Eco-Friendly Bags With Unique Handles- Find The Trending Designs November 13, 2020 08:00

Nowadays, most of the shopping malls and retail stores do not provide their customers with plastic bags. So, how would you carry your essentials from the stores? Shoppers have started looking for alternatives, and that’s why we have found a growing popularity of eco-friendly bags. Cotton, canvas, and hessian shopping bags have turned out to be the best options for regular shoppers. Even for marketing, gifting, grocery shopping, fruits and vegetable shopping, you would find an appropriate design and size of such bags being widely used across Australia. While saving the environment from pollution, these reusable bags never let you compromise your style. Although the bag design is the major focus of users, the integrated handles can transform the look and ease of use as well.

We have now introduced you with a range of unique handles found with eco-friendly bags.

Durable wooden bag handles-

Hessian bags Australia with high resilience look beautiful when it comes with wooden handles. You may find round and square-shaped wooden handles that endure the weight of your personal stuff. Moreover, as wood is an eco-friendly material, it goes best with reusable hessian bags. Sturdy wooden designs have no risk of breakage. So, they become a very good option for carrying heavy objects. With clean and broad wooden handles, they remain soft on the hands also do not hurt if you carry the bags for longer time.

Hessian Bags Australia

Bags with cotton webbing-

Colorful cotton webbing straps are very common with the reusable and eco-friendly bags. The cotton webbing design also adds a style to the bag. Moreover, these cotton-webbing handles are very common with plain tote bags. You may customise those bags with your brand name and use them as promotional tote bags. These custom designed bags can be the most useful gifts for your customers. 

Jute bags with leather handles-

Leather can make a simple bag look elegant. However, highly embellished leather bags may not be affordable for us. The smartest option for you is to look for jute bags with high quality leather handles. A simple touch of leather makes your jute bag look attractive. Thus, you may buy hessian bags with stylish leather straps. Such bags with descent look are chosen by businesses as promotional gifts also for the esteemed customers.

Bags with a cotton rope-

Simple cotton ropes reveal a beautiful pattern and make your bags more fashionable. You can find cotton ropes in most of the handcrafted, eco-friendly bags. The properly stitched cotton ropes never get detached from your bag due to the load. Moreover, the colorful ropes, attached to the bags, can catch the attention of fashion-conscious women. They look trendy and the long size of the ropes allow you to fold them or tie them to make a style of your own.

Bags with drawstrings-

Instead of regular handles, some bags are available with drawstrings. You need to pull the string to secure your stuff and carry the bag like a backpack. Manufacturers mostly use nylon to design their drawstrings. Drawstring bags are available in both small and big versions to fit the needs of different customers. The strings made of silk are mostly found in drawstring pouches chosen for gifting people. They make the bag look expensive and one of the best choices to be used for packing the return gifts. However, the drawstrings are also made of jute strings and cotton strings.

Bags with slings

This has been in trend for quite sometime. The canvas bags, jute bags, denim bags, and printed cotton bags are readily found with sling handles made of the same material or any other contrast material. They allow the bag to be hanged sidewise easily and offers convenience of use. Sling bags are preferred by people of all ages and gender. 

Hessian Shopping Bags

Bags with beaded handles

Beaded handles mostly impart the mostly stylish look with a traditional touch. Mostly attached to small-sized bags, these bags are common among ladies and girls. You can buy them online in bulk for gifting during parties, new year celebrations, Christmas and other festivals. They can also be presented to girls during farewells. 

Now, you can invest in these eco-friendly totes and shopping bags with a variation of handle options and customise them for promotional purpose. You may use one or both side of your bag to imprint the brand name. Shopping bags are available in both solid colors and contrasting patterns. However, you will get a pace to display your brand message, logo, and company name. In fact, these reusable promotional bags of cotton, canvas, hemp, and other fabrics will reveal your environmental consciousness. Thus, buy the best custom bags with innovatively designed straps.

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