Say No To Plastics- Opt For An Eco Friendly Jute Bag November 5, 2019 08:00

Over a period of time, the general awareness about the harmful effects of using plastics has increased. This has resulted in many bag recycling programs like the introduction of jute shopping bags Australia in the market. There is hardly anyone who will not have heard about the advantages of using jute bags over plastic bags. Almost everywhere there is a hoarding of say no to plastics. Nations worldwide have implemented various rules on the ban on plastics. But do you really know how plastics are harmful

Why plastics are harmful for Earth?

Plastic bags in a way are made from oil. And oil in a non –renewable resource on Earth. Further, these bags are biodegradable and cannot break down completely. This results in the pollution of land and water. Plastic bags are also very harmful to animals and birds. The natural environment and the eco-balance of Earth are disturbed with these bags. Moreover, chlorinated plastic is a lot more harmful to Earth. It releases various chemicals into the soil which enter underground water and further reaches our home.

Jute bags come as a savior

With the imposition of the ban on plastics, jute bags came as a savior. They became the perfect replacement for plastic bags.  Today the Earth is getting dirty day by day. It is high time that we think about this serious problem and takes proper steps. One of the steps taken in this direction is the introduction of jute shopping bags Australia. These bags being naturally green become the best choice to save nature. These bags in a way help the government in strengthening the ban imposed on plastic bags. They encourage people to move away from plastic bags. Hessian shopping bags for sale are eco-friendly and can decompose at a fast rate, unlike plastic. These bags do not contaminate the environment and keep the surroundings and air clean.

Hessian Shopping Bags For Sale

Various uses of jute bags

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers present on Earth.  It is a smooth and shiny fiber that can be formed into long threads. A jute bag is one of the many items that can be made from these threads. Jute bags have become a trend in the present era. This is because people have become more aware of the environment. These bags become primary bags and can be used to hold books, lunch boxes, emails, beach bags or gym bags, etc. It is the perfect option for shopping bags. They can hold comparatively heavy things and can be used again and again. Jute bags are also the best choice for office bags. Nowadays hessian shopping bags for sale are available in the market.

Jute bags for brand promotion

In order to survive in a hardcore competitive market, brands have started new methods to promote the business. And one of such methods is promoting through jute bags. They get the rand name and logo imprinted on jute bags and use as giveaways, freebies, and corporate gifts. Where it, on one hand, promotes the business on another hand it also keeps people away from using plastic bags.

Play your role: Save the Nature

The earth belongs to everyone and its care and protection are also the responsibility of everyone. We all can play our bit and contribute to the bigger good of nature. Especially, the business owners and the corporate companies and come forward and promote the goodness of eco-friendly products to sensitize people and bring some change in the society on a mass scale. What can go hand-in-hand with a win-win situation for all is the marketing or brand advertising through the use of such products and leave a lasting impact on the people, not only about the benefits of nature-friendly products but also about their brand. So, it can be done? The very first answer is to promote the use of jute shopping bags, Australia and side by side promote your brand. Let’s get to know how you can do it.

Jute Shopping Bags Australia

Planning for your next marketing campaign: Plan for your next event in advance and get custom printed jute bags for your brand promotion. Present these bags to the people visiting your shop, store, or market and let your brand get publicity from every single recipient of the product. This is the easiest way of promotion when you don’t need to travel places, rather your customers would do that.

Organize a giveaway event with conditions applied: Get the hessian bags customized in a stylish way. Now flaunt that and announce free giveaway after doing a purchase of some minimum amount. This way you customers would try to reach that mark pushing your sale further for that day. Not only you will get a better margin that day but will also initiate a campaign for your brand that will be continued by the visitors to your shop.

Give away in a fun event: Organizing some activity with your own employees can be very engaging. You can also invite the family members or your loyal customers as participants in the event. Plan some interesting games, puzzles, competitions, etc and present customized jute bags as the prize. This can go a long way in promoting your brand as it will get noticed by many others coming across the person using the bag.

Pack some goodies and give an as festive gift: Long weekends and festivals bring some expectation. You can use this opportunity to build rapport with your customers and please them with an eco-friendly gift. Choose a small size printed jute bag, fill some small goodies inside it and present to your esteemed customers on occasions and build some rapport with them. This might result in retaining them forever. However, it will definitely be a step towards nature for you as you would are using the products which are good for nature and do not harm them in any way. 

Take your step now. Find hessian shopping bags for sale and get all the products at a highly discounted price. Get them customized as you wish and promote your brand in a nature-friendly way.