What Makes Hessian Fabric An Eco-Friendly Product? December 18, 2020 08:00

Nowadays, we can find an increasing use of eco-friendly products for different purposes. Lots of companies have started replacing plastic carriers with organic packaging. Their use across various industries is exemplary and is encouraging many other business and organizations to replace their plastic use with eco-bags made of different kinds of fabrics. Not only for commercial or packaging use, the businesses are also choosing such bags as a giveaway for their valuable people. Custom designed hessian gift bags are widely being used to promote brands. The durable, lightweight, and breathable hessian fabrics have become a versatile choice to manufacture bags. As disposable plastic bags are causing problems to the surrounding environment, we need to use these eco bags.

Among all these eco-bags, people usually go for cloth or jute bags, however hessian can be a great way to go green owing to its high usability and unique features. Its eco-friendly nature is making it quite popular  these days. Let’s get to know more about this fabric and its features.

Hessian Bags For Sale

However, how does the hessian fabric work as an eco-friendly product?

A plant-derived fabric- Easy to grow

Hessian is one of the sustainable fabrics obtained from the readily grown plants. Available at a low price, this fabric needs very little tending. You do not need to apply much effort for a large yield. With little labour cost, they can be grown in less span of time for a bigger harvest. This is also giving occupation to a number of people and a livelihood to many families. With increasing demand for hessian tote bags and other models, this plantation is high in demand and is done in large scale.

Hessian- A biodegradable fabric-

Hessian is one of the best biodegradable fabrics used for tote bags Australia. You know that plastics degrade very slowly and take several years to be converted into soil. On the contrary, hessian fabric takes a shorter period to degrade and that is why it is ecologically friendly in nature. As we use hessian bags for our everyday needs, we can reduce the risk of causing an impact on the environment. Not only this, the used bags can also be sent for recycling. This brings more sustainable way of bag production and usage which keeps the product in use for quite too long.

A reusable fabric-

With age, hessian fabrics wear out and become more breathable, softer and thinner. Still, it does not compromise its strength. In spite of the contact with moisture and other weather elements, hessian fabrics retain their originality. It is one of the reasons, for which we choose them as packaging materials. When your vegetables, fruits, and other groceries need breathability, you can store them in your hessian bags. Surely, hessian is one of the best alternatives to high-end fabrics, as it ensures both stylishness and durability. For instance, you can replace your denim bags with hessian totes as the cheaper alternatives. As a strong fabric, hessian can take the rigours of regular wear and tear. Thus, you can now start using the eco-friendly, printed hessian bags for your everyday use. 

Cultivation of jute and hessian-

You know that jute is the refined version of hessian. Thus, there is no difference in the cultivation of these fabrics. They do not need a high amount of fertilizers and pesticides for their growth. Moreover, their cultivation increases the soil fertility that will benefit the growth of other crops. Due to these unique properties, hessian is one of the best eco-friendly fabrics for bags. 

Printed Hessian Bags

You can look for hessian bags for sale to save environment from the everyday usage. These fabric bags are available in a range of styles and sizes. You may buy a bulk package of these bags at a very low price. Moreover, these reusable bags are easy to customise, and you can print your brand name on those bags to advertise your business. Your potential customers will use your hardwearing hessian bags for several years, and thus, you will get an optimum value from investing in those bags. You may spread the brand message with those custom bags.

Where to buy hessian bags online?

There are a number of online bag suppliers in Australia which can deliver the product across different parts like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast etc. However, while you decide to buy the bags online, try to find an established manufacturer and supplier who can offer you product with excellent customer service. At the same time, if you buy the product for branding, then check with the supplier if they offer customization or logo printing as well. You can get a good deal from the supplier on a bulk order along with business logo printing service. They can give you plenty of option of the design so that you can select anyone as per your preference.