Grocery Bag Styles- Go Shopping With A Change And Difference July 23, 2021 08:00

Modern consumers feel guilty of harming the environment when they use too much plastics. Needless to say, that plastic is not only harmful for animals, but they are equally damaging for the soil, water, and humans. This is the reason why people have started focusing more on the use of eco-friendly bags for their everyday use along with other changes in their lifestyle that is more sustainable. One of these changes is saying bye to the single use plastic bags for shopping that is used for groceries, vegetables, and other shopping. Moreover, grocery stores and food retailers are also investing in cheap reusable grocery bags to serve their customers. As these are reusable bags, consumers can use them in a range of ways. Quality bags can last long, and you can use them to carry fruits, vegetables, and other groceries. They keep the content secure and provide you with convenient solution.

If you are also shifting to ecobags for your shopping needs, do not compromise with the style. The space of reusable fabric bag is also quite competing offering you plenty of options in every size and design. So, here check out the trendy designs of grocery bags-

Custom Printed Reusable Grocery Bags

Tote-style grocery bags-

Tote bags made of cloth have an open top. You can easily put your groceries and other foods into them. Printed grocery bags designed as totes look beautiful. You do not need to compromise style while going to grocery stores. These totes have a single compartment to hold your items. The spacious design is highly preferable to consumers.

Vegetable carry bags with multiple pockets-

You may feel that it will be a mess to put different vegetables and fruits into one bag. You will encounter problems while taking them out of the bag. The uniquely designed fabric tote bags have interior pockets. 5 to 6 pockets with a large space at the centre help you in organizing the items. Every small pouch has a capacity of holding almost 2 Kilos of weight.

You can buy these distinctive grocery bags to continue your guilt-free shopping. Retailers may also invest in these bags and customise them for promotional purposes.

But, make sure that you have not carried sharp objects in these bags. Those objects can tear away your bags.

Small reusable bags with a drawstring-

It is another type of grocery bag to carry lightweight foods, like nuts, grain, sugar, and flour. As the bag has no holes, you have no chance of losing your food items anywhere. Put the items into your bag and draw the string. The small square-shaped bags will be the best choice for your daily needs. They also come with shoulder straps and you can hang them around your shoulders to easy carry heavy loads easily. If you wish, you may also personalise these reusable bags with logo of your brand.

Freezable grocery bags-

You do not like to use your grocery bag not simply when you go to the shops. Grocery bags are also useful for storage purposes. While you are looking for some additional storage space for your vegetables, you can invest in these bags. The freezable gel liner integrated with the bag plays a role in keeping your vegetables and fruits safe.

In most cases, fruits and veggies stay fresh in cold temperature. You can fold the bag and put it in your freezer. The lead-free, BPA-free bags will not contaminate your raw foods. They are made of easily washable fabrics and have a stable bottom.

You can choose these freezable models when you prefer custom printed reusable grocery bags.

Grocery bags with netting-

Although they are stylish bags, their handles are small. You can carry one to two vegetables using these bags. They are comparatively smaller and good for carrying small food items. Moreover, the netting design ensures proper ventilation. 

Cheap Reusable Grocery Bags

Grocery bags with zipper

The most standard types of grocery bags come with zipper. They just ensure that things you keep inside are safe and will not fall out in any case. While buying such bags you must check if the zip is free and good in quality. A poor-quality zipper will get stuck often causing inconvenience to you. They come in a variety of fabric like canvas, jute, cotton, hessian and others. People also buy such bags online in bulk to gift to their loved ones. After getting them personalized with a design, quote, text, business logo or images, they are just the perfect gift for someone. 

Find a wide variety of customizable grocery bags online which are reusable and available in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Checkout the product price, features, cost and order in bulk to get them at wholesale rates. We delivery custom-printed ecobags across different locations in Australia at the best prices.