Hessian Bags Versus Leather Bags- Which Is The Better Choice? March 25, 2022 08:00

Do you love the elegant look and glaze of leather? That is why you carry leather bags and purses to attend a party. But, there are several other ways to show your style while carrying bags. One of the strongest competitors of leather bags is hessian bags. Several retailers prefer hessian when they buy the cheap reusable shopping bags wholesale.

Like leather, hessian bags are also durable. Then, why should you stick to leather handbags? Hessian bags are perfect for everyday use. You can buy them in bulk at a cost-effective rate.

Before purchasing leather handbags, you need to know that leather is derived from different animal skins. For instance, it can be the skin of goats, sheep, and cows. Leather is also useful for designing several items like belts, sacks, shoes, and satchels. Thus, it is common to use leather products every day.

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Some consumers like to show their status by using leather items. But, in the world of bags, there are better alternatives to leather. Find the reasons why hessian bags are better than leather bags.

Save the animals’ lives-

You may have heard of a claim that leather is obtained from animals killed for meat. However, it is not 100% true. Several pet animals are slaughtered to take the skin out of their bodies. For instance, kangaroos and ostriches can become victims, as their skin is useful for making bags and other items. However, buffaloes and cows are major sources of leather for different manufacturers.

The increased use of leather bags can raise the animal slaughter rate. It is essential for consumers to be more conscious about this face. Although they cannot replace the leather bags, they can show preference over hessian and other fabrics.

Made from the skin of jute plants, hessian combines some other vegetable fibres. Thus, you can buy custom hessian bags available in a range of designs.

Leather and hessian- Both are recyclable-

Both leather and hessian are recyclable, and thus, they do not harm the environment from this perspective. The recycling companies gather leather scraps from tanneries and different leather items. But, some companies do not like to recycle leather, as it is not easy to use old leather for any new item.

On the contrary, hessian bags are more recyclable and reusable. Moreover, the natural fibre, hessian, undergoes decomposition and saves the planet from the trash. The vegetable fibres can be used continuously for prolonged periods. As synthetic fibres can clog the lands and affect the marine ecosystem, it is good to use hessian bags.

Nowadays, hessian bags are available in a range of colours and sizes. You can buy printed hessian bags that reflect a unique style. Screen printing, embroidery, and several other techniques are available for customisations. But, leather printing needs dye sublimation, UV ink, and polymer ink.

Compare price of hessian and leather bags-

You need a high budget to invest in a bulk pack of leather bags. The use of authentic leather makes the leather wallets, duffle bags, and shoulder bags costly. Although there are synthetic substitutes, several consumers prefer the genuine ones.

Real leather of goats, buffaloes, cows, and sheep has pores, natural scratches, and bites. These signs indicate the originality of the material. Reliable brands choose full-grain leather to design the bags. Moreover, leather undergoes different treatments before it is used for the products. That is why leather products are much costlier than other items.

On the contrary, it is easy to find cheap hessian bags useful for a range of purposes. Although the price rate is comparatively low, there is no risk of compromising quality.

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Maintenance needs of the bags-

Dirty leather bags can lose their aesthetics due to the lack of care. That is why you have to remove the build-ups from the bag's surface. Grimes can clog the leather pores, and so, you must clean the bag at least once every year.

However, hessian bags are easy to clean with water. But, it is better to avoid regular cleaning, as the fabric may become weak. You must not use a washing machine to clean your hessian bags. Manual cleaning is safe for the material.

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