Storing And Managing Your Groceries Properly To Avoid Food Poisoning March 22, 2022 08:00

Have you bought reusable grocery bags wholesale to reduce plastic pollution? The use of plastic is never safe for the environment. However, improper use of fabric bags may cause some adverse effects.

Although you have purchased grocery bags for shopping purposes, you like to use them for storing food. It especially happens when you have stored different types of food in a single bag. For instance, you may have stored meat in the bags for dry goods. It will result in cross-contamination. When you eat these foods, you will have a risk of food poisoning. The best solution is to place a bulk order for jute and calico grocery bags.

You must have a good stock of fabric bags for personal and commercial use. There should be separate bags for ready-to-eat items, raw foods, and non-edible items like washing powder. Do not use a single bag for carrying foods and other household things.

calico grocery bags

Some storeowners properly seal the raw meat in a small, disposable bag. Still, researchers have noticed the presence of harmful microorganisms on the outer sides of meat packages. Some scientific studies have proved that canvas is safe for the environment. That is why you can invest in canvas grocery bags wholesale.

There are some other ways of avoiding the food poisoning risks.

Find the safe shopping tips-

  • Wrap your seafood, poultry, and raw meat in PVC bags. The juices from these foods will not contact other foods. That is why well-sealed packaging is essential to avoid leaking issues.
  • Keep the seafood, fresh meat, and eggs separated from vegetables. While loading the shopping cart, these items must be on the top of other foods.
  • When you carry groceries in your reusable bags, you can choose plastic carriers for meat and poultry.
  • The bags for refrigerated and frozen foods must be separated from other foods under room temperature. It will keep these refrigerated items chilled for a longer period.
  • While riding a car, you must not choose the trunk to place groceries. Backseat is the best place for them.

Tips for storing groceries safely-

  • As you like to store your foods, you have to refrigerate them within 2 hours.
  • Store your veggies and fruits in different reusable bags. You may also use separate drawers and shelves for them. It will prevent the growth of mould, yeast, and microbes.
  • You can choose disposable cartons while storing eggs on the shelf. It is better to avoid placing them in your refrigerator door.
  • The bottom shelf of the fridge is best for storing the container of seafood, poultry, and meat.
  • Make sure that the bags for vegetables are clean. It is good to have separate bags for shopping and storage purposes.
  • The reusable, fabric totes must be in a dry and clean site. Clean the bags frequently with soapy, hot, soapy water. Some bag fabrics are also friendly to a washing machine.

Washing the reusable grocery bags-

  • You can cleanse your cloth grocery bags after every use. Some bag manufacturers also give cleaning instructions. However, cotton, hemp, and bamboo bags are machine washable. You may use laundry detergent for these bags. Dry them in machine or air.
  • Plastic-lined shopping bags need to be cleaned with soap and hot water. But, air drying is safe for them.
  • Polypropylene bags are washable with the gentle cleaning cycle of your washing machine. With cold water and soap, you can keep them germ-free.
  • You must be highly careful while cleaning the jute grocery bags. Jute fabrics become brittle when they get wet.

After unpacking the groceries, you must clean the sites where you have placed your reusable bags. For instance, you may need to clean the kitchen counter and shelves.

jute grocery bags

Tips for cooking safely-

  • Be careful while choosing your cooking tools. The knife for your ready-to-eat items must not be used for your raw meat. Use different utensils for preparing foods and for tasting them.
  • The cutting boards should also be separate- one for vegetables and the other one for seafood and raw meat. Some cutting boards have grooves to collect bacteria.
  • Similarly, you must choose separate places and wash them after every use.
  • Clean your serving forks, spoons, and knives, as they may have bacteria.

 With all these tips, we are sure that you would be managing your groceries very well. However, if you deal with grocery business, own a super market, a fruit market, or a general store, you might look for bags that can extend your brand reach and please your customers with a quality product. We offer a range of ecobags made out of cotton, jute, or hessian in plain as well as colourd looks. You can get them printed with your business logo and use them as a promotional product. Choose a design and order the bags in bulk at highly attractive rates to get delivered across Australia.