Why Canvas Make The Most Useful Bags? September 28, 2021 08:00

The world of bags has seen tremendous evolution. From fabrics used to manufacturing styles and usage, bags have always moved towards something new that satisfies the customers. Among all these, the canvas bags in small, medium or large sizes have filled the market offering multiple options to the customers. There are several factors that mark the significance of canvas bags.

Canvas fabrics are of different kinds. Traditionally the fabric was made with hemp or linen but nowadays the canvas that you will mostly find in the market are made of cotton as well. Italy was the first country to produce this material. However, the word “canvas” is derived from either the Greek or Latin word for “cannabis”. The material is naturally water-resistant and supports oil-painting.Therefore, the fabric is used by the painters as a painting surface stretched across a wooden frame. There are other names for this fabric and people also know it by different names like duck, trap, fly,awning cloth and tening. Duck canvas is considered to be the most suitable canvas for bag making. The backpacks and handbags are strong, durable and long lasting. Canvas bags are very trendy mainly because they have lots of space to accommodate things and can be customized easily. In the promotional eco bags wholesale Australia, you can find size and style for yourself. All these features have made the Canvas the most useful, fancy, and elegant bags that can be carried outdoors. 

Promotional Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale

Other reasons that make canvas one of the preferred bags are listed below: 

Easy customization of your eco-friendly canvas bags 

Your creativity can be reflected in everything you carry. It has no limitation, however you can show your creativity with the minimum you have and the maximum you can get. So why not give it a chance? Order custom canvas bags wholesale to save money by ordering in large quantities. 

Personalising your stuff is always a great idea even if you do it with the purpose of gifting someone personally. Customization never goes out of fashion. It becomes even easier on plain canvas drawstring bags which provides ample space and methods of customization through printing, embroidery, glass work or thread work. You can add some artificial elements of embroidery, embellished finely detailed thread work which will make your handbag cute, stylish, pretty and colorful. You can feature your brand name, company or organization you work with or simply your name. Custom printed bags attract way more attention so it can act as an effective marketing tool. These bags are far better than the plastic bags as canvas bags can be recycled and reused. 

Just the right choice for outdoor use

These days, canvas bags are especially chosen by people who love to venture outdoors for fun activities like trekking, beach parties, picnics and other camping events. The large size canvas totes with zipper or the canvas backpacks with shoulder and waist bands are picked up readily by the users for outdoor usage. The tough fabric of canvas is strong enough to withstand the changing weather conditions like rains or sunbeams. The strong cloth also withstands the wear and tear of handing at outdoor locations like when you keep them down or rub against congested pathways.  Keep it open on the sand or hang on some tree branch, they would retain their features without even slightest hit to the bag. You can order plain canvas bag or get some design or pattern printed on it as per your choice. 

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Promotional canvas bags

The idea behind promotional bags is to attract customers by communicating the product, brand value or services and induce them to buy products. Canvas tote bags can be used as a promotional tool in the business to create maximum demand for goods and services. The giveaways can help to persuade the customers to initiate the purchase. Thus increases your sale. You can purchase promotional canvas tote bags wholesale for which you will have to pay less if you order a large number at once. After the branding is done on these tote bags you can smartly give away to the customers or company’s employees.Tote bags are a classy way to hang out with your belongings.

Though canvas bags are essentially water resistant still PVC coating is done on one or sometimes both sides for additional waterproofing. Tote bags are made of sturdy cloth, leather, nylon, synthetics, jute and canvas which are the eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic bags.

Canvas are not only used as a heavy-duty bags, but their thinner version can be used as a stylish sling bag with printed patterns. You can order them in bulk and get customized with your business logo, any text or pattern from the supplier themselves. Checkout all the available canvas bags online and order them in bulk for doorstep delivery.