Tips For Using Eco-Friendly, Fabric Shopping Bags January 7, 2022 08:00

Have you noticed the trend of embracing green products in the market? These are eco-friendly products causing no impact on the surrounding environment. Retail owners have also invested in promotional shopping bags made of eco-friendly materials. They encourage shoppers to use reusable bags. However, some consumers are new to the transition from plastic bags to these fabric bags. Many of them find managing and keeping them clean very difficult. However, using such bags is not only good for the environment, but also helpful and useful for you as you can use them many times without investing again and again on single use plastic bags.

There are ways to use such bags in the most optimum way. You will find these tips helpful while using the reusable shopping bags. Though these tips are small but highly handy and useful.

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Choose the bags you love-

A consumer may have more than 20 reusable bags in his wardrobe. Some bags are perhaps purchased from stores, while others are obtained as gifts. But, a few of these bags are favourites to the users for the durability, aesthetic design, and several other reasons. There are also all-purpose bags for everyday needs. So, it is important to focus on the fashion and function of the bags while making a purchase. A bag for shopping vegetables should not be used for going to a mall or cloth shopping. Selecting the right type of bag will increase its usability as well as look.

Keep some reusable shopping bags in your car-

One of the major mistakes of consumers is to forget bringing the bag with them. The best solution is to leave some bags inside the car. It is also good to roll up some fabric bags and put them into your purse. Cotton canvas bags will not take much space of your purse. But, there is one issue with this approach. When you have left the bags in your hot car for several days, it can result in bacterial growth. So, you have to buy washable cotton tote bags wholesale that you can easily wash at home and sun-dry. However, if the bag is colourful, try to make them dry in the shade as the hot sun rays can make the colours fade away. You can safely pack your meat and dairy products.

Empty out your bags after everyday use-

Bags loaded with vegetables and grocery lose their original beauty within a few days. Moreover, when you carry the loaded bags several times, it makes the straps weaker. Not only this, but things kept inside the bag for longer time imparts some odour to the bag and leads to gradual degradation of the bag fabric. So, after your regular use, you need to empty out the bag’s content and keep it at a safe, clean, and dry place.

Clean your bags regularly-

Do not overlook the hygiene of your reusable shopping bags. You have to clean your bags every time you use them. While washing your kitchen towels and clothes, you can include your cloth bags. Dairy items and other groceries can contaminate your bags. However, washing your bags separately is always advisable. Many times, only emptying the bag and dusting it off can also help. It depends on the things you carry in your bag.  

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Use your shopping bags for other purposes-

Buy cotton bags bulk and reuse them for a range of purposes. For instance, the tote-style cotton bags are reusable as library bags. You may also carry them to your picnic spot to store lunches. Moreover, you can pack your beach essentials into your bags. You can make the optimal use of your fabric bags. It will also help in reducing the clutter in your kitchen. You may also customise your bag with embroidery and other techniques. Beautify your bags with creativity. For outdoor usage, you can choose a bag with waterproof outer covering that can withstand rain or beach water touching its bottom. These small tips go a long way in giving you the convenience you expect at outside locations.

Use smaller bags for every item-

You can carry a number of small bags to keep every item separate. It will be easy to find any item from the right bag. But, some consumers like to carry a single big bag. Reusable shopping bags are available in a range of sizes like small, medium, large or extra-large. You can pick the right one for your purpose.

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