Preferred Fabric For Grocery Bags: Know Some Eco-Friendly Choices February 9, 2021 08:00

I am sure that you often carried a bag each time you went to the grocery store. Did you ever thought about the type of bag you are carrying? Using a plastic bag used to be quite a trend but now this trend is being broken by the use of a variety of ecobags which are safe for the environment. They not only safeguard our environment, but also give you a satisfaction that you are using the right product. So, basically, you have replaced these plastic bags with safe eco-bags. Well, since everything has been modernized, so are the types of bags you can carry around for your shopping or to use them as promotional reusable grocery bags for gifting your customers.

Grocery Bags With Logo

Different fabrics of grocery bags

Grocery bags entertain the market in different fabrics, out of which reusable bags are the most common ones as they are eco-friendly and affordable to purchase. Since people have different needs and varying choices, they come in a variety of fabrics, shapes, designs, and patterns. You can also stock with some of these at home to use for your varying shopping needs like for a vegetable market, a grocery shop, or a fruit market.

Here are some of the various fabrics in grocery bags that you can choose the next time you go shopping:

  1. Canvas bags – You have encountered the name several times in your life and you even have one at home. Canvas or cotton shopping bags are extremely common type of bags. These are made from natural fibres like cotton or organic cotton and are reusable, thus causing no harm to the environment. Such grocery bags with logo look more stylish when carried. They are durable and sustain outdoor wear and tear. Mostly available in plain colors, you can find them in different prints as well. however, if you are purchasing them for business promotion, then choose a single color bag which reflects your logo well. 
  1. Jute bags – These are yet another common type of bags we see around people carrying, though they are more suitable for commercial usage. Jute being a strong fibre has strong physical properties and can carry bulky goods. That’s why jute is used to make ropes, sapling bags etc. The reason you should use jute bags is because they are light in weight and extremely durable which makes it convenient to use for longer periods of time. In warehouses, godowns and stocks, the manufacturers or the agricultural producers stock the produce in such jute sacs which are safe and easy to be piled up. To make the bags look distinctive, they get them customized with the company’s name and logo. 
  1. Hemp bags – Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant species used for industrial purposes. Thus, the usage of hemp bags comes into existence. Hemp bags are originally made from yarns of hemp fibre. These bags are considered to be the best fit for travel bags are they are strong, light weight and extremely absorbent. Such bags are also UV resistant making them suitable for the outdoor use. 
  1. Recycled PET bags – As the name suggests, these are the kind of bags which are recycled from plastic containers or bottles. These bags are strong, durable and since they are recycled, they even help to reduce waste. These bags can be combined with other fibres to make more use out of them. These bags can also be used in promotions as printed bags and can enhance the look of a particular brand. 
  1. Calico bags: Calico bags are made from 100% cotton and are highly used bags these days. Many people use them without even knowing the names. However, for commercial and business usage, they are ordered with proper name. These bags come in a variety of handle designs like drawstring, two short handles, long shoulder straps and more. Being made out of cotton, they are washable and reusable. When discarded, they can be sent for recycling. 

Use of environment friendly grocery bags in business

Promotional Reusable Grocery Bags

Each business today is opting for eco-friendly grocery bags. The reason is such bags are cheap and very affordable. A business has to take care of several costs and the cost of manufacturing such bags also comes in between. You can easily get access to such bags in regular market or in online stores. Without even looking for sale on bags, you can purchase them at wholesale rates from online stores.

Also, use of environment friendly bags help to maintain the status of a business. A business has social obligations towards the society and environment and such bags help to maintain those social parameters. Use of eco-bags for branding can also add to their reputation.

Thus, a business should go for reusable grocery bags for bulk cheap rates and continuously try to upgrade their business.