Canvas Tote Bags - Know Some Important Facts July 1, 2022 08:00

Canvas bags have become one of the best marketing tools for businesses that are trying to spread brand awareness. They are built in a variety of designs however, the totes are one of the most popular of these bag types. These wholesale bags do not cost high, and thus, your marketing budget remains for efficient and affordable. You can now check for the most important facts about these bags. While we will discuss the totes in detail, let’s get to know why canvas is one of the chosen items for bags. 

Canvas as bag fabric

Among all the different types of bags, the canvas bags in small, medium or large sizes have filled the market offering multiple options to the customers. There are several factors that mark canvas bags a choice for personal, business or commercial usage. As a bag for packaging of commercial products to a daily use bag by individuals, these are one of the most preferred bags.

Wholesale Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas fabrics are of different kinds. Traditionally the fabric was made with hemp or linen but nowadays the canvas that you will mostly find in the market are made of cotton as well. Italy was the first country to produce this material. However, the word “canvas” is derived from either the Greek or Latin word for “cannabis”. The material is naturally water-resistant and supports oil-painting. Therefore, the fabric is used by the painters as a painting surface stretched across a wooden frame. There are other names for this fabric and people also know it by different names like duck, trap, and tening. Duck canvas is considered to be the most suitable canvas for bag making. The backpacks and handbags made of this fabric are strong, durable and long lasting. Canvas bags are very trendy mainly because they have lots of space to accommodate things and can be customized easily. In the promotional eco bags wholesale Australia, you can find size and style for yourself as per your preference or need. All these features have made the Canvas the most useful, fancy, and elegant bags that can be carried outdoors.

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Now, let’s get to know why totes made out of canvas are so popular. A few features of the tote bags that make them rule the market are listed below:

Quality that makes a difference-

Genuine tote bags are available with high-quality construction. Low-quality bags have a single-needle stitch that holds the sides and bottom of the bags together. On the contrary, premium bags have reinforced stitches that do not tear away easily. Moreover, you can check the materials of your wholesale canvas tote bags. While canvas weaves ensure sturdiness, non-woven materials cause a puncture. The best bags can last for more than 20 years. So, it is better to invest in reusable bags. 

Use the reusable totes for marketing-

You like to make your brand distinguished at fundraising events, conferences, and tradeshows. You may find different options for your giveaways. It can range from pens and hats to drinkware. However, your event attendees will surely appreciate your custom printed canvas bags. The reusable and customisable bags with a stylish look can be the best gifts that you can offer your potential customers. 

However, while printing artwork on your bag, you have to focus on its quality. Canvas is one of the coarse fabrics, and thus, to ensure quality artwork on canvas bags, you must consider some factors. There are different printing techniques, which determine the quality of your bag’s artwork. You may also choose your brand logo and other details to personalise your bags. 

Totes are useful for shopping purposes-

Some retail store owners put the products into a plastic carrier. However, to distinguish your business from your competitors, you can use reusable tote bags. These eco-friendly bags will be highly useful for your customers. A spacious tote bag can hold a number of items. So, it is better than a plastic bag. Your customers can use the tote for several other purposes.

For instance, they can carry the bag to the library, beach, gym club, and any other place. The best fact is that the canvas tote withstands the weight of several items like books and laptops. 

Small totes can become the best gift bags-

You may have invested in different small gifts for your customers and employees to celebrate a special occasion. You can put these giveaways into your tote bags. Moreover, these environment-friendly bags are the best party favours at different events like birthdays and work anniversaries. You will receive thanks from the recipients. 

A small bag can become a gift basket loaded with several items. You may also personalise the bag based on the theme of your party.

Save the environment by using canvas totes regularly-

Reusable tote bags are the right alternative for reducing the use of plastic bags. You do not need to discard totes after a few uses. Moreover, the canvas is a biodegradable fabric that does not harm the environment. So, your brand can contribute to the approach to saving this green environment. 

Promotional Canvas Bags

Keep your totes clean-

One of the demerits of these totes is they can become dirty due to your regular use. The presence of nasty stuff can contaminate the food stored inside your canvas bags. Dirt can also damage the aesthetics of your bags. That is why you have to clean the bags regularly and keep them free from germs. In some cases, the dirt may not be visible to you. Still, it is important to wash the bags and sanitise them properly. 

Keep your totes organised-

Cleaning is always important for your promotional canvas bags. However, you must not leave your bags unorganised. 

Maybe, you have a stock of bags of different colours used for varying purposes. So, by organising the bags, you can use the right ones at the right time. For instance, the bags for shopping needs to be in one place. Similarly, your gym bags can be stored separately. It will enable you to pick the desired bags for your needs. Work bags, travel bags, and sports bags should also be stored properly in your drawer. As th totes are foldable, they do not take up much space.

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