How Are Hessian Bags An Answer To Eco-Friendly Branding Solutions? November 12, 2019 08:00

A Bit About Jute

Jute is a natural fibre. Long threads can be made out of jute. Till date is one of the cheapest fibres available. This makes jute one of the most widely used fibres. This is why hessian tote bags and other jute bags have become popular. The jute plant is mostly found in the countries like India, Bangladesh and China.

How are plastic bags harmful?

Millions of plastic bags are produced each year. But no one is aware about the amount of oil that is wasted in the production of these plastic bags. As per the survey the year 2008, from the total plastic produced, approximately 7% waste was recycled. So what about the rest 93%?

As per the water it has almost 80% of plastic. This plastic is a key threat to the marine life. Animals like turtles eat plastics along with jellyfish. The birds and fishes can hit these plastic or even accidentally eat them. The plastic will not be cleaned on its own. These plastic bags are not recycled. Even the government has banned the use of plastic bags. People have realized the seriousness of the threat posed by the use of plastics.

An example of China can be considered in this regards. Approximately 3 billion plastic bags are used there. Due to this the garbage bins looked like White Mountains. So the government there took serious measures to ban this plastic. Apart from China now even Indian government has banned plastic. People using these plastic bags fines. This has reduced the use of plastic bags and as a have shifted towards hessian jute bags wholesale.

hessian tote bags

Hessian bags are an answer to eco-friendliness

It is rightly said that hessian tote bags are an answer to eco-friendliness. These bags have come as an easy replacement for plastic bags. As seen above plastic bags are a hurdle to lead a healthy life. The various benefits of using jute bags are as follows

  • These bags are durable
  • These bags can be used again and again
  • They are environment-friendly
  • They are biodegradable and can be decomposed
  • In no way, they are a threat to nature and marine life
  • They are stylish and trendy bags

Jute bags have become the sure short replacement of plastic bags. Anything that can replace plastic bags is definitely eco-friendly. These bags help us to live in a healthy and progressive life which is the need of the hour. Jute has taken the market by a huge storm. People all over the world have realized the importance of jute bags. This is the reason why these bags have become a trend. Such is the scenario that various brands have also come into action. They use hessian jute bags wholesale for promotion. In a way, they also convey the message to go green and stop using plastics.

Why choose hessian bags for eco-friendly brand promotion?

Brand promotion and advertising are an integral part of any business activity. Despite having a great product, you might not end up with great revenue, if you don’t reach your target audience making them aware of your product offers. This is where an appropriate kind of advertising strategy gives you the desired outcomes. Going on with a promotional hessian bag could be a good idea if you wish to promote your brand while offering some utility product to them. Also, a bag provides ample space to let you showcase your business type right on the surface of the product. Apart from these, there are a number of other reasons that can make you choose a hessian product to speak on behalf of your brand.

Hessian Jute Bags Wholesale

Natural-friendly approach can earn you goodwill:

You buy fruits for your home and the shopkeeper gives you that in a plastic bag. Now, another shopkeeper gives you that in a hessian tote bag. What would be your reaction? Of course, plastic is something we all hate now. If someone encourages you to use plastic, you would definitely have a hateful reputation about him. This is where you can put yourself earning reputation among the people. Along with this, if you customize the bag with your product images, you would be able to tell more about yourself and your business.

Reusable Custom hessian bags for longer promotions:

Once you invest and your product remains in the market for a longer period of time. Though plastic bags are also durable, people don’t care about them and throw in the trash. However, the hessian tote bags are reusable and can be washed easily at home. Once you present them to your people and they remain with them for a longer period of time giving visibility to your brand name. Also, when the person uses the same bag and goes out, he/she also gets identified with the product and the logo or company name printed on it gets recalled quite often. So, indirectly, not only the also among others having a look the bag, your brand gets identification. This could be the easiest and the most economical way of advertising people prefer these days.

One item fits all:

You could be running a market, a book shop, a general store, a gift gallery or the like. No matter what your business is, you can choose to advertise your brand with custom-printed hessian bags as these bags are suitable for a wide array of customers. It can be presented to male, female, or kids with equal ease. It can accommodate any type of product making it suitable to be kept in bulk at the shop to your customers at any suitable occasion. Of course, there are different sizes of the bag and you have to choose them as per your requirement and product size.

Plain bags can be bought anytime, but for brand promotion, you need to customize them. For this, a little pre-planning is needed. Choose a bag of your size and place an order for hessian jute bags wholesale and get them customized beforehand. Reap the fruits of healthy brand marketing.