags?

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Modern, well-designed eco-friendly bags come with a range of features-

High durability

Most eco bags are known for their high resilience. But, based on the use of fabrics, you can find difference in the durability of your bags. In terms of sturdiness, canvas is the best bag materials made from some biodegradable cotton fibers. However, jute bags are also the right choice when you are looking for highly resilient eco-friendly bags Australia. They are also sturdy for outdoor rough usage. What’s more, you can find these jute bags at an affordable rate.

Easy to wash

The best eco-friendly bags, made of cotton and hemp, are machine-washable. You can use cold water to cleanse customised eco-bags. Besides, these bags retain their original color in spite of washing them several times. It is one of the notable factors to test out the quality of your bags.

For jute bags, it is better to avoid using machines to make them long-lasting. Moreover, non-woven polypropylene bags are safe with a manual washing process. Users can clean them with any soapy solution.

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While buying eco-friendly tote bags wholesale, you need to identify flammability of materials. Eco-friendly fabric, jute is highly fire-resistant as it has a special inherent structure. Moreover, modern canvas is also not easy to ignite. If some other fabric is blended in the material to enhance its look or make it smoother, then there is a possibility of catching fire easily. Otherwise, the real eco-bags withstand high temperature easily. Thus, the best promotional bags have to be non-combustible.

Compostable and biodegradable

Most of us use the terms, compostable and biodegradable, while buying eco-friendly products. However, there are difference in these two terms. Almost anything in this earth is biodegradable. But, the question is-

How much time do an item takes to undergo transformation? Cloth bags take some decades to be decomposed fully. Conversely, plastics take more than 100 years for the decomposition cycle. Micro plastics are non-biodegradable materials. The term, compostable, refers to something, which breaks down into some organic materials. But to make the bags waterproof, sometimes plastic material is added in the bags. Most of the eco-bags also come with internal plastic lining. While sometimes, it is important to have them inside, the quality of the eco-bags gets compromised.

Easily foldable

As eco-friendly bags are made of fabrics, they are easy to fold. When the bags are not in use, you can stack them anywhere. Besides, you can fold and carry multiple bags while going to a grocery store.

Sturdy handles

In most cases, the fabrics used for the bag and its handles are the same. But, there are also fabric bags with wooden handles.


As the fabrics are printable, you can buy custom eco bags. Print your brand logo on these bags and use them as promotional gifts.

Moisture Absorption

Jute or bamboo bags have a woven texture that enables breathability and prevents moisture build-up. Cotton bags, if not washed regularly tend to build bacteria on the inside and spoil their contents, if stored for a long duration of time. 

Which Is The Best Place To Buy Eco Bags?

You can visit online stores to purchase a bulk pack of eco-friendly bags. The best stores also receive customization requests for your fabric bags. It does not cost much to personalize the bags. Show your brand name, business address, and other details on the bag.

At Bags247, we help our clients get access to a number of Eco bags suitable for different business purposes. Explore a wide range of bags in different fabric types like cotton, jute, canvas, woven, non-woven etc in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes that can easily be customized with your business logo. We also provide free doorstep delivery at various locations in Australia including Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, and more. Do checkout our client’s review who hail from different industry verticals and enjoy our products and their quality.


Eco-friendly bags are available with attractive features that add functional value. Whether you want to buy groceries or other items, these bags are a perfect choice. With well-stitched handles, these bags can withhold the weight of your items. You can buy these long-lasting bags for your customers. You can also distribute them as a promotional item with a little customization.