Everything You Should Know About Jute Bags April 1, 2023 08:00

The demand for eco-friendly bags is on the rise. Many bag manufacturers have chosen jute as a highly resilient and environmentally sustainable material. By processing the raw jute fibres, they design strong jute bags. Let us learn more about customizable jute bags and their benefits.

Table of content

  • Features Of Jute Bags
  • Why Are Jute Bags Better Than Plastic Carriers?
  • Features Of Customized Jute Bags
  • Why Digital Printing Is The Preferred Mode Of Customization?

Features Of Jute Bags

Features of Jute Bags

Eco-friendly jute bags have a range of exclusive features.

Attractive and fashionable

Jute bags do not always come with natural fiber colours. Bag manufacturers treat the fabric and make it colourful to provide stylish jute bags.

Good storage capacity yet lightweight

As jute is highly durable, the bags made from this fabric are strong. You can put a lot of items into the jute bag without the concerns of damage. Still, these jute bags are lightweight and easy to carry.

Seamless stitching

Strong stitches ensure that the bags and the handle will not get detached. You will find better finishing with high-quality jute bags.

Stain-resistant and moisture-resistant

Although jute absorbs water easily, it dries within a short time. Moreover, jute bags are resistant to stains and abrasion.

Why Are Jute Bags Better Than Plastic Carriers?

Consumers have started replacing their jute bags with plastic ones for various reasons.

Fully recyclable materials

Jute is a natural fiber, hence, shopping bags fashioned from jute present zero threat to the natural environment. They are known as bio-degradable which means that they can be degraded with the activities of microbes present in the soil. Gradually, they would be absorbed by the soil without causing any harm to the nature earth or the animals. This is critical because plastic shopping bags pose a threat owing to the non-degradable nature of polymers & plastics. In light of this fact, consumers can peruse jute bags wholesale as a means to secure a steady supply of such products at a reasonable price. Further, consumers that purchase and use jute shopping bags make a viable contribution to the preservation of the earth's natural environment.

Fashion, Style, Jazz..!!

The designers of jute shopping bags have invested effort to bring stylish and fashionable creations to the attention of modern consumers.. A whole range of colors, graphics, tints, designs, embossed messages, cartoons, and color combinations attract the eyes of consumers, thereby encouraging more users to invest in these expressions of modern style. In addition, such bags can be folded and stowed easily inside cars; thereby adding to the sheer convenience of carrying a set of such products.

Functionality plus a Touch of Class

Dual-tone colors, abstract designs, external pockets, zippers, colored loops, the odd quirky touch, and contrast colors - these represent innovative design elements that quietly elevate the appearance and ease of use of jute shopping bags. In addition, large flaps and reinforced seams heighten consumer confidence in such products in modern times. Along with this, any of your actions that exhibits a concern for environment or nature is considered a class these days and heightens your reputation among all.

Features Of Customized Jute Bags

Customization of jute bags is a pretty easy task and there are various ways of doing so. The availability of technologically high-end machinery also enables for effective and stylish customization process to reflect your brand name or logo beautifully in the product. A few ways of getting personalized jute bags are through printing, patch-work, beadwork, glasswork, or embroidery. You can choose any one of these modes to get your name printed on the product for effective results of your marketing campaign.

Features of customized bags

Customized bags for your personal use or business promotion should reflect the emotions or message you want to convey. For that the bags should have some features that make it suitable for customization. Some of these features are listed below.

  • The bag should have a fabric that is either suitable for embroidery or printing. The quality should be rich to withstand the customization process.
  • The quality of color for printing should be suitable for jute to reflect the vibrancy.
  • The size of the bag should be big enough to accommodate the design, text or logo. In case you are going with a small bag, choose to print only the logo.

Things to consider while jute bag customization:

  • Choose a customization method that suits the fabric of the bag. If the threads are thick, normal printing might not work and might need an embroidery.
  • For bags with fine weaving digital printing is a suitable option. Even patchwork looks good on them.
  • Choose the right color combination i.e. the bag color and the logo color should go well with each other. Seek the help of designing experts to get a better idea.
  • Opt only high-quality printing services so that the customization lasts for long. It will give a lasting return on your investment.

Why Digital Printing Is The Preferred Mode Of Customization?

Digital printing of jute bags

Modern printing technologies have evolved to allow low-cost printing options for bulk manufacturers. This ability can be deployed to create large batches of jute promotional bags for use as business promotional items. Digital printing can ensure custom designs that conform to the specifications of key customers of such bulk products. Additionally, bulk printing reduces the per-unit price of promotional jute bags, thereby conferring significant price advantages to sponsor businesses. Bags can also be printed with attractive colors that include a corporate name or logo, thereby reinforcing the choice of using jute bags as promotional materials.

Where to buy customized jute bag?

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High-quality jute bags are available at the online store. You can choose the right size and colour for your jute bags based on your needs. The best online stores offer customisation options, and you can print your brand name on the bag. Durable jute bags have gained popularity as eco-friendly corporate gifts.