Hessian Bags: Know More About It April 23, 2021 08:00

Hessian or jute bags are quite popular around the world as they are eco-friendly and made using 100 percent recyclable material. It features a woven texture, that allows passage of air and are perfect for items that are moisture sensitive. They are sturdy and can hold heavy-weighted items unlike single-use plastic or paper bags. They are a perfect replacement for plastic bags and aren’t harmful for the nature like plastic bags. This is the reason why these bags are finding use across a number of applications around the world. From men, women, to children, there are variety of hessian bag designs that fit in their daily use for different purposes.

Hessian Shopping Bags

Hessian shopping bags are popular for carrying groceries and are also used by companies as their promotional tool by custom-printing them. We will be listing features of hessian bags, that you probably would love to know.

Why Choose Hessian Bags Over Plastic Bags?

  1. Durability

Hessian bags feature a strong-build and can lift day-to-day heavy items efficiently. These are made to resist daily wear and tear and can last for years if constructed well. The handles made of padded cotton or smooth wooden sticks are strong enough to lift any heavy item. Also, an internal water proof lining makes it more durable and suitable for carrying a wide variety of stuffs without the fear of stains on fabric. Even after washing the bag for multiple times, the hessian bags retain their strength to a larger extent.

  1. Breathable Fabric

Hessian bags with their woven design, offer enough room for air ventilation and are an excellent choice for items that can get spoiled due to moisture. This is the reason that items like rice, coffee beans, potatoes, etc are stored in hessian bags. You can also use large hessian bags in your home to store these food items for a few days or to carry them from the market to home.

  1. Affordable

Hessian bags are not only durable but extremely affordable as well. They are perfect for promotion for businesses and wholesale hessian bags are first choice among the sellers. Shopping bags come in different fabrics like plastic, cotton, canvas, etc. however jute shopping bags are extremely versatile and handy.If you plan to buy bulk hessian bags online, you can end up getting the best deal and save a lot of your money. For getting them customized, talk to the supplier as you can get the service as a complementary part along with the sale.

  1. Versatility

Hessian bags can be cut to any shape, design and color which makes them extremely versatile and can be used as shopping bags, gift bags, tote bags, beach bags, etc. They look stylish and can be carried anywhere. They feature a convenient grip handle, that makes it easy to lift heavy items. There are various dealers in the market that provide hessian shopping bags for sale and can be contacted for custom-made designs.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Hessian shopping bags are made using biodegradable materials and are completely recyclable as well. Also, they do not cause any harm to wildlife or marine life like plastic bags. If you are buying promotional hessian bags as a tool to promote your brand or logo, then it will also leave a positive impact of your brand and a good reputation of your company.

  1. Temperature Resistant

Plastic bags when exposed to sunlight can tend to heat up and emit harmful chemicals. These chemicals can stick up the groceries like fruits and vegetables which can be extremely dangerous for consumption. Using hessian grocery bags does not have any such problems and is safe to carry daily essential items.

  1. Reusable

Wholesale shopping bags made using hessian can be used again and again for years. They can be hand washed at home and will serve you for years to come. Also, they are easy to maintain and convenient to use as well. When not in use for several days, you can wash them, sun dry and keep safe inside the house. Proper drying of the bags is mandatory to prevent the build-up of microbes, fungi, and moulds. 

Switching to environment-friendly fabrics like hessian bags is a great choice as it avoids wastage and is safer choice for the planet as well. Various businesses are making a shift to such bags and buy wholesale hessian shopping bags, that can easily be custom-printed and are available at economical price as well.

Hessian Shopping Bags For Sale 

Buy hessian shopping bags online

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