How To Store Fabric Bags Of Different Types November 30, 2021 08:00

Have you bought bulk canvas bags and cloth bags for different purposes? These are reusable bags and you will get the optimal value from them. From pharmacies to grocery stores, everywhere you can find the use of reusable bags of different sizes. The ignored part is that we use bags to buy things but never take care to store the bags properly which matter a lot for the life of the bags. In all this situation, we must admit that some countries have banned the use of plastic bags promoting the of reusable fabric bags. Nowadays, more and more consumers have started using the reusable bags made of cloth, canvas, and jute.

Reusable bags are available in varying sizes and shapes. If you take a little care of them, they would last long giving you maximum return on your investment. So, how will you store them. Proper storage will keep your bags in the best condition for years. Although these fabric bags can last long, you have to take care of them.

Bulk Canvas Bags

It is better to keep your cloth bags in a single place. It will prevent clutter and you can find the right one without any hassle.

One of the best options for you is to buy a multi-purpose bin into which you can put your cloth bags. Choose bins of different sizes and store the bags in them. Cloth bags do not consume much space, and a single bin can hold several bags.

Categorise the bags and find the way of storing them-

Small bags for lunches- You may have purchased blank canvas bags of medium to small sizes. Most consumers like to use these bags as their lunch bags.  Some of them have a zippered design, and you can easily fold them to keep those bags organized.

Large bags for shopping- Wholesale tote bags with logo Australia are useful as shopping bags. In most cases, these are large bags with handles. Based on your needs, you can buy shopping bags of different sizes. However, the best fact is that you can simply hang them from a hook in your wall. It will prevent creases on your cloth bags. But, while hanging your bag, you need to ensure that you have emptied it out. The presence of any heavy object will cause a stress on the handles. In due course, the handles will get torn, and your bags will be unusable.

Purse made of fabrics- Purses are small bags that you need to use every day. However, it is better to keep them separated from totes. You can store your purses in closets and shelves to preserve the bag quality for years. To maintain the shape of your purse, you can use some pillow inserts.

Backpack storage- You may have invested in backpack-style canvas bag printing solutions. As you need to use backpacks every day, there is no need to put them into your closet. The best option for you is to attach a hook to your wall and suspend the backpack from it. Moreover, as backpacks consume much space, it is better to hang them from a hook on the wall.

Canvas Bag Printing

Storage after cleaning and washing: There are many cloth bags which can be washed at home to give them a new look. However, if you store them without properly drying, it would only lead to spoilage of the bag. Molds can grow giving a fowl smell that would stop you from using such bags. So, when you clean your fabric bag, make sure to wash them properly and sun dry till its totally dry. Once the cloth dries fully, fold them properly and store in an open cupboard or a dry cupboard.

De-clutter your bag collection

One of the best tips for you is to de-clutter the stack of bags. As some bags are old and are not essential to you, it is better to discard them and save space. Moreover, these old bags would make other bags look dirty or smelly. So, pick the bags that are old and dirty.

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