Check The Environmental Attributes Of The Bag Fabric - Jute May 6, 2022 08:00

The durability, attractiveness, and eco-friendliness characteristics of jute are undeniable. You might have come across jute rags, wall decors, and several other items. However, jute bags have become most popular among consumers. Retailers also invest in jute-made custom shopping bags with logo to use them for promotional campaigns. So, it is better to be familiar with the eco-friendly traits of jute. 

Enviro Shopping Bags

Cultivation of jute fibres- 

The naturally compostable and biodegradable jute fibres are derived from jute plants. Asian countries like Thailand and Bangladesh have the most favourable climate for cultivating this rainfed crop. The plant grows fast, and it can reach a height of up to 4m within 5 months.

The long, shiny, and soft fibre is spun into strong and coarse threads. As the yield per hectare is very high, jute products are easily accessible from the market. 

Jute fibres are also useful for the production of hessian bags, cloth, and carpet backing. Jute processing involves a high amount of labour and effort. The best fact is that jute plants have the potential to clean the surrounding air, as it consumes a high amount of greenhouse gas. 1-hectare jute cultivation helps in reducing 15 tons of CO2. The plants release more than 11-ton of oxygen and purify the air. 

What are the pros of using jute products?

It is already mention that jute plants save the environment from pollution. But, there are several other reasons for choosing the jute fibre.

  • Jute comes after cotton as a vegetable fibre. So, it is the best choice in terms of availability, production, and usage.
  • Jute fibres are very durable, as their tensile strength is high. They are better than synthetics because of breathability.
  • Jute results in the production of high-quality yarn and sacks. The versatile fibre is now used for agricultural sectors, packaging, and textiles.
  • Jute can be blended with some other natural and synthetic fibres. You can apply natural pigment dyes to make the jute product more attractive. As more consumers have started looking for jute items, some manufacturers blend jute with cotton. It results in the reduction of the cost of the product. You can also find products made from jute and wool. 

The farming families earn their livelihood from jute cultivation. So, you can sustain their communities by using more jute products in your everyday life.

Wholesale shopping bag suppliers can provide you with high-quality jute bags. You can print them and get the personalised bags with a brand logo. Modern jute bags are of different types. Some of them have pockets to store small items. To have a more elegant accessory, you can invest in printed jute bags.

Moreover, laptop bags are made from jute, as it is a highly resilient fabric. These bags can bear the weight of your laptop, and there is no risk of wear and tear.

However, the most popular ones are the custom shopping tote bags designed with jute fibres. There are also jute sacks used for storing vegetables and groceries.

Thus, you will find several choices while buying jute bags. 

Custom Shopping Bags With Logo

Are there any demerits of using the jute fabrics? 

Although jute fabric is environmentally friendly, you can find some cons. The fibres are treated with mineral oil, which is known as jute batching oil. It is one of the steps of the overall production process. The safest one is the jute fabric free from hydrocarbons. But, you can find it most in food-grade jute items.

There is another disadvantage of using jute products. Especially jute bags are available as laminated items, and they have an interior plastic lining to add durability and rigidity to the design. That is why this part of the bag is not biodegradable. 10% to 15% of the overall weight of the bag constitutes the lining.

Although there are unlined jute bags, consumers prefer the lined ones. Starch can stiffen the natural fabric, but it may not be highly durable. The bag can get damaged due to the contact with moisture.

Still, jute is the best fabric for manufacturing enviro shopping bags. You can buy these bags in bulk to have a cost-effective deal. Small and medium-sized jute bags are the perfect choice for several consumers.

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